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[Rules and Regulations, no date, for General Hospital # ???]


1st Every Patient will remain in his cot until 10 o'clock AM & no exchange of numbers is allowed except through an officer of this Hospital.

2nd Absence from rooms whereby the Patient fails to receive the attention prescribed by the Surgeon will be punished if repeated, by a discharge from Hospital & to report for duty, as this neglect on the part of the soldiers precludes sickness.

3rd Passes from this Hospital to visit the city &c will be issued in the morning until 11 AM by the Surgn & Steward allow.

4th Applications for furlough or leave of absence are received in the morning until 10 & in the evening until 5 o'clock.

5th Meals ordered to be taken in the ward shall not be taken elsewhere nor shall any one partake at the common table whose meals were directed to be carried to the respective wards.

6th The seats at table being numbered alike with the number of beds in the Hospital, each patient allowed to eat at the table will there find his corresponding number & will not intrude upon the seat of another.

7th The utmost cleanliness is required upon all and a deviation from this will be corrected by the offender's own labor, provided the offence be not a necessary consequence of disease.

8th Neglect on the part of nurses will be reported to the Surgeon or steward & in no case shall a patient correct such negligence himself.

9th The office of the Hospital being strictly for business, no one will intrude on business.

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