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Table of Contents from the Compiled Service Record of William A. Carrington (M331).

NOTE: Carrington was the chief inspector of the Richmond area hospitals for a period in the middle of the war, and most of the inspection reports cited below are several detailed pages on appearance, dimensions, and practices of the various hospitals around Richmond. There are a few reports for other hospitals not in Richmond, as well. This listing is in the rather skewed order of appearance on the roll of microfilm. [see the list in chronological order] Found and indexed by Robert E. L. Krick.

1. Report dated 11/2/1862 on number of beds available in Richmond and the number actually in use. Also number of employees, etc.

Inspection report, dated 10/31/62, for:
a)   St. Francis de Sales Hospital
b)   Medical College Hospital
c)   Bellevue Hospital

3. Inspection report, dated 10/29/62, for Marshall Spring Hosp.
4. Inspection report, dated 10/23/62, for Genl. Hosp. #8.
5. Inspection report, dated 10/16/62, for Genl. Hosp. #3.
6. Inspection report, dated 10/21/62, for Samaritan Hosp.
7. Inspection report, dated 10/25/62, for “Soldiers Home” Hosp.
8. Inspection report, dated 10/24/62, for Robertson Hosp.
9. Details of arrangements, dated 10/27/62, for Louisiana Hosp.
10. Details of arrangements, dated 10/28/62, for Bellevue Hosp.
11. Analysis of reports & recommendations, n.d.
12. Inspection report, dated 10/8/62, for CSA steam laundry.
13. Inspection report, dated 10/8/62, for Genl. Hosp. #27.
14. Inspection report, dated 10/9/62, for Genl. Hosp. #26.
15. Inspection report, dated 10/6/62, for Clopton Hosp.

Inspection report, dated 10/3/62, for:
a)   Castle Thunder Hospl.
b)   Libby Prison Hospl.

17. Report of 5/13/63 reporting on post-Chancellorsville flood of patients.
18. Letter to S.P. Moore, dated 4/14/63, explaining a proposed re­arrangement of various Richmond hospitals.
19. Plans for Winder Hospital, dated 3/12/63.
20. Summary of trends in Richmond hospitals, dated 2/9/63.
21. Order of 1/21/63 closing down St. Francis de Sales & Medical College Hospitals.
22. Order of 1/28/63 closing down Robertson, Samaritan, and Soldiers Home Hospitals.
23. Breakdown of variola cases, dated 1/16/63, at City Hospl., Genl. Hosp. #21, and at Howards Grove Hosp.
24. Report of variola cases at Genl. Hosp. #26, dated 1/14/63.
25. Letter dated 1/8/63, concerning expenditures etc. for most Richmond area hospitals, including Chimborazo.
26. Memo dated 1/7/63, regarding Genl. Hospls. #1, 8, 10, 4, and the Louisiana Hospl.
27. Inspection report, dated 12/8/62, of So. Carolina hosp., with drawings.
28. Inspection report, dated 12/6/62, of Genl. Hosp. #19.

Miscellaneous details on Genl. Hosp. #8, dated 12/2/62.

30. Inspection report, dated 12/29/62, of Genl. Hosp. #4, with sketch.
31. Inspection report, dated 11/25/62, of Genl. Hosp. #2.
32. Inspection report, dated 11/24/62, of meat distribution center for Richmond area hospitals.
33. Inspection report, dated 11/20/62, of 2nd Alabama Hosp.
34. Inspection report, dated 11/20/62, of all numbered battery defenses of Richmond, containing both military and medical details.
35. Inspection report, dated 11/20/62, of 3rd Alabama Hosp.
36. Inspection report, dated 11/19/62, of Genl. Hosp. #1, with sketches.
37. Orders on sanitation for Genl. Hosp. #21, dated 11/12/62.
38. Inspection report, dated 11/17/62, of Battery #15.
39. Inspection report, dated 11/16/62, of Genl. Hosp. #17.
40. Inspection report, dated 11/16/62, of Genl. Hosp. #16.
41. Orders on meat delivery to hosps., especially Genl. Hosp. #4, dated 11/15/62.
42. Inspection report, dated 11/15/62, of Louisiana Hospital.
43. Very detailed summary of Inspection trip to Petersburg, with notes on several hospitals there, and a floor plan of the barracks for paroled prisoners. Dated 11/29/62.
44. Inspection report, dated 11/13/62, of Howard’s Grove Hosp.
45. Inspection report, dated 11/13/62, of Bellevue Hosp.
46. Report of an incident at Genl. Hosp. #26.
47. Inspection report, dated 11/12/62, of Genl. Hosp. #21.
48. Inspection report, dated 11/11/62, of Genl. Hosp. #18.
49. Inspection report, dated 11/11/62, for Manchester Camp & Prison Hosp.
50. Inspection report, dated 11/10/62, for Genl. Hosp. #14.
51. Inspection report, dated 11/8/62, for Genl. Hosp. #12.
52. Inspection report, dated 11/8/62, for Genl. Hosp. #13.
53. Printed “Guide for Inspection of Hospitals and Inspector’s Report.
54. Inspection report, n.d., for Genl. Hosp. #2.

National Archives, M437

7/27/1861; Surg. W. A. Carrington has been taken prisoner at First Manassas
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1861; card noting that Wm. A. Carrington has his (private) office on Main street
Richmond Whig 7/25/1862; Surg. Wm. A. Carrington, surgeon at “temporary” hospitals of Richardson’s and Dooley’s, “and now of the U. S. Hotel Hospital” gives thanks for donations
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; Dr. F. Formiento at Louisiana Hospital  adv for horse stolen from Inspector of Hospitals’(Carrington’s) office on Bank Street
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 416, pp. 22-24 1/8/1863; Carrington writes on the baking of bread in Richmond hospitals, urges the construction of ovens. Gives great details on the Chimborazo Bakery. Notes that GH1, GH4, Winder, Chimborazo and the South Carolina hospital all have their own ovens. GH9 and GH13 mentioned.
M437, Reel 87 3/26/1863; letter from Surgeon General Moore arguing against Wm. A. Carrington's assignment as Medical Director
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 708, p. 112 4/20/1863; Medical Directors office has been moved - it is now two doors from the Mechanics' Institute
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 416, pp. 154-155 7/7/1863; Carrington writes to the surgeon at the Camp Lee hospital lecturing him about the operation of the hospital. Gives good details on matrons’ responsibilities, and the role of a Chief Surgeon.
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 7, no page 9/28/1863; Medical Director's Office has been moved to "new government building" at 10th and Broad; wayside hospital has been transferred to the Engineer bureau - henceforth General Hospital #9 will be known as the Receiving and Way Hospital

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