Joseph F. Powell file, M346, Reel #815, 6/15/1864

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Joseph F. Powell file, M346, Reel #815

Winder Hospital
June 15th 1864


At the request of Surgeon Lane I visited Winder Hospital this morning to report to you my views as regards the most practicable way of cleansing the water closets of this institution. I consider water as the only agent by which is can be performed and the most practicable means of supplying it will be to construct a tank 16 feet long, 8 ft wide, & 6 feet deep which will hold 7680 gallons which will fire[?] a flood of water that will be ample to remove the excrement that accumulates mostly in the front ditch, and which can be constructed at an expense of a few hundred dollars. This tank should be supplied with a well and pump that will always give a supply of water at hand, so that one man could fill the tank in eight hours, giving the most expeditious, efficient and practicable mode of obtaining the end desired.

                                                                                    Very Respectfully,
                                                                                                Your obt Servant

                                                                                    James S. Davis
                                                                                                Supt. City Water Works
                                                                                                            for 13 years

S. P. Moore
            Surgeon General C. S. A.

Resp’y forwarded to the Surgeon General with the remark that his tank will cost less than the lumber required to construct blinds around the pits which I am now digging in obedience to his orders.

                                                                                    A. G. Lane
                                                                                                Surgeon in charge.


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