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Information about Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Va., during the Civil War.

This page contains information about Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond at various times during and after the Civil War.

Written Accounts

Richmond Dispatch 4/23/1861; description of the arrival of Col. Robert E. Lee into Richmond and speech from the Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1861; Gen. Robert E. Lee has returned to the city from western Virginia
Richmond Dispatch 3/8/1862; Robert E. Lee arrived in Richmond yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; adv for horse stolen from Lee’s HQ at Dabbs’ House, 6/29
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; interesting editorial on the Gen. Robert E. Lee – “The rise which this officer has suddenly taken in the public confidence is with a precedent.”
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1862; W. H. Taylor at Lee’s HQ adv or lost horse from Robertson Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 10/28/1862; obituary notice for Anne Carter Lee, R. E. Lee's daughter
Richmond Whig 4/11-12/1865; erroneous report and subsequent retraction that Mrs. Gen. Lee is very ill
New York Herald 4/13/1865; excellent letter from Richmond describing the Federal occupation of Richmond, mentions Tredegar, former slaves, Rocketts, former rebel hospitals (Chimborazo, Jackson, Stuart) - All patients now at Jackson, Stuart Hospital is now a US Post Hospital. Dahlgren's body found and is being returned to Washington. Castle Thunder and Libby Prison are now holding Confederates. Also notes veneration of Robert E. Lee in Richmond
Richmond Whig 4/17/1865; description of the arrival of Robert E. Lee in Richmond
Richmond Whig 4/21/1865; Gen. Lee was photographed yesterday by Brady
New York Times 4/30/1865; Episcopal Churches are still closed. Author met Mathew Brady in Richmond 4/22/1865 and remarks on his photographs of Robert E. Lee.
National Tribune 10/4/1900; "The Fall of Richmond" Part two of Hiram Peck's memoir. Describes Lincoln's visit to Richmond, details of the evacuation fire, the reopening of the Richmond Theater, and response to Lee's surrender in Richmond. Mentions Castle Thunder detectives being locked in Libby, and gives a description of Hollywood Cemetery.
National Tribune 3/28/1907; details on the pontoon bridge at Richmond - notes its length, as well as that the author of the article was on the bridge when General Lee crossed it

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