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Added February 22, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; trustees of Female Institute seeking new building, as government has decided to keep main building
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; Boyle and Gamble Sword Manufactory 13th Street rear of Shockoe Warehouse. Wants brass & zinc
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; Co. A, 10th Va. Battn. HQ near Battery #2. List of deserters.
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; F. Formento, Jr. orders out-patients to report to Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; 15 deserters put in Castle Thunder – 130 to be released tomorrow
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; General G. W. Smith’s office in Belvin’s Block, 12th Street
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; G. W. Alexander providing men to help collect firearms in city, for army use
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; 150 POWs sent to Aiken’s Landing on 9/24
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; C. D. Rice is Surg. in charge at Howard’s Grove Hospital. He’s accepting payment claims against the hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; Capt. Webb, D12VA Arty., Battery 10 near Camp Lee, adv for lost horse
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; Mrs. Jones, 25th between Main & Cary, has son badly injured by cars at R&YRRR depot
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; 18 deserters from Critcher’s Battn. sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; most of men in Eastern District prison to be discharged & sent to army
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; interesting editorial on the “stampede” of negroes that occurs when the Union army approaches – recommends legislation to remove them to the interior when the army approaches. Berates the delusions of slaveowners as to the “fidelity” of their slaves.
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; A. H. Campbell still needs chainmen – at Brooks House near Battery #3
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Stephen H. Townes, Hospital Steward at Howard’s Grove, thanks Halifax and Pittsylvania citizens by name. Assistant Surgeon S. Angle is authorized purchaser of supplies for Howard’s Grove
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; J. S. Dorset, steward at GH#1, tells slave owners to collect their fees today
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Old Fair Grounds called Camp Maynard – bull being put out to stud nearby.
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Russell’s starch factory “in Rocketts old field” burned to the ground. Was lately in use as a hospital and formerly known as the Second Baptist Church Chapel.
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Jno. Pendergrast (soldier) apprehended as thief – sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Geo. T. Twells, ex-Lieut. McCulloch Rangers, released from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; 150 POWs to be sent to Aiken’s Landing, probably today. 500 more POWs to arrive soon from Gordonsville, and if they arrive in time, may be exchanged
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; 21 POWs taken in NC and brought to Libby Prison

Added February 12, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 9/13/1862; 8 full companies of Marylanders formed in the city. Those of Emack, Smith, Murray & Crane have left to join Stonewall Jackson, others ready to go
Richmond Dispatch 9/13/1862; All 5912 Yankee POWs to be exchanged soon. About 3000 to leave today
Richmond Dispatch 9/13/1862; General Winder appoints “Lt. Early” to investigate cases of imprisoned CSA soldiers & expedite their return to army.
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; 41 inmates arrive yesterday at Castle Thunder, 10 at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; Mrs. Whitley is a matron at St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; adv from “Many Voters” urging J. R. Anderson to run for House of Delegates
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; Supt. Downer at Armory wants contractors to make 50,000 sets of infantry accoutrements
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; J. W. Wilson, steward at Keen Hospital, adv for 4 negro men to do light work
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; letter of J. R. Anderson, declining to run for Virginia House of Delegates
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; Mr. Frederick Brauer a resident of Chimborazo Hill
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; Tredegar renting out “large rooms occupied formerly by the Car Spring Company”
Richmond Dispatch 9/17/1862; Supt. Downer wants blacksmiths & strikers at Armory
Richmond Dispatch 9/17/1862; J. S. Dorset, Hospital Steward at GH#1, thanks Chesterfield citizens for donations
Richmond Dispatch 9/17/1862; Patrick McGowan, E59VA, at Castle Thunder awaiting execution for desertion
Richmond Dispatch 9/17/1862; Geo. Lindsey jailed at Castle Thunder as a spy
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; CSS Nansemond at foot of 18th St. – wants crewmen
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; more than 600 prisoners at Castle Thunder. 5/6 are soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; 250 of 600 Yankees in Richmond to be sent away on exchange today. Officers listed
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; Two Yankee RR engines at RYRR Depot – nice details
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; Wm. A. White, soldier, put into Castle Thunder – has bogus money
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; 3 disloyal Virginians at Castle Thunder traded for 3 loyal Virginians in Yankee hands
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; Dr. F. Formiento at Louisiana Hospital  adv for horse stolen from Inspector of Hospitals’(Carrington’s) office on Bank Street
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; 40 POWs arrive
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; 3 others jailed at Castle Thunder for various offenses
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; soldier stabs & kills another soldier at T. R. Stewart’s bowling alley, 10th between Main and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; Three men at Castle Thunder to be executed – named. To occur next week at Camp Lee, under G. W. Alexander’s supervision
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; Thomas’ disorderly house near Battery #8 raided. Booze seized. Major Atkinson issues a warning to him.
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; 2 soldiers in Castle Thunder for robbing citizen. Mayor forced to contemplate extent of his authority in city over military personnel. Slave items and prostitution as well.
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; Dr. R. S. Vest, Surgeon in Charge at Engineer Bureau Hospital, corner 19th and Cary. Seeks steward to superintend hospital. Office is #14 Law building, Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; Young man wanted to “assist” at Dibrell’s Warehouse, corner of Cary and 21st.
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; Someone stole one of the old silver communion goblets from St. Paul’s
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; Davis postpones three executions at Camp Lee (prisoners are at Castle Thunder) for 10 days
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; runaway slave notice from GH#21

Added February 9, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; List of new Castle Thunder inmates, & their offenses. 50 inmates sent under guard to rebuild a bridge over Rapidan, recently destroyed
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; Augustus Godfrey, King William Artillery deserter, caught and sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; “Of Evil Name &c” Woman arrested for “indulging in horseback exercise on one of the public streets of the city in company with a person said to be a Lieutenant in the army, to the disgust of decent people…” Witnessed by the Mayor, woman was sent to jail.
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; S. W. Glover, K41VA, killed in canal boat accident – smashed head on bridge
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; obituary for Rawley W. Fennell, d. 9/8 of typhoid, lately clerk at Chimborazo
Richmond Dispatch 9/9/1862; 4882 soldiers buried at Oakwood Cemetery, 9/1/1861 – 9/1/1862
Richmond Dispatch 9/9/1862; "Glue and Oil works" located just behind GH#1
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; 200 POWs arrive 9/9 – sent to Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; City report on expenditures, fiscal year ending 2/28/1862. Spent $30,409 on Alms House, $567 for painting roof of Seabrook’s Warehouse, $509 for improvements at Oakwood Cemetery; VCRR gets permission to use temporary Broad Street tracks to connect RF&P RR with VCRR – wish to transfer 40 freight cars & five passenger cars to VCRR; city council wonders why armory for volunteer companies of the city, 9th between Main & Cary, not yet completed
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; no changes 9/9 at Castle Thunder – said to be unusually quiet
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; sales notice for billiard tables at saloon under St. Charles Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 9/11/1862; 26 POWs arrive, plus laundress of 26 Pa., who was sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; list of commissioned officers POW at Williamsburg & arrived at Richmond. Two “vivandiers” also caught & put into Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; list of 33 officers from Pope’s army lodged in Libby on 9/11
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; General Winder orders more detailed descriptive lists of prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; Fauquier resident sent to Castle Thunder for refusing to take CSA currency
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; Libby presently has 31 Northern free negroes & 16 slaves
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; Dr. John R. Hinton, Howard Hospital, “corner 25th and 26th sts.,” adv for runaway negro
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; marriage notice for Capt. L. W. Richardson, at Oakwood Cemetery.

Added February 8, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; A. B. Martin, private in Washington Artillery, arrested at Spotswood for stealing 120 letters from post office. Sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; 332 POWs arrive
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; Dr. Rucker still at Castle Thunder, under heavy guard
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; patients of GH#18 at private quarters have ten days to report
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; GH#1 wants 10 men or boys – purpose not stated
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; Jno. B. Cary, at Maj. Booker’s office under Spotswood Hotel, hiring out negro woman
Richmond Dispatch 8/30/1862; Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works want scrap & pig iron
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; 60 POWs arrive at Central depot
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; police raid Cary St., especially “that prolific locality” between 17th and 18th
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; A. H. Campbell adv for 5 or 6 men to serve as chainmen on topographical surveys. His headquarters are at Brooks House, Williamsburg Road, near Battery #3
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; Samaritan Hospital thanks donors
Richmond Dispatch 9/2/1862; runaway slave notice for blacksmith hired out to Tredegar foundry
Richmond Dispatch 9/3/1862; Blossingham the counterfeiter sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/3/1862; 200 exchanged Confederates arrive on 9/2, including N. R. Fitzhugh & Belle Boyd
Richmond Dispatch 9/3/1862; 8 Yankee POWs arrive. No officers. 2,000 more soon to arrive.
Richmond Dispatch 9/3/1862; 2000 Yankees expected to go to Varina on 9/5
Richmond Dispatch 9/4/1862; 60 POWs arrive – 8 officers. Clerks are busy on Belle Isle preparing lists for exchange.
Richmond Dispatch 9/4/1862; 30 mules dragging captured railroad engine on Cary street
Richmond Dispatch 9/4/1862; George H. Steuart arrives at Spotswood Hotel, 9/3
Richmond Dispatch 9/4/1862; O. F. Manson, Moore Hospital, lists donors
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; list of Yankee officer POWs who arrive yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; 2500 Belle Isle POWs to be sent to Varina today
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; Loafers at corner of 14th and Main sent to Castle Thunder by Winder
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; old building on west side of Capitol Square – formerly Washington Tavern & then Monument Hotel, now occupied by 2nd Auditor’s office
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; Slave of J. E. Johnston arrested for selling liquor to soldiers – sent to Castle Thunder. Also a local white woman named Mary Gleason
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; 2 North Carolina soldiers jailed at Castle Thunder for disloyalty.
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; Jacob Goldstein sent to Castle Thunder – passing bogus money
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; Richmond Female Institute to reopen 10/1, for 9th Session
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1862; loafers from 14th Street & one other discharged from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1862; Capt. Tucker’s Co., 2nd North Carolina Battalion, stationed at Belle Isle. Remainder of battn stationed “near Drury’s Bluff.” Commander adv for two deserters.

Added February 2, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; Mayo factory on 19th between Main and Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; 3rd Ala Hospital adv for washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 8/23/1862; counterfeiter executed in gully east of Alms House. Elliott’s Battalion assists. This is the first counterfeiter executed.
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; slave whipped for stealing surgical instruments from Charles Bell Gibson
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; Tredegar adv to purchase 10 or 12 mules
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; H. S. Barton, Surg. in Charge at St. Charles Hospital, adv for 3 colored washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; those in private quarters who belong at St. Charles Hotel report at once
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; daily prayer meeting at 2nd Presbyterian Church
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; 42 NC voluntarily sleeps on Capitol Square
Richmond Dispatch 8/26/1862; Minnis’ photo gallery at #217 Main St., next door to Southern Express Co.
Richmond Dispatch 8/26/1862; Julian Vannerson renews adv for photo assistant
Richmond Dispatch 8/27/1862; Lancasterian School to reopen 9/1
Richmond Dispatch 8/27/1862; Dr. W. O. Hill, Asst. Surgeon in Charge of Hospital at Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; Wm. Hines, arrested near Drewry’s Bluff & sent to Castle Thunder for trading with Yankees
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; B. Wardwell, ice dealer, exonerated of disloyalty & released from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; 2nd Class Militia to be paid off
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; B. C. Fishburne, Surg. in Charge at Keen Hospital wants all “out-door” patients to report
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; Tredegar selling “several stationary engines” & also wagon axles
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; Tredegar also adv for “several good boatmen”
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; runaway slave notice, Surg. Saml. B. Fisher, GH#18

Added February 1, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; Corcoran, Willcox & others exchanged 8/15
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; humorous - local children steal some powder and detonate their large bomb on 21st street
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; counterfeiter caught – sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; Maj. Wilkins’ 2nd Class Militia parade on Capitol Square – look good
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; Old Market House recently white-washed
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; details on the recent exchange of Union officers at Varina. Some of the officers named. Lt. T. P. Turner in charge.
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; obit. of General Winder. Body arrived 7/17. Funeral Capitol Square, burial Hollywood
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; Dr. W. L. Henderson at Howard’s Grove lost Colt #97,618 “somewhere between the Spotswood and Exchange Hotels”
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; detailed list of 12 escapees from city jail, & their crimes
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; daily prayer meeting at Centenary Church
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; German woman thrown into Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; Humorous – two women fight, corner 9th and Broad
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; Money and a prayer book found in “gallery” of St. John’s Church
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton is resuming her school, Franklin between 3rd and 4th Streets

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