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Added May 30, 2004

Garnett Family Papers

1/26/1863; Surg. A.Y.P. Garnett is under attack by "persons inimical to me," who have revived old charges of official misconduct which Garnett was acquitted of, and writes to Benjamin to send him the results of his investigation in order to defend himself; 1/28/1863; Benjamin replies to Garnett's request for results of the investigation into Garnett's official misconduct which consisted of treating patients in his private time, accepting funds, and recommending their discharge. Benjamin deemed that he was working very hard "visiting gratuitously the hospital on Main Street near Third" as well as private residences, and was guilty of an error of judgment only. 11/9-11/1863; series of letters between Jefferson Davis and Dr. A.Y.P. Garnett involving a perceived disrespect by Garnett. Very testy at times, regarding Garnett sending Mrs. Davis' "love" to Gen. Wise, and joking with Davis over kissing the girls in Selma. Eventually Garnett talks his way out of it.

Added May 25, 2004

Richmond Whig

6/10/1862; Godwin announces the names of two captains in the “Confederate States Military Prison” [Libby Prison] to be held as hostages in retaliation for two Confederate captains

Richmond Whig

6/10/1862; notice from Griswold that all detectives will carry certificates of identification

Richmond Whig

6/11/1862; Dr. Lunday, Surgeon at Kent Hospital [GH#5] receives $15 from two donors

Richmond Whig

6/14/1862; Communication from Dr. Middleton Michel at the South Carolina Hospital; names ladies who help at the hospital

Richmond Whig 6/16/1862; 160 prisoners captured by Gen. Stuart are brought to "the Libby prison"
Richmond Whig 6/16/1862; Samaritan Hospital, on Clay between 5th and 6th, was opened on 6/1 under the auspices of the YMCA

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