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Information about the Explosion at the Confederate States Laboratory in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

On Friday March 13, 1863 an accidental explosion occurred at the Brown's Island facility known as the Confederate States Laboratory. This page features information related to the explosion and the victims of the Brown's Island explosion.

Richmond Examiner 3/14/1863; Explosion at C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 3/14/1863; Explosion at C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Sentinel 3/16/1863; description and details of the Brown's Island Confederate Laboratory explosion
Richmond Sentinel 3/17/1863; no more deaths from the laboratory explosion - donations for their relief have been pouring in
Richmond Sentinel 3/17/1863; committee appointed to disburse contributions to victims of the Laboratory explosions
Richmond Sentinel 3/18/1863; Mary Ryan, who caused the explosion at the Confederate Laboratory, has died of her wounds
Richmond Sentinel 3/20/1863; another man dies of his wounds after the Confederate Laboratory disaster
Richmond Sentinel 3/21/1863; 14-year old girl dies of her wounds from the Laboratory explosion
Richmond Sentinel 3/26/1863; benefit to be held tonight at the Market Hall for the victims of the Laboratory explosion
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; buildings of the C. S. Laboratory have been rebuilt
Richmond Sentinel 4/13/1863; body of a Laboratory explosion victim found in the "race leading to Haxall’s mills." Notes that 50 deaths have thus far resulted from the explosion
Trowbridge, John T., The South... 1866 account of the author's travels to Richmond and the adjoining battlefields. Good material on Belle Isle, Brown's Island, Libby Prison, battlefields near the city
Civil War Times Illustrated (Oct. 1982), pp. 36-41. Burton, David L. "Friday the 13th: Richmond's Great Home Front Disaster."

For details of the Laboratory generally, please visit the C. S. Laboratory page.

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