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Added March 20, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; GH#25 adv for 3 washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; more on Dr. Rucker’s case – back to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; 51 Castle Thunder inmates returned to army
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; office of Provost Marshal of Manchester abolished
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; Henry Wirz on special POW duty in south. Capt. Thomas D. Jeffress, 56th Va., in temporary command at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; D. W. Rogers, pardoned from execution, has been respited only. Maybe same as John Roach, crew of CSS Virginia
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; Patrick McGowan & John Kellaher, Castle Thunder prisoners, to be shot today at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; sisters at St. Francis de Sales adv for whereabouts of 5AlBn man
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; Maj. J. W. Atkinson, 19BnHA, at Battery #8, adv for drummers
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; W. N. Smith wants 25 laborers at Richmond Arsenal, Laboratory Department.
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; John Connors, La. soldier, sent to Castle Thunder for trespassing at Columbia Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; long description of 10/4 execution of two 14th Va men: Patrick McGowan & John Kelleher. Taken from Castle Thunder to Camp Lee in “large omnibus” of Exchange Hotel, escorted by Wrenn’s Henrico cavalry. Part of Cyrus Bossiuex’s Co. did the executing. G. W. Alexander in charge. D. W. Rogers, 1 Va., respited 14 days, & Owen Maguire, 1 Va gets 50 lashes. Whipping performed by volunteer from Wrenn’s Co.
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; death notice, R. N. Holstead, ex-Parker’s Battery, died 10/5, typhoid, age 22 yrs, 1 month, 2 days. Druggist at Royster Hospital at the time of his death. Funeral at Union Station Methodist Church
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Dr. O. A. Crenshaw in charge, GH#10, corner Main & 19th, adv for clerk
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Wounded at GH#13 thank Mrs. Kersry & Mrs. Clark for kindness
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Patrick Fagan kills James Morrissey with single punch. Both in Whitingham’s Battery. Fagan taken to Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; 735 USA prisoners sent from Libby for exchange, leaving 212. The prison hospital, lately at Palmer’s factory, will be moved “back to the west end of the Libby building.”
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Mayor’s Court: James Williams, drunk soldier, sent to Castle Thunder;  Hoenniger charges men with burglary, room #44 Spotswood Hotel; slave charged with stealing money from guest at the Ballard House (discharged); free negro without papers ordered whipped for smoking a cigar in the street; another free negro threatens boy in Second Market & used “indecent language” – ordered to be whipped.

Added March 15, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; dead infant found in millrace near Haxall’s Mill
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; 429 POWs arrive 9/28 – nine officers
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; among next batch of northbound prisoners will be A. McMillen & John May, ex-Castle Godwin men now in Castle Thunder. Also Yankee females
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; 67 POWs arrive from Tennessee
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; G. B. Anderson & R. S. Ripley at Spotswood on 9/27; Wm. Mahone at Exchange Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; Three Irishmen from Camp Lee jailed for drunken fight, including Barney McNunn and Jno. Brennan; man charged with keeping disorderly house near Dr. Higginbotham’s Hospital – brawling with wife, etc.
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; Dr. B. A. Curtis, GH#1, selling his farm in New Kent County on RYRRR
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; enormous list from Winder of “negroes now confined in the Military Prisons, in Richmond” – where from, who owned by (if slave)
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; All members of Richmond Grays (G12Va) to report at Spotswood Hotel for duty
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; Lt. Booker to send 100 CSA prisoners back to army today from the “prison under his charge.”
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; 500 Yankees to go to Varina this week, including many from the Libby Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; nice account of Soldiers Home on Cary Street – holds 2700 men. Parade every evening on Dock Street
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; list of recently arrived POW officers
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; Elizabeth Van Lew adv. For strayed cow
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; adv for Richmond Female Institute, to re-open at corner of Clay & 11th
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; 150 new prisoners at Libby, arrived from Charleston
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; Jason Brightwell, C10BnHA, into Castle Thunder for stealing a weapon from Mrs. Miles Ambler, 10 miles below city.
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; details on the Soldiers’ homes – the barrack next to the Central Depot is “broken up” and the remaining soldiers’ homes (Conrad & Crew’s Factory & “the Franklin street barrack”) are often strained to capacity.
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; Interesting paragraph on shortage of canal boats. Many sunk as obstructions. Not enough in service.
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; 150 ANV wounded arrive on VCRR – sent to GH#1
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; friends of Maj. J. Rivers, 49Ga., can see him at GH#5
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; 42 soldiers sent back to ANV from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; negro boy run over by “street railway car,” Main below 20th
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; 4 prisoners at Castle Thunder on bread and water, for theft
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; 98 captured negroes in Libby – 46 slave, 52 Northern/free, travelling with AoP
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; B. W. Rogers, soldier to be shot for desertion at Camp Lee, pardoned on account of previous bravery. Two others, Patrick McGowan & John Kellaher, still to be shot.
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; 2 brawling sailors, 17th & Main, taken to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; W. F. Glenn, Steward at GH#16, adv for a cook.
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; Mary Powell lives near Battery #4
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; Thos. W. Farquhar, patient at Kent Hospital, publicly thanks Dr. Lundie, Miss Wilson, & nurses
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; Dr. Wm. P. Rucker, at Castle Thunder with treason, murder, arson charges brought before Judge on habeas corpus

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