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Added March 30, 2000

The Libby Chronicle 9/18/1863

Added March 29, 2000

Castle Thunder stereoview; Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, N. J. #892

Added March 27, 2000

The Libby Chronicle 9/4/1863
The Libby Chronicle 9/11/1863

Added March 23, 2000

The Libby Chronicle 8/28/1863

Added March 22, 2000

The Libby Chronicle 8/21/1863

Added March 21, 2000

Plan of Tredgar Iron Works, from Ironmaker to the Confederacy, by Charles A. Dew
Detail of 1867 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers map, showing the Tredegar Iron Works and vicinity.

Added March 4, 2000

Surgeon G. W. Semple CSR, M331 5/30/1864; Semple orders that Liggon's factory be vacated for use as a prison hospital
Surgeon A. Y. P Garnett CSR, M331 6/7/1864; letter from Surgeon Garnett explaining why the actual number of patients in the Robertson Hospital is less than on the returns - says the current arrangement was made by the "lady in charge," with no input from him

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