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Added June 21, 2000

In the Anderson Catalog:

Governorís Mansion.

Added June 19, 2000

Pittsburgh Gazette 7/23/1862; List of Pennsylvania soldiers in Richmond prisons
Eleanor S. Brockenbrogh Library, MoC no date; Description of Clopton Hospital, not signed, but apparently in Mrs. Judge Cloptonís hand. No addressee, but probably to Wm. A. Carrington, Inspector of hospitals
Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library, MoC no date; "Sallys recipe for Soap" & yeast. From a page in the the ledger book of Robertson Hospital

Added June 17, 2000

Detail of an 1867 Corps of Engineers map, showing Camp Lee

Added June 14, 2000

Gen. John H. Winder CSR , M331 7/16, 18/1861; Gen. J. H. Winder assigned to "Camp of Instruction" (Camp Lee) to relieve Col. Gilham; two days later relieved by Col. Dimmock.
Asst. Surgeon E. M. Seabrook CSR, M331 1/14/1862; Asst. Surgeon Seabrook assigned to Chimborazo Hospital
Asst. Surg. R. M. Patterson CSR, M331 9/28/1862; list of surgeons at Clopton Hospital. Surgeon Tatum is very ill.
Asst. Surgeon Babcock CSR, M331 12/2/1862; Asst. Surgeon Babcock assigned to duty at Chimborazo
Asst. Surgeon R. M. Patterson CSR, M331 3/3/1863; List of Surgeons at General Hospital #19
Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library, MoC no date, but post-1916; Biographical sketch of Sally Tompkins (Robertson Hospital), by Mrs. Wm. B. Lightfoot

Added June 12, 2000

Bowen, Roland E. (Gregory A Coco, ed.) From Balls Bluff to Gettysburg and Beyond, pp. 173-184 8/8/1863-12/27/1863; Written after his release, Bowen (Pvt., 15th Mass Inf.) gives an excellent account of life on Belle Isle
The Old Guard, Vol. III, No XII; Dec. 1865; pp 553-565 December, 1865; "Camp Lee;" - describes the camp's use as a freedman's village and its occupation by federal forces. Excellent description of the physical facility during the war.
Camp Lee, Headquarters, Near Richmond; Harpers Weekly, June 1862
Conscript Office, Camp Lee; Harpers Weekly, June 1862


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