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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 18]

Genl Hospl No. 18

1 Medical officers will go through their respective wards morning evening and afternoon if necessary, giving each patient what he may need. He will when prescribing write down in his book the name of the patient, no. of bed, and how the medicine should be administered. Should the patient need a diet different from the usual fare of the Hospital he will write it down on a piece of paper, and the ward master will take it to the Matron in the store room.

2nd The steward will give his personal attention to the cleaning and keeping in good order the mess hall, the storeroom, the kitchen, and the grounds adjacent to the building, using time where required. This must be done as early in the morning as possible. He will also attend to the counting of the Hospital stores, keeping a strict account of the quantities and quality of the articles recorded.

3 The Apothecary will take charge of the Medicines and surgical appliances keeping everything neat and in good order. Will be prompt in putting up the prescriptions and delivering them to the nurses.

4th The Clerk will record the name, company and regmt of each patient as he comes into the Hospital registering it in the General Register. He will then be examined by a Medical officer and assigned to the ward in which there are the most vacant beds. His disease being noted in the Special Register, he will issue no passes unless specially ordered. He will be prompt to state on his register when patients die, furloughed, discharged, or return to duty.

5th The Baggage Master will receive the property brought by, bringing together, marking and issuing a check for the articles which check will be returned when the patient receives his articles. When arms and ammunition are brought in they will be received by him, the owners name attached and the clerk notified.

6th Ward masters will be prompt to see that their respective wards are well cleaned at as an early hour as possible including the steps and interior, assesses their respective wards containing the patients with regard to spitting on the floor or walls.

7th The Matron will pay particular attention to the cleanliness and the taking care of the Hospital bedding as well as the clothing of the patients, counting out, making and preparing it to be sent to the Genl Wash house on Monday and Wednesday mornings of each week.

One matron will give the cooking dept as well as the pantry and storeroom her undivided attention and if any neglect in the part of the cooks to report the fact to the steward or myself.

The Guard will attend promptly to their duties allowing no one to pass them unless one of the officers of the Hospital, one of the patients with a visitor pass, or specially instructed to permit ingress and egress.

Heavy walking and loud talking must be avoided in any of the wards, offices, or anterooms of the building at any hour of the day or night.

Visitors will not be admitted into the wards except from 11 to 12 AM and from 2 to 5 PM unless by special permission. The Hospital will be closed promptly at 10 o’clock PM at which hour all connected with it are required to be in.

F. W. Hancock

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