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List of Surgeons who worked at one time or another in Richmond during the Civil War.

Ledger of Confederate Medical Practice - containing rules and regulations for military hospitals in Richmond

New York Sunday Mercury 6/1/1862; letter from soldier in the 38th NY, describing life in Harwood's Factory prison - notes on the guards, and Lt. Todd (Mary Lincoln's Confederate brother).
New York Sunday Mercury 9/13/1863; letter from exchanged soldier in the 9th NY, relating experiences as a prisoner on Belle Isle
Samuel Root (24th Mass.) letter 5/14/1865; notes on escape of Richard K. Turner from Libby Prison and description of the building, with sketch. Apparently, the 24th Mass. was garrisoning Libby at the time
Richmond Dispatch 6/1/1889; gondola "Chimborazo" is making passenger runs up the canal. This may be the same canal boat used during the war. 
National Tribune 8/15/1889; part two of a two-part memoir by Capt. J. W. Chamberlain, 123rd Ohio, describing at length his imprisonment in Libby Prison
"With Touch of Elbow" (1909) David Wells (8th Mich. Cav.) gives an excellent account of Libby Prison and his escape through the famous tunnel.

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