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Added January 28, 2000

In the E. & H. T. Anthony Catalog


Chain Bridge, near Washington.


Prof. Lowe Replenishing the Balloon.


Prof. Lowe inflating his Balloon.


Dunlap House, Petersburgh, Va.


The stand in front of the President’s House.


Great freshet on the Appomattox, Petersburgh.


Masked Battery and obstructions, James River.


Libby Prison, Richmond, Va.


After deck and Turret of Monitor Kaatskill.


Interior of Fort Sumpter, Charleston, S.C.


Gen. Sherman’s Men dismantling a large gun.


View from the parapet of Fort Sumpter, S.C.


View at Fort Sumpter, Charleston, S.C.


Interior view of Ft. McAllister, Savannah, Ga.


Old Spanish Mon., St. Augustine, Fla.


Interior view of Fort McAlister, Ga.

Added January 25, 2000

Richmond Examiner 11/4/1861; Two Yankee prisoners, permitted leave in the city, attempt to escape, but are re-captured
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; New hospital established at Ridge Church (in the west end)
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; new hospital opened at Bosher's Hall, corner 9th and Main st.
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; Yankee Surgeons to be exchanged, except those at Savage's Station
Richmond Enquirer 6/13/1864; ex-prisoner at Castle Thunder, member of the Arsenal Battalion, deserts to enemy near Bottom's Bridge
Richmond Sentinel 7/2/1864; "Fatal Accident" of a slave belonging to Dr. Thomas Burton

Added January 21, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 3/31/1862; excellent description of Libby Prison, describes good food and hospital
Richmond Dispatch 4/9/1862; statistics of Libby Prison - currently 724 prisoners there
Richmond Dispatch 4/10/1862; religious revival at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 4/19/1862; boy drowns in canal near Libby Prison; prisoner tried to save him, but was denied.
Richmond Dispatch 5/18/1862; Ladies requested to visit Winder Hospital as nurses
Richmond Dispatch 5/28/1862; contributions for Winder Hospital are being accepted at two Richmond stores
Richmond Dispatch 5/31/1862; escape attempt from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; a "touching incident" at Seabrook's Hospital (GH#9)
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; New hospital established at the Spottswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; 5,000 prisoners on Belle Isle; Libby Prison mentioned
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; good description of Belle Isle; mentions that the Isle is reached by a boat starting from near Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; Yankee prisoners being sent off; in the future, all prisoners will be concentrated at Libby Prison to await exchange

Added January 20, 2000

In the E. & H. T. Anthony Catalog


Breastworks and “Chevaux de Frise.”


Confed. Breastworks in front of Peterburgh.


Interior of the Confed. Fort Mahone.


Confed. Works in front of Petersburgh, Va.


View from Parapet of Confed. works.


Interior of Confed. Works, Petersburgh.


Panoramic view of Richmond, Va.


Belle Island, from Petersburgh R. R.

Added January 19, 2000

Map of Richmond from the Official Records Atlas, Plate LXXXIX, #2. Prepared in 1864 by A. D. Bache for the U. S. Coast Survey.

Map of Richmond and vicinity, from the Official Records Atlas, Plate LXXVII, #1. Prepared by Nathaniel Micheler, 1867.

Vicinity of Richmond map, from the Official Records Atlas, Plate XCII, #1. Prepared by Capt. A. H. Campbell (CSA).

Map of the defenses of Richmond & Petersburg, from the Official Records Atlas, Plate C, #2. Prepared by Nathaniel Micheler, 1865.

Added January 17, 2000

Late nineteenth century postcard showing Confederate veterans next to the remains of Battery No. 10 on Monument Avenue. This image is looking west, and is, to my knowledge, the only image showing one of the inner defense line forts.

Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; excellent details on Richmond prisons: Libby, Barrett's, Greanor & Palmer's factories, Officer's prison on 18th street.
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 3000 Yankees moved to Belle Isle, including over 1000 previously housed at Barrett's factory

Added January 16, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 2/24/1862; only 138 prisoners left in Richmond; Ross' factory no longer to be prison, Howard's factory to remain a prison
Richmond Dispatch 3/7/1862; Union prisoners will soon be moved to "Libby's buildings"
Richmond Dispatch 3/27/1862; 500 Yankee prisoners transferred to Libby & Son’s warehouses
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; "Libby buildings" are insufficient to hold the influx of Union prisoners - new prison being fitted up on 18th street (probably Smith's)
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; Christian & Lea's Hospital (GH#13) receives donation from YMCA
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; fair to benefit soldiers to be held at Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; Georgia Relief and Hospital Association is at Crew & Pemberton's factory (GH#15)
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; hospital opened at Spottswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; fire at Bacon & Baskerville’s hospital (GH#7)
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; inmates at Castle Godwin to be sent away

Added January 13, 2000

Richmond Examiner 10/11/1861; man arrested for trespassing at Turpin & Yarborough's tobacco factory, "now used as a hospital."
Richmond Examiner 10/11/1861; Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, to be confiscated by the Confederate States government because of owner's disloyalty
Richmond Examiner 11/4/1861; Tents blown down at Camp Lee and Dimmock
New York Herald 11/12/1861; lengthy description of Richmond, Lynchburg, & Nashville
Richmond Enquirer 6/7/1864; Dog-catchers round up hundreds of stray dogs; mentions Capt. Alexander's dog, and Howard's Grove.
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1864; Dr. Mary Walker, prisoner in Castle Thunder, wants to go home
Richmond Enquirer 6/11, 13/1864; Oakwood cemetery is described very negatively

Added January 12, 2000

Richmond Examiner 10/16/1861; Federal prisoners removed from GH#1 and moved to prison on Main st.
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; Office of Inspector of Hospitals has the location of sick soldiers
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; 21 casualties admitted to Naval Hospital
Richmond Daily Whig 11/3/1863; A matron in the hospital is writing a book; any help will be appreciated. <Possibly Phoebe Y. Pember.>
Richmond Enquirer 5/23/1864; Castle Thunder admittances; several Libby guards confined
Richmond Sentinel 5/24/1864; appeal for rags to be sent to Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/24/1864; several new hospitals for prisoners opened, 800 patients in them now and daily increasing
Richmond Sentinel 5/25/1864; VMI cadets parade at Capitol Square following the Battle of New Market
Richmond Sentinel 5/26/1864; Castle Thunder admittances
Richmond Sentinel 5/28/1864; VMI cadets parade and receive a new stand of colors
Richmond Sentinel 5/30/1864; 157 prisoners admitted to Libby Prison
Richmond Sentinel 6/1/1864; 200 prisoners admitted to Libby Prison
Richmond Sentinel 6/2/1864; 10 prisoners released from Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1864; Stuart Hospital opened
Richmond Sentinel 6/7/1864; Dog-catchers round up hundreds of stray dogs
Richmond Sentinel 6/7/1864; call for Virginians to take in furloughed patients
Richmond Sentinel 6/28/1864; Army Intelligence Office has whereabouts of sick and wounded
Richmond Sentinel 7/7/1864; Chimborazo patients caught in a "disorderly house"
Richmond Sentinel 8/3/1864; boy caught stealing pig iron from Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Sentinel 9/27/1864; Hospital "rats" at Winder Hospital suspected of crimes
Richmond Sentinel 3/20/1865; Luther Libby's return to Richmond
Richmond Sentinel 3/23/1865; description of the Winder-Jackson Battalion's parade at Capitol square
Richmond Sentinel 3/27/1865; 1300 Yankees sent off by flag-of-truce boat, 500 Yankees arrive at Libby Prison
Richmond Sentinel 3/30/1865; slave put in Castle Thunder for helping soldiers desert
Richmond Sentinel 4/1/1865; "squad" of Yankee prisoners arrives at Libby Prison
Richmond Sentinel 4/1/1865; "the Weather;" says it has been raining very hard for the past two days.

Added January 11, 2000

National Archives, RG 109, Ch. VI 8/3/1863; Apportionment of Genl. Hospls. in Dept. Henrico
Richmond Enquirer 6/16/1864; Good description of Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/20/1864; Seabrook's (GH#9) is in bad condition
Richmond Sentinel 3/21/1865; Winder-Jackson Battalion; incl Negroes to parade

Added January 9, 2000

Richmond Examiner 9/26/1861; Ad for tobacco at Hardgrove Factory
Richmond Examiner 9/26/1861; 50 patients in Main Street Hospital (Ross' Factory)
Richmond Examiner 9/27/61; A southern turncoat is among the prisoners at General Hospital #1
Richmond Examiner 9/30/1861; Texas Soldier dies at St. Charles Hospital (GH#8)
Richmond Examiner 10/4/1861; Yankee prisoners, kept at General Hospital #1, to be exchanged
Richmond Examiner 10/4/1861; Yankee prisoner escapes from Ross' Factory
Richmond Examiner 10/7/1861; Hon. Alfred Ely (US Congressman) presented with a mock sword in prison
Richmond Enquirer 6/12/1863; 600 prisoners at Castle Thunder; prison has been improved lately.
Richmond Enquirer 8/14/1863; details on a creative escape attempt from Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 10/9/1863; 3 guards at Libby Prison put in Castle Thunder for trading with the prisoners
National Archives, RG 109, Ch. VI no date; time of closure for Richmond hospitals

Added January 8, 2000

Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Libby prison items - 150 yankees paroled
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Engineer Bureau Hospital described
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Canal boat sinks near Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Sentinel 10/23/1863; Masonic Lodge has been built at Drewry's Bluff

Added January 6, 2000

Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Castle Thunder details; Hospital reviewed
Richmond Sentinel 10/9/1863; Library established at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 10/12/1863; More on library at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 10/12/1863; Georgia patients vote for Gov. at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 10/14/1863; More on library at Winder Hospital
Richmond Sentinel 10/23/1863; murder at Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 11/23/1863; surgeons at Seabrook's (GH#9)
Richmond Sentinel 12/1/1863; Soldier's Guide (list of hospitals)
Richmond Sentinel 1/6/1864; Ladies of Union Station Methodist Church furnished New Year's meal at Howard's Grove.
Richmond Sentinel 1/16/1864; 18 yankees escape from building across street from Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 2/20/1864; hospital list; temporary closing of Winder, Howard's Grove, and General Hospital #1
Richmond Sentinel 4/14/1864; prisoner shot by accident at Libby Prison
Richmond Sentinel 4/14/1864; Castle Thunder items
Richmond Sentinel 4/29/1864; order to clean out hospitals
Richmond Sentinel 5/7/1864; negro injured at Confederate States Arsenal

Added January 4, 2000

Richmond Daily Whig 2/15/1864; recapturing Libby escapee anecdotes
Richmond Daily Whig 3/2/1864; detective killed by accident at Castle Thunder; mentions "prisoners in the building across the street..."
Richmond Daily Whig 3/2/1864; accident at the Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Daily Whig 4/2/1864; some defenders of Battery #9 charged with theft
Richmond Daily Whig 4/14/1864; accidental shootings at Libby Prison
Richmond Daily Whig 4/14/1864; Castle Thunder items
Richmond Daily Whig 5/9/1864; mutinous episode in Libby Prison
Richmond Daily Whig 6/8/1864; How wounded are treated at Winder Hospital
Richmond Daily Whig 6/15/1864; Account of editorial visit to Winder Hospital
Richmond Daily Whig 10/5/1864; fight among patients at Stuart Hospital
Richmond Daily Whig 11/29/1864; 14 patients arrested for gambling at Winder

Added January 2, 2000

National Archives, RG 109, Ch. VI no date; list of hospitals in Richmond and locations of them

Added January 1, 2000

In the E. & H. T. Anthony Catalog


From Lookout Mountain, down Chata. Valley.


C.S. soldier killed in the trenches.


Confed. Soldiers killed, Fort Mahone.


A dead Confed. Soldier, bare footed.


A dead Confed. Soldier inside Union lines.


In the trenches of the Confed. Fort Mahone.


In the Confed. trenches, after the storming.


A dead Confed. soldier in the trenches.


A Confed. Soldier killed in the trenches.


“Chevaux de frise,” & breastworks.


Union Picket line, front of Fort Mahone.


Union Picket line in front of Confed. Fort.


Picket line in front of Confed. Fort Mahone.

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