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Information about the Louisiana Hospital in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

Also called: Richmond College Hospital, Baptist College Hospital. The main building of Richmond College [Baptist] known as "Columbia" was taken for joint operation by Confederate government and Louisiana Hospital Committee. Probably other buildings on grounds were used also. The building is still standing with an annex wing attached and located on the northeast corner of Lombardy and Grace Streets. The college grounds were the area now embraced by the City streets of Lombardy Street in the west, Broad Street on the north, Monument Avenue on the south, and about half a block east of Ryland Street in the east. Opened 4 June 1862. It had 120 patients in September 1864, but its capacity was higher. Dr. W. C. Nicholls, surgeon-in-charge. John H. Mackenzie, resident agent for Louisiana Hospital Committee. Building and grounds used by Federal occupation forces as hospital and encampment under the name of Camp Casey. Lt. Col. James Brady of 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, commanding.

RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 151, p. 45 9/1862 - 9/1864; Statistics of Louisiana Hospital

Written Accounts

Richmond Dispatch 5/18/1861; Hampden Artillery is stationed at the Baptist College (Richmond College, future Louisiana Hospital)
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1861; Dr. Ryland, of Richmond College (future Louisiana Hospital), is publishing and working on behalf of the volunteers in the city
Richmond Dispatch 8/24/1861; directors of the Richmond College give the college to Louisiana soldiers for use as a hospital
Richmond Daily Whig 9/9/1861
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1861; very detailed account of the ladies' & state hospitals in Richmond - gives statistics and descriptions
Richmond Dispatch 10/16/1861; Louisiana Hospital needs three good washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1861; 2 guards (civilians) at Louisiana Hospital fight - one kills the other
Richmond Enquirer 11/8/1861; A guard at Louisiana Hospital accidentally shot a fellow guard
Richmond Dispatch 11/9/1861; More on Louisiana Hospital shooting - an accident, they decide
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1861; Update on Louisiana Hosp. shooting case
Richmond Dispatch

1/7/1862; Jenkins, of Ben McCullough Ranger, shot in bar room. Sent to Louisiana Hospital

Richmond Dispatch 1/27/1862; unnamed soldier shot in dispute - sent to Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 1/28/1862; Dr. James V. Cook is Surgeon at Louisiana Hospital - details on recent shooting
Richmond Whig 1/28/1862; Two soldiers get into a "shooting affair" in which one is wounded and taken to Louisiana Hospital
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 707, p. 59 3/31/1862; Louisiana Hospital proposes to swap convalescents for sick Louisianans from Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; AS Jas V. Cook at Louisiana Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; Capt. V. Maurin at Louisiana Hospital adv for stolen horse (from there)
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; Wm. Headen, steward at Louisiana Hospital, wants 20 colored boys
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 4 male nurses and 4 negroes needed at Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; patient has been shot at Louisiana Hospital by one of the guard. The offending parties are in Castle Godwin
Richmond Daily Dispatch 7/23/1862; shooting of a patient at Louisiana hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; Executive Committee of Louisiana Hospital thank donors, incl. Frank Rawle for “Mosquito Bars”
Ledger of Confederate Hospital Practice no date; Rules and Regulations for Louisiana Hospital
Ledger of Confederate Hospital Practice no date; List of Surgeons at Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; Dr. F. Formiento at Louisiana Hospital  adv for horse stolen from Inspector of Hospitals’(Carrington’s) office on Bank Street
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; F. Formento, Jr. orders out-patients to report to Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/26/1862; excellent description of the Senate debate on the hospital bill. Praises Clopton, St. Francis de Sales, Louisiana Hospital, and Winder Hospital. Gives some statistics not available elsewhere. Generally praises hospitals run by women
Richmond Enquirer 9/30/1862; tabular report of sick & wounded soldiers in the Hospitals in Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 9/30/1862; Report of the Select Committee on Hospitals; reports on hospitals in Richmond and elsewhere and what to do about them - recommends reforms such as matrons, purchasing agents, and effective hospital funds. Mentions many current matrons, including S. L. Tompkins, Mrs. Clopton, Mrs. Hopkins, several heretofore unknown matrons at Winder Hospital, and many others. Gives statistics of Winder and Chimborazo Hospitals. Excellent article.
Library of Congress 10/6/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals and empty beds
Library of Congress 10/16/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals, empty beds, and Patients in them
William A. Carrington CSR (M331) (no.9) 10/27/1862; Details of arrangements
Library of Congress 11/1/1862; reports on the capacities of Richmond Hospitals, empty beds, and Patients in them
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; Mayor’s Court: Man shot in street dies at Louisiana Hospital; Edward C. Rice, 25VaBn, fined for breaking tray of dishes over negro woman’s head, in street, & slapping her
William A. Carrington CSR (M331) (no. 42) 11/15/1862; Inspection report
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; man garroted on the way to Louisiana Hospital
William A. Carrington CSR (M331) (no. 26) 1/7/1863; Memo regarding gangrene at Genl. Hospls. #1, 8, 10, 4, and the Louisiana Hospl.
Richmond Examiner 5/21/1863; care of patients at Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 8/10/1863; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
Richmond Sentinel 9/21/1863; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 708, p. 259 11/26/1863; Matron from the now-closed Louisiana Hospital is recommended to McCaw
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1864; describes Richmond during the Battle of Drewry's Bluff - notes on the admission procedures for the wounded and gives numbers admitted; notes on the hospitals for various states
Richmond Sentinel 5/17/1864; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 364, p. 163 7/28/1864; capacities of major hospitals (Stuart, Louisiana, Howard's Grove, Jackson, Winder, Chimborazo) in Richmond are decreased by returning space allotment to 800 cubic feet per patient
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 151, p. 45 9/1862 - 9/1864; Statistics of Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 1/28/1865; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
Richmond Whig 5/15/1865; Richmond College, formerly Louisiana Hospital, will re-open soon
Seth R. Hurd CSR, M331 various dates; morning report for Louisiana Hospital

In the National Archives

Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vols. 418, 458). 1 in. Prescription Books, Louisiana Hospital. 1861. 2 vols. Show date, patient's bed number (no name), disease, and medicines to be given each day. Entries are arranged chronologically.
Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vol. 712). 2 in. Morning Reports of Patients and Attendants, Louisiana and Camp Lee Hospitals; and of Federals Held Prisoner and Attendants, Belle Isle Barracks. 1862-65. 1 vol. The daily reports of patients and attendants show the number of patients in hospital, in private quarters, received, returned to duty, transferred, furloughed, discharged, deserted, died, and remaining; the number of medical officers, stewards, nurses, cooks, laundresses, matrons, wardmaster, and guards present for duty; and remarks. The daily reports of sick and wounded Federals held prisoner show the number in prison; the number admitted to treatment since the last report; total in prison, transferred, and remaining in prison; and the number of medical officers, stewards, and nurses present for duty. The reports are arranged in two groups, as indicated in the above title, thereunder chronologically, and thereunder by State of patient's organization.

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