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Added August 31, 2000

Mutual Assurance Society policy  1844; depicts the area occupied by Barrett's Tobacco Factory, from the Library of Virginia
Richmond Enquirer 1/20/1862; report of the death of ex-president John Tyler
Thomas A. Harris CSR, M331 9/21/1862; numerical reports & medical details, Batteries #4, 5, 9, & 10
Richmond Examiner 6/27/1864; insolent Yankee POW struck (and knocked out) for making a slur upon a Richmond lady
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1864; Surgeon General is going to diminish the number of hospitals, because few patients are remaining in the hospitals; the good condition is accredited to the abundance of ice
Richmond Examiner 7/15/1864; very few prisoners left in Richmond; they have been forwarded to Andersonville
Richmond Examiner 7/15/1864; "particular class" of prisoner from Castle Thunder will be sent to Salisbury, NC

Added August 29, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1861; description of Richmond's attitude toward U. S. prisoners
Richmond Enquirer 1/22/1862; description of the funeral of ex-president John Tyler and burial at Hollywood cemetery
W. K. Tabb CSR, M331 11/19/1862; nice material on the guard at Camp Winder
Richmond Examiner 6/18/1864; description of what Richmond has given up as the Confederate capital
Richmond Examiner 6/18/1864; ice for the hospitals is now in abundance
Richmond Examiner 6/27/1864; No more flag of truce steamers will be allowed
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; the canal basin is nasty - if it is drained, murdered corpses are likely to be found
Richmond Examiner 7/15/1864; rumor of Chimborazo in flames is not true - the fire is in the country
Richmond Whig 4/1/1865; account of the funeral of John M. Daniel, former editor of the Richmond Examiner
Richmond Whig 4/4/1865; excellent account of the evacuation and burning of Richmond

Added August 27, 2000

Richmond Sentinel 8/12/1863; price of slaves is more now than it has been in the past
Richmond Sentinel 8/12/1863; General John B. Hood is in the city, recovering from his wound
Richmond Sentinel 8/28/1863; another slave list from Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 10/3/1863; Gen. Winder wants to move all POWs to from Castle Thunder to the Alms House (GH#1)
Richmond Examiner 10/5/1863; city wants Almshouse (GH#1) back for the poor
Richmond Sentinel 4/18/1864; testimony about spies in Libby Prison from escaped officer

Added August 22, 2000

[Pember, Phoebe Yates.] "Reminiscences of a Southern Hospital, by Its Matron." The Cosmopolite, Baltimore, January-April 1866.

Mary Chesnut's Civil War; C. Vann Woodward, ed. 8/5-26/1861; Accounts of Mrs. Chesnut's visits to Robertson Hospital and General Hospital No. 1
Official Records, Ser. I, Vol LI/2, p. 812 1/20/1864; illegal recruiting is occurring among the convalescents at Jackson Hospital
Lowell Daily Courier 3/11/1864; Rees photo of Libby Prison is on display in Lowell, Mass.
Official Records, Ser. I, Vol. XLII/2, pp. 1188-1189 8/18/1864; notes how many patients from different states are in Howard's Grove, especially Floridians
Official Records, Ser. IV, Vol. III, p. 1193. 2/14/1865; negro workers at Jackson Hospital are volunteering for field service
Richmond Whig 4/12/1865; Defensive lines around Richmond have been left intact; many guns captured
Richmond Whig 4/12/1865; Tredegar Iron Works remain intact because workers helped extinguish fires
Richmond Whig 4/13/1865; bodies of Union POWS at Oakwood Cemetery can be disinterred and sent north
Richmond Whig 4/14/1865; Belle Isle is to be a refugee camp
Richmond Whig 4/14/1865; Mathew Brady has been at City Point photographing Gen. Grant & his generals
Richmond Whig 4/14/1865; A. R. Waud, among others, is staying at the Spottswood Hotel
Richmond Whig 4/15/1865; Libby Prison has 3,000 Confederate prisoners; Castle Thunder is used for criminals and Federal deserters
Richmond Whig 4/15/1865; Mathew Brady has forwarded his negatives of the burnt district to Washington and will continue to photograph
Richmond Whig 4/15/1865; POWs sent to City Point; Lt. Bishop is commandant of Libby Prison
Richmond Whig 4/17/1865; description of the arrival of Robert E. Lee in Richmond
Richmond Whig 4/18/1865; former Castle Thunder officials turn themselves in
Richmond Whig 4/21/1865; Gen. Lee was photographed yesterday by Brady
Richmond Whig 4/22/1865; Confederates who turn themselves in are sent to Libby Prison
Richmond Whig 4/26/1865; Medical Purveyor for the Army of the James has his office at the Moore Hospital
Richmond Whig 4/27/1865; Mathew Brady and his corps of photographers has left Richmond for Petersburg
Richmond Whig 5/13/1865; Dick Turner escapes from Libby Prison
Richmond Whig 5/15/1865; Nothing has been heard from Dick Turner after he escaped from Libby Prison
Richmond Whig 5/15/1865; Maj. Gen. Wright is staying at the Spottswood Hotel

Added August 21, 2000

Richmond Enquirer 1/3/1862; 240 exchanged Yankee prisoners will soon be sent North
Richmond Whig 4/25/1865; Official directory of US officials in Richmond

Added August 18, 2000

Richmond Examiner 6/3/1864; 100 wounded brought in and distributed among the hospitals
Richmond Examiner 6/9/1864; persons shirking duty are sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 6/23/1864; 20-30 prisoners arrive at Libby with 2 officers
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; Cage items; notes that no new criminals are being brought in
Richmond Examiner 4/10/1865; thoroughfares have been cleared through the streets

Added August 16, 2000

Richmond Examiner 5/31/1864; 1100 POWs from Libby are to be sent to Andersonville
Richmond Examiner 6/2/1864; deaths in the Richmond hospitals is (percentage wise) less than it was during the seven days battles
Richmond Examiner 6/28/1864; over 4,000 prisoners in Richmond, but not one arrived at Libby yesterday
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; Mortality in Richmond hospitals is remarkably small
Richmond Whig 4/7/1865; Mathew Brady and artists from Harper's and Leslie's are in Richmond
Richmond Whig 4/10/1865; Hospitals in Richmond have been taken over by the federals - large ones are used for Union sick and wounded
Richmond Whig 4/10/1865; description of Richmond points of interest for the "tourist and artist"
Richmond Whig 4/10/1865; Manchester, undamaged by fire, is now connected to Richmond by a pontoon bridge
Richmond Whig 4/25/1865; no more surgeons or hospital attendants will be paroled without permission of the Medical Director
Richmond Whig 4/25/1865; description of Gallego Flour Mills before the war; now it is in ruins
Richmond Whig 4/25/1865; Relief Commission office is now in the Female Institute
Richmond Whig 4/25/1865; "partial list" of views taken by Mathew Brady of Richmond

Added August 9, 2000

Richard O'Leary CSR, M331 2/4/1864; complaints on quality of food at Jackson Hospital
Richard O'Leary CSR, M331 2/21/1864; Jackson Hospital is in good condition
Richmond Sentinel 5/7/1864; 1000 Yankee officers at Libby to be sent to Danville
Richmond Examiner 6/8/1864; wounded Yankee officer dies at the Libby Prison hospital
William A. Curtis Memoir, Tenn. SLA no date; excellent description of hospital stay in GH#22 and Winder Hospital. Excellent physical descriptions.

Added August 6, 2000

T. M. Palmer CSR, M331 6/16/1864; short staff at Howard's Grove
R. A. Lewis CSR, M331 11/9/1864; requisition for lumber to build a chapel at Stuart Hospital; recommends cannibalizing an unused building at Winder Hospital

Added August 4, 2000

T. M. Palmer CSR, M331 11/14/1862; list of surgeons at the Florida Hospital
V. W. Harrison CSR, M331 2/28/1863; list of surgeons at GH#20
T. M. Palmer CSR, M331 12/15/1863; Florida Hospital has been closed
Richard O'Leary CSR, M331 2/9/1864; small fire at Jackson Hospital
M. W. Smith CSR, M331 2/12/1864; favorable comments on Jackson Hospital's appearance
Jno. H. Parkhill CSR 11/19/1864; Turpin and Yarborough's Prison Hospital should cease being rented by the Confederate Government

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