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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 1]

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Rules to be observed By the Patients visitors and attendants of General Hospital No 1 

Rule No. 1
Any nurse in charge of wards found giving or selling to patients under his charge food of any kind other than that prescribed by the Surgeon in attendance in the ward shall be severely punished and immediately discharged from the Hospital.

Rule No. 2
All officers of the Army registered in the Hospital are required to pay by the regulations of the Medical Department six dollars ($6) per week for board as they are not entitled to draw rations.

Rule No. 3
The Medical officers of this Hospital are requested to critically examine each patient as he enters there respective wards and if he be found without the protective mark of vaccination to have him vaccinated without delay.

Rule No. 4
The Hospital Stewards Mr. Dorset & Klinger will superintend the refectory at Meal hours and report to the Surgeon in Charge any cases of misconduct that may occur during meals,

Mr. Dorset will superintend the refectory at Dinner& Mr. Klinger at breakfast & supper.

Rule No. 5
It is positively forbidden for the friends of patients to remain in the Hospital after dark unless permission be granted by the Surgeon in Charge. Female relations & friends of patients cannot be permitted to spend the day in the Hospital. As other patients are put to great inconvenience thereby, visitors will under no circumstances be permitted to take their meals in the wards.

Rule No. 6
No Smoking allowed in the wards.

Rule No. 7
By orders received from the War Department, no soldiers are allowed to walk about the streets hereafter. No passes will be given at this Hospital till further notice.

Rule No. 8
The Medical Officers of the day will take his meals in the Hospital; all other persons not entitled to rations in this Hospital will be excluded from the Refectory after 15th September unless by special permission.

C. B. Gibson
Surg in charge

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