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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 21]

Genl Hospl No. 21

1st Patients are required to retire by 9 O. C. at night with as little noise as possible. All who are not of their wards after that time will be reported by the ward master.

2 Heavy walking and loud talking will not be allowed in the Hospital.

3 Spitting on the floor is positively prohibited.

4th Ardent spirits will not be introduced in the Hospital by the patients.

5th Playing cards or other games will not be allowed in the wards.

6th Patients are not allowed to go into the kitchen.

7th All are expected to observe cleanliness about the premises.

8 Patients are required to take off their shoes whenever they lie down on a bed.

9 No smoking in the wards is allowed.

10 The ward masters will be held responsible for order in the wards and will report any violation of rules.

11th The Baggage Master will take charge of the baggage of patients and put it in the baggage room with owners name on it. He will also keep an account of when it was received and when delivered.

12 Convalescent patients are required to make up their beds immediately upon getting up. The ward masters will see that it is done.

G Wm Semple
Surg in chg

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