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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for
Hospital #24]

Genl Hospl No. 24

1st All patients before receiving treatment must be registered.

2nd Scrupulous cleanliness must be observed and maintained.

3rd The nurses in each ward are responsible for its cleanliness.

4th Loud walking, talking, cursing, swearing are positively prohibited.

5th Nurses assigned to a particular ward will in no case interfere in other wards.

6th One nurse must be present in each ward at all times.

7th Nurses will be required to visit each patient in the administration of both Medicine & Meals.

8th No unnecessary Baggage will be allowed to remain in the wards.

9th Water for patients to drink must be kept in the wards.

10th All applications for furlough, Discharges, &c must be made between 8 & 10 AM .

11th Patients wishing to walk in the street will get passes of the clerk immediately after Breakfast and dinner.

12th No patient will be allowed to remain out longer than three hours.

13th No patient will be allowed to be absent after sunset.

14th At 9 PM all patients will retire & all unnecessary lights will be extinguished.

15th All patients disposed of by Furlough, Discharge or otherwise will report to the clerk before leaving the Hospital.

16th It will be the duty of the Steward to see that the above rules & regulations are strictly observed and report any negligence or disobedience.

O. F. Manson
Surgn in chge


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