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From William A. Carrington CSR (M331): Inspection report, dated 11/11/1862, of General Hospital #18.

Richmond, November 11th, 1862

Surgeon E. S. Gaillard, Medical Director
                        I have the honor to report that I have this day inspected General Hospital No. 18 in the Greanor's factory situated and being on 22nd St. between Main and Cary Streets. It has been occupied as a Hospital since Oct 9th 1862. The rent since January 1st 1862 has been fixed at $200 per month for the factory and $25 for rooms adjoining but really a part of the factory. In the rear of these rooms is a large yard and sheds for wood and coal.

The building has 4 stories, 3 of the floors being used as wards. Rooms for offices, Apothecary shop, Guard, Ward room, Dining, store room, kitchen, for accommodation of attendants, for dead house, and for privies are all in the main building.

The Pitch of the rooms is high, the windows large and numerous. Water and gas taken to every part of the house, But there is no bath room or bath. The Medical Staff are Surgeon T. W. Hancock in charge, W. U. Morris A.S., H. S. Hart A.A.S. and H. R. Christmas A.A.S. The Hospital Steward is not appointed but will be recommended. He receives only the compensation allowed by the regulations. One apothecary and one Clerk are mustered as nurses and receive nurses pay. The morning report shows 14 nurses, 6 cooks, 2 Laundresses. Capacity 145 less than the allowance according to the Par 45 Medl Regulations. The wards are properly designated and the beds are marked and numbered.

A medical officer is always in attendance & the Assistant Surgeon has his division of the Hospital under his care which is inspected frequently by the Surgeon in charge - who for the government of the Hospital to procure aide and comfort to all, has proper rules & regulations displayed and enforced. He also requires the Stewards issues be properly made - the wardmasters records and inventory and other duties to be attended to. The condition of the wards, floors, windows and walls - beds, bedding, Hospital furniture - Dining room, kitchen utensils and furniture, pantry, linen room - apothecary shops and storerooms, guard house, quarters of the attendants and privies was most creditable to Surgeon Hancock. The Hospital records were well kept and neatly preserved.

On Oct 1st the Hospital fund was $1219.72 - All the laws of the Commissary department have been observed.

One Corporal and 7 men compose the Guard.

Two Matrons are engaged as nurses. They are very useful and give perfect satisfaction - No others are wanted or recommended. If any more female attendants are ordered to this Hospital, let them be coloured women of a matron age.

This is an analysis of the Attendants - 17 detailed, 9 Employees.

The large No. 15 reported as in private quarters report regularly to the Surgeon in charge or are reported as absent without leave - This Hospital is one in which perfect order and neatness exists resulting from obedience to the regulations and observance of all the laws.  It is remarkable in that it has only the employees allowed by Par. 45 Medical Regulations and yet is fully the equal of any institution or administration which has an excess.

                                        Very Respectfully
                                                Your Obedient Servant
                                                        Wm A. Carrington
                                                                Surgeon & Inspector of Hospls.


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