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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for
General Hospital # 19]

Genl Hospital No. 19

Copy of rules for guidance of attendants and convenience & comfort of patients in General Hospital No. 19

Rule 1st

The utmost quiet and good order must be observed in the wards. No whistling, scuffing, or loud talking will be tolerated. Card playing will not be permitted in the sick wards, and all the patients must be in bed by 10 o’clock .

Rule 2nd

Smoking will not be allowed in any part of the building, except the ground floor.

Rule 3rd

The utmost cleanliness will be observed in every part of the hospital, and no person will be allowed to spit on the walls, floor, or out of the windows.

Rule 4th

No person will be allowed to sit in the windows or to throw any thing out of them.

Rule 5th

Convalescent patients must in all cases (when able) make up their beds neatly when arising in the morning.

Rule 6th

The assistant Surgeons in charge of wards will designate those patients who are to receive their meals in bed, ____ daily the diet list to thee steward.

Rule 7th 

Patients must in no case come into the Surgeons office or dispensary unless on special business.

Rule 8th

The nurses on duty must take particular care in administering the medicines prescribed, and shall in no case leave it to be given by others. At meal times, one nurse will always remain on each floor to superintend the feeding of the sick men in bed.

Rule 9th

None of the employees of the hospital shall use the spirits or delicacies intended for the sick. Nurses, or other attendants, detected in such offences will be promptly dealt with.

Rule 10th

Registered patients in this hospital must in no case leave the premises under any pretense whatever, except by permission of the Surgeon or assistant Surgeon. All violations of this rule must be promptly reported by the employees who may be aware of it.

Rule 11th

In cases where difficulties or insubordination occur among the patients, the nurses are forbidden to use violent or insulting language, but shall promptly report to the Surgeon in Charge or the Assistant Surgeon in charge of the soldiers thus insubordinate.

Rule 12th

In case of insubordination occurring when the Surgeon or assistant Surgeons are not present, the sergeant of the guard will promptly interfere to suppress disturbances.

Rule 13th

Patients will not be permitted to bring any articles of food into the hospital without special permission from the medical authorities.

James Mercer Green
Surgeon P. A. C. S.


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