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Added June 25, 2004

Richmond Whig 8/22/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton advertises for “Misses Clopton’s Boarding and Day School.”
Richmond Whig 8/25/1862; Surg. Coffin, of General Hospital No. 9, proposes to compile a book of interesting medical cases
Richmond Whig 8/29/1862; several hundred prisoners arrive at the Central depot, and have to lie on the streets for several hours, until they are marched off to Camp Winder
Richmond Whig 8/29/1862; 357 prisoners captured by Gen. Stuart arrive at “Libby’s prison”
Richmond Whig

9/1/1862; “60 Yankee prisoners” arrive at Libby Prison, and are witnessed by “a large crowd”

Richmond Whig 9/12/1862; excellent (and lengthy) letter from Surg. Lane at Winder Hospital describing the facility and administration of the hospital. Favorably mentions several matrons  there
Richmond Whig

9/23/1862; hospital statistics so far for Richmond hospitals: 99,508 admitted and 7,603 died.

Richmond Whig

10/7/1862; The Kent Hospital (GH#5) is now closed and the building will be returned to its prior use as an auction house. Praises its administration as a hospital.

Richmond Whig

10/10/1862; all sick and wounded soldiers arriving in Richmond will be admitted to “the Receiving Hospital” (GH#9). Discharged, furloughed and paroled soldiers can also find lodging here

Richmond Whig

10/23/1862; Capt. G. W. Alexander has been ordered to take charge of the Yankee prisoners in Richmond; 61 deserters arrived at Castle Thunder yesterday

Richmond Whig

11/3/1862; soldier shot and mortally wounded by another soldier and taken to Camp Winder

Richmond Whig

11/5/1862; attempted escape from “the military jail at the corner of Sixth and Cary streets”

Richmond Whig

11/14/1862; a race will be held to benefit the Henningsen Hospital

Added June 11, 2004

Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; brief description of fighting at Hanover Court House. 56 prisoners brought to Richmond.
Richmond Whig 6/23/1862; Bacon & Baskerville’s Warehouse has been taken as a hospital – the company gives instructions where to find the office now
Richmond Whig 7/3/1862; article describing the destruction along the Richmond and York River RR following the Seven Days.
Richmond Whig 7/3/1862; brief description of the Confederate Reading Room on 11th north of Main
Richmond Whig 7/3/1862; provisions for the wounded will be sent to the corner of 25th and Main
Richmond Whig 7/8/1862; Bosher’s Hall is “suddenly” taken as a hospital, and receives a $50 donation while being fitted up.
Richmond Whig 7/16/1862; description of Gen. Winder’s office and the business of his duties
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1862; Geo. Watt is selling off livestock and wagons due to the "breaking up of my mother's estate by the Friday battle on Boatswain Swamp, near Gaines's Mill, in Hanover county."
Richmond Whig 7/18/1862; VMI cadets contribute $177.50 for the sick and wounded soldiers.
Richmond Whig 7/25/1862; Surg. Wm. A. Carrington, surgeon at “temporary” hospitals of Richardson’s and Dooley’s, “and now of the U. S. Hotel Hospital” gives thanks for donations
Richmond Whig 8/1/1862; questions why the Yankees refer to Drewry’s Bluff as “Fort Darling” instead of its “proper name” of “Fort Drewry”
Richmond Whig 8/12/1862; excellent lengthy description of Camp Lee
Richmond Whig 8/12/1862; 302 prisoners, including Gen. Prince, arrive and are taken to Libby Prison, not to be treated as prisoners of war, as they were under Pope’s command.
Richmond Whig 8/18/1862; Gen. C. S. Winder’s body arrived and lay in state in the Capitol. He will be buried in Hollywood Cemetery.

Added June 3, 2004

Richmond Whig 6/16/1862; 160 prisoners captured by Gen. Stuart are brought to "the Libby prison"
Richmond Whig 6/16/1862; notice that the Samaritan Hospital  (Clay bw 5th and 6th) was opened under the auspices of the YMCA
Richmond Whig 6/17/1862; Kent & Paine Hospital (GH#5) receives donation of $135
Richmond Whig 6/18/1862; daughter of Mrs. Rose Greenhow recognizes a Yankee spy at the Exchange Hotel
Richmond Whig 6/19/1862; description of Dr. Gaillard’s wounding at the battle of Seven Pines
Richmond Whig 6/20/1862; humorous inscription on a Yankee’s headstone outside Richmond.
Richmond Whig 6/24/1862; many unburied bodies are lying outside at Oakwood Cemetery
Richmond Whig

6/28/1862; 30 prisoners brought to Libby Prison – lists regiments

Richmond Whig 6/28/1862; J. M. Daniel, editor of the Examiner, had his arm “shattered” by a ball at Gaines’ Mill.
Richmond Whig 6/30/1862; Surg. Lane advertises for two slaves who ran away from the 2nd Division of Winder Hospital


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