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Information about John Tyler's death and funeral in Richmond, VA during the Civil War

Ex-President John Tyler died on Saturday, January 18, 1862 in his rooms at the Exchange Hotel. He was buried on January 21, 1862, in Hollywood Cemetery.

Richmond Enquirer 1/20/1862; report of the death of ex-president John Tyler
Richmond Dispatch 1/21/1862; John Tyler will be buried today in Hollywood Cemetery, near President Monroe.
Richmond Enquirer 1/21/1862; details for the funeral of ex-president John Tyler, to be held tomorrow
Richmond Enquirer 1/22/1862; description of the funeral of ex-president John Tyler and burial at Hollywood cemetery
Richmond Whig 1/22/1862; Description of the funeral of Pres. John Tyler. Body taken from the "Hall of Congress" to St. Paul's, where the funeral sermon was delivered, and thence to Hollywood Cemetery. Notes that the weather was exceedingly bad.
Richmond Whig 1/24/1862; Senate proposes a monument to John Tyler in Hollywood Cemetery. Governor states that the lot of ground near James Monroe was not large enough to accommodate Tyler's remains, and he was placed in the "outer circle," which the governor recommends the state purchase.

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