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Information about rock battles and boy gangs in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

Written Accounts

Richmond Whig 9/10/1861; description of a rock battle between the "Shockoe Hill Cats" and "Butcher Cats," and the police raid that stopped it
Richmond Enquirer 9/27/1861; interesting Mayor's Court items: one of the combatants in the "Hill cats/Butcher cats" rock battle unable to prove his good character, and a slave assaults a "free negress," flees the court and leads officers on a foot race, before being sentenced to 39 lashes
Richmond Dispatch 1/28/1862; little boys caught & fined for throwing stones at Spotswood
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; Shockoe Hill Cats and Butchertown Cats are engaging in rock battles, but have not been caught yet
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; Police break up rock battle at Rocketts
Richmond Examiner 4/4/1863; youthful rock battles are occurring daily on Gamble's Hill
Richmond Sentinel 6/24/1864; boys are throwing stones at the Washington and Clay monuments and each other. The mayor clamps down and orders all offenders arrested. Brief description of a rock battle between boys on Gamble's and Penitentiary hills

Richmond Sentinel

11/7/1864; two boys arrested near the Second Baptist Church for throwing rocks. They are members of the "basin cats."

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