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Rules for governing the Matrons of “Jackson” Hospital

The Chief Matrons of the Culinary Department will see that the provisions are received from the Stewards, and placed in the hands of her assistants to be properly cooked, and equally distributed among the patients as may be required. She will have entire control over the cook and mess rooms subject alone to the orders of the Surgeons; give personal attention to the cleanliness of the apartments; She will also give what directions may be necessary for the proper preparation of the nourishment prescribed on the diet book, and see that it goes into the hands of the Ward Matrons or ward master of the particular ward designated. She will also frequently pass into the wards and see whether the patients receive their food properly, and well prepared.

The Chief Matron of the Linen Department will visit the linen room daily; see if it is kept properly ventilated; the clothes properly arranged and counted. She will often pass through the wards to see if the beds are kept clean; will have the pieces corrected and properly marked when sent to the Laundry, and properly arranged when returned.

The Asst. Matrons will aid and assist the Chief Matron s of the reflective departments, in carrying out these orders, and will subject to their instructions.

The Ward Matrons will devote their time to their respective Wards, administering the Medicines, food when necessary, and giving their undivided attention to the cleanliness and comfort of the patients of their wards, in every respect.

Signed, F. W. Hancock,
                        Surg. in chge

Hd Qrs Jackson Hospital

Copy for Miss Lizzie Rowland


[From the Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library, The Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond VA]

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