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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 22]

Genl Hospl No. 22

Assistant Surgeons will see that the rules & regulations are executed by their subordinates; that their wards are well ventilated, scrupulously clean, and at all times in proper condition for the reception of sick and wounded. They will visit their patients at least twice a day and as often thereafter as their condition may require. At 9 AM they will accompany the Surgeon in Charge in his examination of patients, through the different wards, and note in writing the prescriptions, diet and symptoms of the chief cases, all recipes will be handed to the dispensary apothecary at or before the hours of 10 o’clock AM and 7 PM when officers of the day, Assistant Surgeons, will have general supervision of the Hospital and all complaints must be made to him or the Surgeon in Charge.


is responsible for the cleanliness of the wards and kitchen, patients, and attendants, and all articles in use. He will ascertain who are present at sunrise and sunset and tattoo, and(underline) report absentees. Cooks and nurses are subject to his orders. He will draw rations and see that they are properly cooked, distributed and issued with economy; will adjust the duties of the various employees, supervise the most perfect cleanliness in the various departments, and apportion to each employee his or her particular duty and strictly observe that such duties be punctually to see that every patient has sufficient, will keep his provision return and other accounts daily “posted up.”

Ward Masters

will upon the reception of patients enter in his book the particulars of and properly label their various baggage accoutrements &c “Name,” “Company,” “Regt and State” when patients are admitted into Hospital he will see that they receive plunge showers, springs tepid, or warm baths as the Surgeon may direct and supply them with clean hospital clothing. He will receive from the Steward the furniture, bedding, cooking utensils &c for use and keep a record of them and have distributed to the wards and kitchens and once a week to take an inventory of the articles in use and report to him any loss or damage to them and to retain to the Steward such as are not required for use.


are positively prohibited from spitting on the floor or out the windows or lying upon the beds with their boots or shoes on; must not leave the hospital without a pass from their respective Surgeons, and upon receiving passes must return punctually at the time specified on. Failing to do so, further leave of absence will not be granted; are not permitted to take away articles of food into the wards; are prohibited from giving to the sick in bed any articles of fruit or pastry without first obtaining permission of the Assistant Surgeon in Charge of ward; all knapsacks, blankets, fire arms, knives, and weapons of defence generally must be given into the custody of the “ward master” who will be held responsible for their safe keeping and delivery. Patients are not allowed in the office or the adjoining rooms except on business. The baggage room will be opened daily between the hours of 9 and 11 in the forenoon when patients can procure whatever articles from their baggage they may need. Patients will not under any circumstances be permitted to enter the kitchen, matron’s room, or store room without the express permission of the officer of the day. Patients having any cause for complaint will make the same immediately known to the Surgeon in Charge.

By Order
Addison C. Fox
Surgeon in Charge

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