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Added July 27, 2001

Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1861; account of the excitement caused by the erroneous rumor that a Federal gunboat was ascending the James River. 
Richmond Dispatch 5/4/1861; Rev. Francis Boggs, the Chaplain at Camp Lee, has been elected Captain in the 1st VA Inf.
Richmond Dispatch 5/4/1861; Richmond Home Guard meets nightly near Springfield Hall (later GH#26) to drill
Richmond Dispatch 5/20/1861; area near the old United States Hotel (later GH#10) is the scene of bloody fights and drunken revelry
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1861; 2nd North Carolina regiment has been camped at Howard's Grove
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1861; Vicksburg Southrons arrive and parade in Capitol Square; they are then quartered at the Columbian Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1861; Negroes are doing good work on the fortifications at Marion Hill (Battery #2)
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1861; women who want to be nurses should apply to Mrs. A. F. Hopkins
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1861; Mechanics' Institute is being cleared out; the War Department and Patent Office will soon have their offices here
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1861; Dr. Bolton of Bellevue Hospital thanks the ladies of Church Hill for their help with the sick soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1861; Tredegar Iron Works needs timber to build large building (probably the new gun foundry)
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1861; Tredegar Iron Works needs carriage wheels
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1861; Tredegar Iron Works needs Wheelwrights and Blacksmiths
Richmond Dispatch 6/13/1861; four prisoners of war arrive in Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 6/13/1861; man brought in to Mayor's court for allegedly keeping his bar open past ten o'clock
Richmond Dispatch 6/15/1861; a member of the New Orleans Zouaves gets married at the St. Charles Hotel (later GH#8)
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1861; New Orleans Washington Artillery serenades President Davis at the Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1861; row of houses behind the Exchange Hotel are occupied by parties of a "dubious and uncertain character"
Richmond Dispatch 6/22/1861; City officials are fitting up the Brockenbrough mansion for occupancy by President Davis
Richmond Dispatch 6/22/1861; the Henry Clay statue on Capitol Square has become discolored by excessive handling
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1861; Prisoner of war and a civilian spy are brought to Richmond and confined in "the large white building on the hill leading to Hollywood Cemetery" [probably VA Penitentiary]
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1861; names of U. S. prisoners of war now confined in Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1861; New Orleans Washington Artillery leaves Richmond for Manassas
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1861; prisoners arrive in Richmond; the factory of Geo. Harwood (later GH#24) is being fitted up as a prison depot
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1861; slave of J. B. Royster is arrested and punished for masquerading as a soldier
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1861; Col. Gilham of VMI, currently commandant of Camp of Instruction, is raising an infantry regiment
Richmond Dispatch 6/27/1861; advertisement that the warehouse of L. Libby & Son is available for storage - says it could store 20,000 bushels of wheat or corn
Richmond Dispatch 6/27/1861; commencement exercises for the Richmond Female Institute will be held tomorrow
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1861; editorial commending the efforts of Mrs. Judge Hopkins and other ladies providing nursing care 
Richmond Examiner 3/6/1862; Unionists and grog-sellers have been confined in McDaniel's jail (Castle Godwin)
Wadesboro North Carolina Argus 6/19/1862; great description of Robertson Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 7/12/1862; description of the debate in City Council over Hollywood Cemetery's expansion and Oakwood's problem with lack of laborers
Richmond Examiner 4/8/1863; many prisoners have arrived at Libby Prison; a flag of truce exchanged prisoners yesterday
Richmond Examiner 4/8/1863; two Yankee POWs, who had taken an oath of allegiance to the CSA, attempted to escape back to Union lines and were recaptured and sent to Libby, then to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1863; Surgeon F. W. Hancock is in charge of receiving and distributing patients to the various hospitals in Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 5/12/1863; detailed description of the arrival of Gen. Stonewall Jackson's remains and the subsequent procession to Capitol Square

Added July 13, 2001

Richmond Dispatch 4/15/1861; account of the response in Richmond to the fall of Fort Sumter; extensive celebration and flag-raising at the Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Dispatch 4/16/1861; Ad (including rates) for Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 4/16/1861; Ad (including rates) for Main Street Hospital for slaves
Richmond Dispatch 4/26/1861; want ad for a drummer for the 1st South Carolina, stationed at the "New Poor House Building" (future GH#1)
Richmond Dispatch 4/26/1861; Ad for Vannerson's Photographic Gallery
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1861; recruiting rendezvous for Navy is at the warehouse of Libby & Son
Richmond Dispatch 5/11/1861; editorial on which song should be the new Confederate National Anthem; very negative towards "Dixie"
Richmond Dispatch 5/11/1861; editorial concerning the removal of the Confederate Capital to Richmond; very positive
Richmond Dispatch 5/11/1861; building adjacent to Libby & Son's warehouse is still burning
Richmond Dispatch 5/18/1861; Hampden Artillery is stationed at the Baptist College (Richmond College, future Louisiana Hospital)
Richmond Dispatch 5/18/1861; Louisiana volunteers, stationed at Howard's Grove, are having difficulties with their laundresses
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1861; 1st North Carolina regiment has arrived in Richmond, and is camped at Howard's Grove
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1861; religious services are held at Camp Lee, administered by Dr. Hoge and Dr. Duncan
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1861; description of the offices in the Customs House, and who occupies them
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1861; 1st Tennessee Regiment is camped southeast of Howard's Grove, near the "Black Pond"
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1861; C. S. Quartermaster warehouses are on Pearl Street (now 14th)
Richmond Dispatch 5/25/1861; house burns down "opposite Hardgrove's factory"
Richmond Dispatch 5/29/1861; ladies of the Monumental Church are doing work for the soldiers in the Mechanics' Institute
Richmond Dispatch 5/29/1861; Richmond Home Artillery will meet tonight at the Mechanics' Institute
Richmond Dispatch 5/29/1861; State authorities are building a new stables at the corner of Broad and 11th
Richmond Dispatch 6/1/1861; Drill room of Co. G has been converted into a hospital, 50 patients there now, mostly from Tennessee
Richmond Dispatch 6/1/1861; Description of the arrival of Gen. Beauregard at the Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 6/1/1861; appeal for more workers on the city defenses
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1861; Customs house is being readied for its occupancy by the Confederate Government
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1861; Washington Artillery of New Orleans has arrived in Richmond and is camping at Howard's Grove
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1861; description of the explosion at the house of a chemist who was mixing fulminating powder; injured parties are at St. Francis de Sales Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/12/1861; ladies of Church and Union Hills are nursing sick soldiers at Co. G Hall (later GH#27) and Springfield Hall (later GH#26)
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; testimony from local resident regarding the origin, and correct wording, of the term "Cold Harbor"
Richmond Examiner 4/7/1863; account of the trials of several of the bread rioters, great details on individual cases
Richmond Examiner 4/7/1863; account of the arraignment of Thomas Palmer, Surgeon at the Florida Hospital; J. H. Gilmer and G. W. Randolph are the accused's legal counsel
Richmond Examiner 4/7/1863; The Spotswood Hotel is enlarging its facilities
Richmond Examiner 4/9/1863; more cases at the Mayor's Court from the Bread Riot
Richmond Examiner 5/7/1863; prisoner is shot and killed while trying to escape Castle Thunder
National Tribune 1/24/1884; account of the capture of the 4th New Jersey at Gaines' Mill, and subsequent imprisonment in Libby Prison and Belle Isle is the summer of 1862
National Tribune 6/13/1895; refutation of the claim that prisoners at Belle Isle were "jolly fellows;" good details of the harsh treatment, and attempts to escape


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