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Information about Ross Factory Hospital in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

Tobacco factory of W. B. Ross. Northwest corner of 26th and Main Streets. Opened 3 September 1861 for Union prisoners. Had 300 patients on 1864 list. Drs. Vest, Taylor and Hancock. Attached to General Hospital #21. (from Confederate Military Hospitals in Richmond by Robert W. Waitt, Jr., Official Publication #22 Richmond Civil War Centennial committee, Richmond, Virginia 1964.)

Also known as Main street Hospital


1865 Photograph of Ross Factory, Library of Congress

Written Accounts

Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1860; adv for the Main Street Hospital for slaves, "near the corner of Main and 26th streets," gives prices and names surgeons, F. W. Hancock and Peachy among them
Richmond Dispatch 4/16/1861; Ad (including rates) for Main Street Hospital for slaves
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1861; brief description of "the hospital on 26th street;" probably Ross' factory
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1861; families who have sick and wounded soldiers in their homes are requested to call their family physicians or report to "hospital on 26th, near Main" (probably Ross' factory)
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1861; hospital established for prisoners at Ross' Factory
Richmond Enquirer 9/25/1861; list of hospitals in Richmond with current capacities. Notes that POWs are at the General Hospital
Richmond Examiner 9/26/1861; 50 patients in Main Street Hospital (Ross' Factory)
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1861; 4th Main soldier escaped from Ross' Factory. Captured at Tunstall's Station by Dr. Tazewell Tyler, Mr. Apperson & Wm. W. New
Richmond Examiner 10/4/1861; Yankee prisoner escapes from Ross' Factory
Richmond Enquirer 10/16/1861; 36 prisoners transferred from the General Hospital to the Confederate States Hospital (probably Ross Factory)
Richmond Dispatch 10/24/1861; Four POWs (named) died 10/23 at Prison hospital
Richmond Enquirer 11/18/1861; great description of the prison system in Richmond with list of employees (included Wirz and Higginbotham). Notes that over 2000 POWs now in Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 2/24/1862; only 138 prisoners left in Richmond; Ross' factory no longer to be prison, Howard's factory to remain a prison
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; casualty list from Seven Pines, listing the hospitals where wounded were taken. Ross Factory has 57 patients.
Joseph F. Powell file, M346 6/13/1862; $1175.52 paid for carpentry work done on Ross Factory Hospital: itemized list
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; provisions for wounded should be sent to hospital at 25th and Main
Richmond Enquirer 5/24/1864; several new hospitals for prisoners opened, 800 patients in them now and daily increasing
Richmond Examiner 5/25/1864; wounded prisoners at GH#21, Ross Factory, & 2nd Alabama
Richmond Whig 6/2/1864; tobacco factories on Main and Franklin near Church Hill have been re-occupied as prisons, and the guards are forcing people off the sidewalk. Major Turner puts a stop to this practice

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