1867 Engineers Map of Richmond

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1867 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Map of Richmond, made under the direction of Maj. Nathaniel Micheler and Capt. Peter S. Michie (National Archives, Record Group 77, Map G 204, #55 & 57)

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For the purposes of easily viewing the area that you want, I have broken the map into the sections you see above. Click on each area to see a large view.

(**note: So as not to sacrifice the abundant details that this map provides, these images are necessarily very large; approx 1.5 MB per image. )

This map is scanned from a reprinted map published by the Richmond Civil War Centennial Committee in 1965 (Official Publication #25). The map was completed in 1867, and shows the city of Richmond as it appeared shortly after the Union occupation of Richmond, in April of 1865. It is, in my opinion, the most detailed and accurate map of the city to be found.


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