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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # 23]

Genl Hospl No. 23

1st Scrupulous cleanliness must be rigidly maintained. No useless extra clothing will be allowed to encumber the bunks.

2nd Loud walking and talking, quarreling, and cursing are positively forbidden.

3rd The bedstead, bedding, and furniture of every description will be closely inspected each day and kept clean and a change ordered when deemed necessary.

4th Nurses assigned to special wards will not be interrupted to perform duties in other wards.

5th Breakfast will be furnished at 7˝ o’clock AM, Dinner at 2 PM & Supper at 6 PM.

6th Attention will be paid to a proper economy of Gas or other lights.

7 Visitors to their friends will be allowed entrance from 12 AM to 2 PM. Not more than 12 visitors can be in the Hospital at one time.

8th Not more than eight patients from each ward will be allowed passes to walk in the city and the passes will be good for only three hours.

9 Ladies will be allowed admittance at any time during the day.

Martin P. Scott
Surgeon in charge

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