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Added July 31, 2000

Richmond Sentinel 2/26/1864; prisoners at Libby receive a gratuitous sermon
Richmond Sentinel 5/17/1864; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
Richmond Examiner 5/31/1864; Confederate deserter (4th VA Cav, Co. A) found amongst the prisoners at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 6/3/1864; 275 prisoners received at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 6/9/1864; 1100 prisoners shipped to Andersonville yesterday; Gen. Winder ordered there; Libby Prison will be the receiving depot for prisoners taken north of Richmond, with their destination being Andersonville
Richmond Examiner 6/9/1864; More prisoners received at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 6/17/1864; describes the beneficial use of tobacco warehouses as prisons and hospitals to the Confederacy
Richmond Examiner 6/17/1864; few new prisoners at Castle Thunder, list of those who have been admitted recently
Richmond Examiner 6/23/1864; Confederate deserter (former Lt. Col. of 18th TN) is found amongst Yankees at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 6/27/1864; 3000 prisoners arrive in Richmond, Libby is full and Belle Isle has been reopened
Richmond Examiner 6/29/1864; Details of the imprisonment of Dr. Mary Walker in Castle Thunder
Richmond Examiner 6/29/1864; member of detail escorting prisoners to Libby Prison is too polite to the prisoners
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; notes that no money is taken from the prisoners at Castle Thunder - the quartermaster keeps it for them
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1864; Richmond prisons, except Castle Thunder and Belle Isle, are nearly empty
Richmond Examiner 7/8/1864; Belle Isle is once again uninhabited - all the prisoners have been sent south; hostages and special prisoners are kept at Libby
Richmond Sentinel 1/28/1865; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent

Added July 28, 2000

Richmond Enquirer 1/6/1862; description of a visit to "Hospital No. 1" where wounded Yankees are being treated
Richmond Enquirer 2/20/1862; description of the chain of command in the prison system, list of some of the higher ranking officers now in the "tobacco warehouses" in Richmond; 3,000 prisoners are being paroled.
Richmond Enquirer 2/22/1862; immigrant workers at C. S. Laboratory arrested for not taking the oath of allegiance - released after some confusion
Richmond Sentinel 5/18/1863; ladies are stealing flowers from Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Sentinel 5/18/1863; 882 Yankee prisoners arrive; there are now 242 officers in Libby Prison
Richmond Sentinel 6/18/1863; Notice announcing the formation of a Library Association for 1st Division, Winder Hospital, and request for books.
Richmond Sentinel 8/8/1863; 100 prisoners arrive at Libby Prison, 65 negroes incarcerated in Castle Thunder
Richmond Sentinel 8/10/1863; list of hospitals in Richmond and to which hospitals soldiers from the various states are sent
Richmond Sentinel 8/14/1863; J. R. Anderson (Tredegar Iron Works) buys a lot of flour to sell to his workers at cost
Richmond Sentinel 9/26/1863; description of Libby Prison; says 600-700 officers there
Richmond Sentinel 9/26/1863; details of the execution of Spencer Kellogg (convicted as a spy) at Camp Lee 
Richmond Sentinel 10/26/1863; alleged abuses in hospitals
Richmond Sentinel 11/11/1863; details of trial of Commandant G. W. Alexander (Castle Thunder)
Richmond Sentinel 12/7/1863; walls of the ruined Crenshaw Woolen Mills collapse. Notes that the mill site had recently been purchased by Tredegar
Richmond Sentinel 12/9/1863; G. W. Alexander, commandant of Castle Thunder, is arrested for "malpractice in office"
Richmond Examiner 6/11/1864; 1100 wounded and sick Yankee prisoners at GH21
Richmond Examiner 6/17/1864; few inmates in Libby Prison - most of them are being sent south to Andersonville as fast as they come in
Richmond Examiner 6/22/1864; Libby Prison is now recording the country of origin of prisoners
Richmond Examiner 6/29/1864; description of boxing match at Castle Thunder and reception of new prisoners
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1864; No new admittees at the cage
Richmond Examiner 7/14/1864; escape attempt at Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 7/19/1864; department at Castle Thunder is reserved for "depraved and abandoned women"
Richmond Examiner 7/19/1864; John J. Lindsay, arrested for falsely claiming that he was the agent for Chimborazo, proves that he is (or was) and is released

Added July 27, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1861; Yankee prisoners, taken to Chimborazo, make their escape
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1861; 2,685 prisoners have come to Richmond so far; those who remain number 1,714
Richmond Dispatch 2/18/1862; St. Charles Hotel (GH#8) unoccupied, needs fixing up for hospital
Richmond Sentinel 5/16/1863; fire at Crenshaw Mills and Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Sentinel 9/26/1863; Virginia Army Agency's list of wounded & transport to Chimborazo
Richmond Examiner 6/2/1864; 700 Yankees in GH21; "Ligon's factory" opened to handle the excess numbers
Richmond Examiner 6/23/1864; Ladies bearing food and goodies are turned away from Stuart Hospital and demand an explanation
Richmond Examiner 6/24/1864; explanation from surgeon in charge of Stuart Hospital as to why ladies were refused admittance

Added July 25, 2000

Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1861; J. R. Anderson (Tredegar Iron Works) promoted to Brigadier General
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1861; Yankee surgeon, tending to prisoners, has made his escape
Richmond Enquirer 1/4/1862; "Humors of Prison Life;" details about the Richmond Prison Association and their song
Richmond Enquirer 1/14/1862; Yankee prisoners at Atkinson's factory have destroyed machinery and tobacco in their prison
Richmond Enquirer 1/20/1862; Lt. Hairston relieved of command of C. S. Military Prison by Capt. Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 1/28/1862; explosion at the Confederate Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 2/6/1862; Fire at Liggon's prison; no one injured
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1863; Belle Isle is vacant of prisoners
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1863; Polish soldiers in Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1863; fire at Crenshaw Mills and Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Examiner 5/18/1863; Tredegar employees are retaining their jobs, despite damage to the works
Richmond Examiner 7/4/1863; damaged Tredegar departments are being restored to operation; Crenshaw mills will not be rebuilt
Richmond Examiner 5/20/1864; General Gordon dies at the Officer's Hospital (GH#4)
Richmond Examiner 5/30/1864; AAG for Gen. Bragg inspects Libby Prison and Castle Thunder and finds them pleasing
Richmond Examiner 5/30/1864; 157 prisoners admitted to Libby Prison
Richmond Examiner 7/1/1864; Belle Isle has been re-opened as a prison
Richmond Examiner 7/1/1864; Sutler's post at Castle Thunder has been abolished
New York Times 2/25/1888; architect believes it possible to move Libby Prison; ground where it stood should be sold to the government for use as a park
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1891; letter to the editor regarding treatment of Confederates in Libby Prison after the evacuation of Richmond

Added July 21, 2000

Trowbridge, John T., The South... 1866 account of the author's travels to Richmond and the adjoining battlefields. Good material on Belle Isle, Brown's Island, Libby Prison, battlefields near the city, Camp Lee; makes passing reference to George Fitzhugh living at Camp Lee, a destitute
Debow's Review 10/1866; "Camp Lee and the Freedman's Bureau;" mostly a racist diatribe, gives a few details into the camp's operation. By George Fitzhugh
The Century Magazine 11/1889; explanation of the shooting episode given in "Col. Rose's Tunnel at Libby Prison" article from former guard.
The Century Magazine 1/1890; two letters refuting claims that guards did not fire into Libby Prison 
Scribner's Monthly, July 1877 7/1877; "Richmond Since the War" - good material on Tredegar Iron Works, Belle Isle, Libby Prison, Oakwood Cemetery, and Capital Square

Added July 12, 2000

Wartime photographs made by C. R. Rees, in Richmond, 1863.

Added July 10, 2000

Richmond Examiner 5/20/1864; Yankee colonel who arrived at Libby was wearing bullet-proof armor.
Richmond Examiner 5/23/1864; list of Yankee officers in the Libby Prison hospital; notes that there are 85 prisoners currently in Libby
Richmond Examiner 5/28/1864; Second-class militia detailed to guard prisons and hospitals while regulars are in the field
Wisconsin MOLLUS, Vol. I, Milwaukee, 1891, pp. 394-409 6/3/1891; By Bvt. Brig. Gen. Harrison C. Hobart, entitled: "Libby Prison - The Escape." Describes Life in Libby Prison from 9/30/1863 until his escape on Feb. 9th, 1864, and then the events surrounding his return to Union lines.
Confederate Veteran, Vol. XVII (1909) p. 114 "Tunneling Out of Libby Prison;" account from John Mitchell, one of the digging party on how the tunnel was made

Added July 8, 2000

Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; Ten prisoners arrive at Libby Prison; the bulk of prisoner's from the Army of the Potomac are going straight to Lynchburg
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; "Idlers" will no longer be allowed to visit the hospitals
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; 1300 wounded arrive at Seabrook's warehouse (GH#9)
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; Yankee wounded are being treated at General Hospital #21
Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; "The Winder Guards," a unit made up of prisoners from Castle Thunder are on duty "at the front"
Richmond Examiner 5/17/1864; Howard's Grove, Winder, Jackson, and Receiving (GH#9) Hospitals need nurses
Richmond Examiner 5/28/1864; VMI cadets parade and receive a new stand of colors
Richmond Examiner 5/28/1864; total number of prisoners registered at Libby Prison since July 1861 is ninety-seven thousand
Richmond Examiner 5/28/1864; The Winder Legion, a unit comprised of prisoners from Castle Thunder, has acquitted itself well in the field; Davis granted them amnesty, and they are now seeking permanent status
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1888; More on the Libby Prison purchase; payment details discussed; details of plans for the building
New York Times 2/11/1888; strong protest to Libby Prison's move to Chicago from former Captain, Co. H, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry
New York Times 2/15/1888; strong protest to Libby Prison's move to Chicago from former Captain, Co. K, 146th N.Y. Infantry
Richmond Dispatch 2/28/1888; Deed for Libby Prison sale has been recorded; strong opposition opinions from Chicago residents
Richmond Dispatch 4/17/1889; work on tearing down Libby Prison will commence in a few days; spectators are charged to watch; details on the removal plans
New York Times 5/8/1889; Train carrying pieces of Libby Prison to Chicago has wrecked
Richmond Dispatch 5/11/1889; Details on the removal of Libby Prison to Chicago; half the material has already been removed; opinions of Chicagoans
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1900; Elizabeth Van Lew is near death
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1900; Elizabeth Van Lew has died, will be buried Friday. Details on relatives and friends attending as well as details on her home
New York Times 9/26/1900; Obituary notice for Elizabeth Van Lew, notes that she was 83 years old
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1900; Elizabeth Van Lew's funeral will be held tomorrow; has been postponed to allow her relatives to arrive
Richmond Dispatch 12/6/1901; Dick Turner, former assistant commandant of Libby Prison, has died

Added July 6, 2000

Richmond Examiner 5/16/1864; Yankee prisoner shot at Pemberton's warehouse


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