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Added November 30, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 4/14/1862; Shakespearian reading at African Church
Richmond Dispatch 4/14/1862; 2 men to Castle Godwin for selling liquor
Richmond Dispatch 4/16/1862; new superintendent for the Richmond and York River Railroad
Richmond Dispatch 4/16/1862; Herbig’s Infirmary Company is training at the New Fair Grounds (Camp Lee)
Richmond Dispatch 4/17/1862; grocer selling butter at illegal price has 100lbs seized and sent to Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 4/17/1862; French diplomat in town, at Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 4/17/1862; sidewalk around the St. Charles Hotel smells bad – needs fumigating
Richmond Dispatch 4/18/1862; list of new Yankee POWs at the “Confederate States Military Prison” (Libby Prison)
Richmond Dispatch 4/18/1862; boy named Ligon, from Church Hill, breaks his leg in horse accident at 21st and Main.
Richmond Dispatch 4/18/1862; A. G. Lane wants to hire 35 to 40 male negroes or boys to nurse at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 4/19/1862; St. George Peachy (Surgeon, Globe Hospital [future GH11]) adv for servants to be nurses, cooks, etc. at new hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 4/19/1862; paragraph urging women to help at hospitals in the coming campaign – apply to Dr. St. G. Peachy (Surgeon, Globe Hospital)
Richmond Dispatch 4/19/1862; Tredegar Battalion to drill on Gamble’s Hill
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Shooting at C. S. Arsenal – men preparing to present horse to Briscoe Baldwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Michael Gately of Fredericksburg escapes from Franklin Street Guard House – formerly at Castle Godwin – not a soldier
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; 2 wounded POWs from the 3rd Vermont brought to “Confederate States Hospital.”
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Ladies’ Defence Association is building its gunboat opposite Rocketts. Farrand in charge. Note from Maria Clopton on this. Tredegar involved.
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Richard Reins adv - needs 40 laborers at Camp Winder to grade & drain the place.
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; continuation of Castle Godwin prisoner list – notes a “John Booth” imprisoned for having a “bogus pass” [JWB?]
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; trial of spy Tim Webster completed, no result yet – imprisoned in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; 14 Yankee POWs arrive via the VCRR
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; MCV Hosp needs 4 male nurses & 2 washer-ironers
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; Banner Hospital (future GH12) needs 3 male nurses & 6 negro men

Added November 26, 2007

Richmond Dispatch

4/1/1862; 2nd Baptist Church melts bell for “2nd Baptist Church Battery;” John Tanner, of Tredegar, involved

Richmond Dispatch

4/1/1862; death notice for little boy of Charles R. & Jennie Rees.

Richmond Dispatch 4/3/1862; long list of everyone committed to Castle Godwin – date and charge
Richmond Dispatch 4/3/1862; Tredegar wants to buy 50-100 young mules, hire machinists, furnace managers, colliers and blacksmiths, and hire 100-150 negroes
Richmond Dispatch 4/4/1862; soldier accidentally killed at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; Pryce Lewis and John Scully to be hanged soon at the New Fair Grounds (Camp Lee)
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; several Union officers released from Castle Godwin, including Zenas Bliss
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; B&O RR engine taken from RF&P depot via Broad St. to RYRRR Depot
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; Lt. Semple removes CS soldiers from City Jail and sends them back to their regiments
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works needs nail keg hoops
Richmond Dispatch 4/7/1862; man who leaped from 3rd floor of CS Military Prison (Libby Prison) is dead
Richmond Dispatch 4/7/1862; Tredegar Battalion parades on Capitol Square – more than 200 men. One company has 12-pdr howitzers
Richmond Dispatch 4/7/1862; Co. B Arsenal Battalion organized, officers named. Other Governmental agencies organizing for local defense
Richmond Dispatch 4/7/1862; Tredegar Artillery to organize
Richmond Dispatch 4/8/1862; T. P. Turner and G. W. Alexander make dawn raid on bars, Cary between 17th and 18th.
Richmond Dispatch 4/9/1862; 22 more Yankee POWs arrive, 724 prisoners total - # by category
Richmond Dispatch 4/9/1862; escape attempt of Castle Godwin prisoner foiled
Richmond Dispatch 4/10/1862; Man escapes from the State Penitentiary
Richmond Dispatch 4/10/1862; list of Castle Godwin prisoners, confined since March 15
Richmond Dispatch 4/11/1862; letter from Mrs. Maria G. Clopton begging metals for Tredegar for gunboat construction. Mrs. George T. Booker on committee
Richmond Dispatch 4/11/1862; Government lithographers go on strike and are sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/11/1862; Gen. J. R. Anderson ad for male cook for field duty
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; failed escape attempt at Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; old cannon on street corners should be recycled – bell in steeple of Dr. Reed’s Church sent to the Armory to be recycled
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; trial of John Minor Botts has commenced; he was taken from Castle Godwin under guard, and returned in the same manner
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; St. Charles Hotel hosted 1200 guests one recent evening
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; 2nd Alabama Hospital adv for 12-15 men, 5-6 women, “for Hospital purposes.”
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; rent notice, 2 stores under St. Charles Hotel

Added November 24, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 3/21/1862; nice details on G. W. Alexander raid, 17th & Cary. Lts. Turner, Emack & Semple assisted. Arrested every male on the block – 89 in all.
Richmond Dispatch

3/21/1862; Tredegar advertises for 40 negroes

Richmond Dispatch 3/22/1862; 14 year old boy run over by train on RF&P tracks near Brook Road
Richmond Dispatch 3/22/1862; 77 Unionists from Loudon County incarcerated in “military prison on Main street.”
Richmond Dispatch 3/24/1862; 7 Unionists arrested in Roanoke county, put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; Lt. George Emack adv for lost cape
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; RYRRR repaired after rain damage
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; paper advocates using the cannon that are on the street corners to be recast
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; Cyrus Bossieux’s Artillery, at Camp Winder, needs 25 more men
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; J. F. Goodwin & J. E. Tanner are raising a company of flying artillery to be attached to the Tredegar Battalion
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; names of latest Castle Godwin prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; paragraph lauding energy & judgment of G. W. Alexander
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; update on spring improvements at Capitol Square
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; 14th Alabama is camped at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 3/27/1862; worker at Richmond Armory, 7th Street, injured when shell explodes
Richmond Dispatch 3/27/1862; 4 Yankee POWs arrive via the VCRR
Richmond Dispatch 3/27/1862; two “good grinders” needed at Richmond Arsenal
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; local barman leaps from 3rd floor of Libby – broken skull & compound fractures of all four limbs!
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; Shockoe Hill Cats and Butchertown Cats are engaging in rock battles, but have not been caught yet
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; one of Talbott & Bro.’s negroes shot
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; body of soldier “rose to surface” at Dock, 20th St.
Richmond Dispatch 3/29/1862; Castle Godwin takes Libby Prison overflow (more than 700 at Libby)
Richmond Dispatch

3/29/1862; Richmond Arsenal employees form company, Jas. D. Brown Capt.

Richmond Dispatch 3/31/1862; recruits, convalescents, et al, to report to Camp Winder ASAP

Added November 20, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 3/13/1862; commissioners conducting vote on new Constitution include Luther Libby, R. R. Howison, G. A. Myers.
Richmond Dispatch 3/13/1862; Major John C. Porter Provost Marshal of the City, with Godwin commanding eastern half and John C. Maynard the western half; Passport office to 9th & Broad & Winder to house on 9th beside Mechanics’ Institute
Richmond Dispatch 3/14/1862; very long anecdote about 14 year old patient at Maryland Hospital, 25th and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 3/14/1862; 19 & 179 Militia camped at New Fairgrounds (Camp Lee)
Richmond Dispatch 3/14/1862; Judge Arthur F. Hopkins confined for threatening murder
Richmond Dispatch 3/14/1862; slide on Richmond and York River Railroad repaired
Richmond Dispatch 3/15/1862; Tredegar Battalion will assemble this afternoon on Gamble’s Hill
Richmond Dispatch 3/17/1862; Judge A. F. Hopkins was not jailed, but released for assault – newspaper clarifies the mistake.
Richmond Dispatch 3/17/1862; Parker’s Battery to assemble at the old market, and march to Camp of Instruction (Camp Lee)
Richmond Dispatch 3/18/1862; Capt. Geo. W. Alexander appointed Assistant Provost Marshal; he has not recovered fully from his injuries
Richmond Dispatch 3/18/1862; workers at the state armory especially loyal
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; lamentation about the large number of frivolous lawyers abounding in the city
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; Governor no longer operating at his house – private office at Capitol, public office upstairs at City Hall
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; 3rd Georgia Hospital, Franklin & 24th, wants 3 black male servants
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; 31 new prisoners installed in warehouses on Main st., 12 of them CSA soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; G. W. Alexander raids house near corner of Cary & 13th. Arrested “some 12 or 15 persons of bad character.”
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; Half a dozen new inmates at Castle Godwin

Added November 19, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1862; Account of arrests of J. M. Botts, Stearns & others. Confined in “the new brick building on the extension of Fifteenth street, on the right-hand side, beyond the auction house of Messrs. Dickinson & Hill” (Castle Godwin)
Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1862; Rent notice for Capt. J. W. Atkinson’s 5-story tobacco factory, Main St.
Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1862; White door keeper needed at Byrd Island Hospital (future GH#3)
Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1862; Dr. O. A. Crenshaw examining recruits & substitutes at Royster Hospital (future GH#20)
Richmond Dispatch 3/5/1862; Lt. Jno. F. Tompkins, Battery 15, raising a company for T. G. Peyton’s new regiment
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; Stable of Dr. Charles Bell Gibson, Franklin St., burned
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; list of recent arrests of Unionists including Rev. Bosserman of 1st Independent Christian Church, Mayo St.
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; vandalism at Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; 21 prisoners at military prison – Samuel Maccubbin Chief of Provost Marshal police & Baldwin T. Allen clerk of the prison
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; Royster’s Hospital, 25th St. (future GH#20) needs 6 white nurses, 4 black nurses, 1 cook
Richmond Dispatch

3/7/1862; Tredegar-made brass piece for Cropper’s Co. on display, Capitol Square

Richmond Dispatch 3/7/1862; Charles Palmer has been released from custody
Richmond Dispatch 3/7/1862; Hollywood Cemetery offering $100 reward for capture of recent vandals
Richmond Dispatch 3/8/1862; locomotive hauled through the city streets to RF&P depot with considerable difficulty
Richmond Dispatch 3/8/1862; Robert E. Lee arrived in Richmond yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 3/10/1862; remarks on new arrivals at McDaniel’s Jail – one female. Uses the term “Castle Godwin”
Richmond Dispatch 3/10/1862; Wm. Carson, Tredegar operative, in trouble involving Ann Beazley & “house of ill fame” in Butchertown
Richmond Dispatch

3/10/1862; Tredegar wants to buy 100,000 feet of timber

Richmond Dispatch 3/11/1862; John, slave of Dr. McCaw, gets 25 lashes for stealing supplies from Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 3/11/1862; 3 Yankee officers (including Zenas Bliss) stay overnight in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 3/12/1862; Hollywood Cemetery asks City Council for land to expand; Wm. H. Johnson looking to recoup losses from plastering Alms House
Richmond Dispatch 3/12/1862; Mrs. Grinnell at Globe Hospital (future GH#11) thanks Mrs. Wm. Sydnor, Meadow Farm, for delicacies

Added November 18, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 2/14/1862; 57th VA is stationed at Howard’s Grove, mostly re-enlisted, men "devotedly attached" to Col. Lewis Armistead
Richmond Dispatch 2/15/1862; Capt. Jas. C. Johnson, 1 Va Arty at Camp Winder, wants 10 men for local battery defense.
Richmond Dispatch 2/17/1862; 57th Va left Howard’s Grove for Petersburg on 2/15
Richmond Dispatch 2/17/1862; RYRRR offering special train for in-bound visitors to inauguration
Richmond Dispatch 2/19/1862; VCRR adv for "section master" from Manassas to Centreville
Richmond Dispatch 2/20/1862; Hospital paymaster’s office is at the corner of Marshall and 26th
Richmond Dispatch 2/20/1862; T. P. Wilkinson, commanding Winder Battery, needs a few more good men for Battery No. 9, Brooke Turnpike
Richmond Dispatch 2/21/1862; Another meeting at Springfield Hall for Church and Union Hill residents to form a volunteer company
Richmond Dispatch 2/21/1861; great stuff on the Tredegar Battalion from R. S. Archer to city council
Richmond Dispatch 2/22/1862; Capt. George W. Alexander of Baltimore arrived 2/21, and is staying at the Powhatan Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 2/25/1862; Wind storm: slate blown off steeple of Broad Street M. E. Church, also adjacent scaffolding; 100 yards of Petersburg RR bridge track and flooring blown into the river; 50 old pines at Howard’s Grove fall – smash into half dozen houses formerly used by 57 VA; tin roof at Greanor’s Factory (future Castle Thunder), 18th St., blown off.
Richmond Dispatch 2/25/1862; four male negroes needed for nurses, Georgia Hospital, 21st street
Richmond Dispatch

2/26/1862; Co. B, Tredegar Battalion presents English sword to Capt. Alvis. Maj. R. S. Archer makes speech.

Richmond Dispatch 2/26/1862; Mrs. R. M. Grinnell, matron of late St. Charles Hospital, now matron at Globe Hospital (future GH#11) – Dr. St. George Peachy in charge
Richmond Dispatch 2/27/1862; R. E. Butler, former sentinel at Chimborazo jailed for making threats against August Friend, Sgt. of the Guard there.

Added November 14, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 1/15/1862; statistics on Oakwood Cemetery; 540 soldiers buried there so far
Richmond Dispatch 1/15/1862; two Yankees escape from prison
Richmond Dispatch 1/16/1862; Libby & Son adv for rope for sale
Richmond Dispatch 1/17/1862; 160 POWs to leave Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 1/17/1862; woman convicted of stealing bed clothing from Spotswood
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; Bellevue Hospital adv for bread maker
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; 148 prisoners leave for exchange
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; White woman badly burned at Church Hill hospital (unnamed)
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; 3 POWs escaped from Henrico Co. Jail - 2 ex-CSA soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; St. George Peachy missing pocket-case of instruments
Richmond Dispatch 1/21/1862; Knifing and shooting at Va. Central RR depot.
Richmond Dispatch 1/21/1862; Engineer of RF&P RR murdered
Richmond Dispatch 1/21/1862; John Tyler will be buried today in Hollywood Cemetery, near President Monroe.
Richmond Dispatch 1/23/1862; Meeting at Co. G Hall - Church and Union Hill residents to form company.
Richmond Dispatch 1/23/1862; 4 POWs arrive on the Richmond and Danville Railroad
Richmond Dispatch

1/23/1862; adv for Misses Clopton School, Franklin betw 3rd & 4th, open since 10/1

Richmond Dispatch 1/25/1862; ambulance train runs off the track near Gordonsville. Nobody hurt.
Richmond Dispatch

1/25/1862; an engine on the Va. Central RR blows up - no one hurt.

Richmond Dispatch 1/25/1862; 3 escaped Yankees from Henrico jail recaptured
Richmond Dispatch 1/28/1862; new schedule for trains on R&YRRR
Richmond Dispatch 1/29/1862; Libby & Son adv for roe herrings for sale, 20th & Cary
Richmond Dispatch 1/29/1862; sales notice, 1/6 of the U. S. Hotel
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 416, pp. 22-24 1/8/1863; Carrington writes on the baking of bread in Richmond hospitals, urges the construction of ovens. Gives great details on the Chimborazo Bakery. Notes that GH1, GH4, Winder, Chimborazo and the South Carolina hospital all have their own ovens. GH9 and GH13 mentioned.
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 416, pp. 154-155 7/7/1863; Carrington writes to the surgeon at the Camp Lee hospital lecturing him about the operation of the hospital. Gives good details on matrons’ responsibilities, and the role of a Chief Surgeon.
VHS 5/28/1863 5/28/1863; Sidney Smith Lee, commandant at Drewry’s Bluff writes to enquire whether 3 Castle Thunder prisoners who wrote to him might be released and allowed to enlist in the Navy. All three were in prison for desertion.
VHS 8/12/1863 8/12/1863; Isaac Carrington asks Lieut. Turner at Libby for charges on Yankee prisoners who were sent to Castle Thunder from there. One has been there since 9/25/1862 and was "Sent by Capt. Wirtz"
VHS 8/24/1863 8/24/1863; two patients in the 1st Division of Howard’s Grove Hospital are taken to Castle Thunder for "exciting a mutiny"
VHS 9/8/1863 9/8/1863; four soldiers sent from Chaffin’s Farm to Castle Thunder for attempting to desert to the enemy
VHS 10/4/1863 10/4/1863; Confederate Guard at Libby Prison is imprisoned in Castle Thunder for "leaving his post without permission..& trading with Yankee prisoners"
VHS 11/3/1863

11/3/1863; J. R. Anderson requests that one of his workers who is confined in Castle Thunder be "returned to his employment." Apparently, this man attempted to desert to the enemy

VHS 11/9/1863 11/9/1863; letter from the acting surgeon in charge of GH#13 suggesting means of alleviating the crowded conditions. Recommends those wishing to take the oath of allegiance be released and that those who are disabled be sent away. Also notes that too many patients are compelled to sleep on the floor
VHS 11/27/1863 11/27/1863; Isaac Carrington writes to the surgeon at GH#13 inquiring about certain prisoners
VHS 11/29/1863 11/29/1863; letter from surgeon at GH#13 giving the details on the prisoners that I. Carrington asked about. Those who are well are shipped to Salisbury
VHS 1/23/1864 1/23/1864; Letter from Jno. L. Ligon, Clerk at Castle Thunder, writing on behalf of a man whom Ligon was accosted by and later shot. Ligon believes the man accosted him because the man thought that Ligon was a Yankee deserter. Ligon appeals for his immediate discharge from prison
VHS 1/30/1864 1/30/1864; letter from the surgeon at the Small Pox Hospital stating that a "large number" of prisoners of war there desire to take the oath of allegiance to the Confederacy
VHS 2/20/1864 2/20/1864; Surgeon at GH#9 writes on behalf of a convalescent soldier from Castle Thunder who claims to be "guiltless of any crime" and seeks a hearing in order to go home
VHS no date [no date] $50.00 paid to John M. Gillespie for building two large privies at the "prison factories on Main St."
VHS no date no date; Union prisoner in "Room No. 10" of Castle Thunder requests to be moved to Libby Prison, as he considers himself a POW

Added November 13, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 1/11/1862; workmen are preparing a room for the C. S. Senate in the northwest corner of the Capitol
Richmond Dispatch 1/13/1862; Capt. Gibbs promoted to Major & leaves for Salisbury. Lt. Hairston, 19th Miss., to be his replacement. Prisons will be kept as a prison depot.
Richmond Dispatch 1/13/1862; runaway slave notice, Globe Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 1/14/1862; Dr. Gibson adv for 10 servants to act as nurses at General Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 1/14/1862; Luther Libby adv for cook, washer, ironer - apparently for personal use
Hartford Courant 4/5/1895; Maj. A. J. Hamilton, one of the ringleaders of the Libby Prison tunnel escape, has been murdered by one of his drinking buddies.

Added November 11, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 1/3/1862; fire at Ginter, Alvey & Arents’ warehouse
Richmond Dispatch

1/3/1862; Short list of prominent POWs being sent North

Richmond Dispatch

1/3/1862; Capt. Hugh McQuaid, Co. I, 39th NY, died in the Military Hospital 12/26. 25 POWs died in December.

Richmond Dispatch

1/4/1862; G. W. Archer, Asst. Surgeon at GH#1, adv for lost scarf

Richmond Dispatch 1/4/1862; very good sales notice, with dimensions, for Atkinson’s tobacco factory, north side of Main between 26 & 27
Richmond Dispatch 1/6/1862; Elizabeth Van Lew’s mother adv for a good cook
Richmond Dispatch

1/7/1862; Jenkins, of Ben McCullough Ranger, shot in bar room. Sent to Louisiana Hospital

Richmond Dispatch 1/7/1862; Alfred Ely’s lengthy account of time in Richmond.
Richmond Dispatch 1/8/1862; L. M. Burfoot & Chesterfield Artillery to be mustered in at Battery #15
Richmond Dispatch

1/9/1862; 160 POWs to be sent North

Richmond Dispatch 1/9/1862; Public meeting at Springfield Hall to organize Local Defense Company
Richmond Dispatch 2/8/1862; death notice for little girl of T. B. & E. S. Rees

Added November 9, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 4/29/1861; long article describing the “Hermitage Camp of Instruction” (Camp Lee) and praising the VMI cadets who have drilled the volunteers there.
New York Times 1/29/1863; prisoners at Castle Thunder attempt to burn it down. Alexander is successful in putting the fire out. Mentions prison opposite Castle Thunder.
William A. Edwards CSR 4/27/1863; important letter complaining over the appointment of chaplain at Drewry’s Bluff chapel
New York Times

6/16/1864; extract of letter from Dr. Mary Walker in Castle Thunder. Notes that she has a clean bed, kind officers, and a (named) roommate.

Richmond Whig 4/17/1865; steamer runs afoul of one of the sunken vessels at Drewry’s Bluff and sustains damage
New York Times

4/20/1865; the key to Castle Thunder is in New York and will be auctioned for charity

New York Times 5/24/1865; The guard-dog of Castle Thunder is in New York City now – a huge, black, “Russian blood-hound.” Notes that G. W. Alexander formerly made money off him by having him fight bears.
New York Times

9/6/1879; Castle Thunder has burned down, and brief history of the building

National Tribune

8/30/1906; Maj. L. P. Williams’ account of the Libby Prison tunnel and escape. Gives details on the construction of the tunnel. Williams succeeded in making his escape.

National Tribune 9/6/1906; a veteran of Richmond prisons asks questions about them. Pemberton, the Belle Isle sutler, and the dog-slaying incident are mentioned.
National Tribune

2/28/1907; description of Col. Abel Streight’s escape through the Libby tunnel - notes he had some difficulty getting out because he was a “large man” and that he was initially helped by “Aunt Rhoda,” a local negro.

National Tribune 3/7/1907; more debate about the last people to leave Libby Prison before the city fell.
National Tribune 3/28/1907; details and praise of Chaplain McCabe while in Libby Prison
National Tribune 3/28/1907; details on the pontoon bridge at Richmond - notes its length, as well as that the author of the article was on the bridge when General Lee crossed it
National Tribune 5/30/1907; more debate about the last Yankees to leave Libby Prison.
National Tribune 3/11/1926; excellent article by Capt. A. G. Hamilton, detailing his personal experience in the Libby Prison tunnel escape, notes escaping with Col. Rose, and watching him be recaptured while still in Richmond [contrary to other reports]. Gives a detailed account of his travel to Union lines at Williamsburg.
National Tribune 12/13/1928; excellent description of the Libby Prison escape, offers several new details.

Added November 8, 2007

New York Times 4/28/1864; reprint from Richmond Enquirer – accidental shooting of an officer at Libby Prison. Fellow prisoners request permission from Winder to send his body home.
Southern Opinion 8/10/1867; description of Belle Isle as a prison camp – notes on the cemetery, the origins of the prison (says that there was a debate about whether to use Haxall’s Mill or Belle Isle), the current state of the island (notes many gardens in the old camp area, and the Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works is in full blast), and the view from the summit of the isle
Southern Opinion 11/23/1867; “Castle Thunder in Bellum Days;” gives an outstanding account of Castle Thunder, prominent prisoners (including Mary Walker) and its’ staff (including physical descriptions); mentions Oakwood Cemetery, Castle Godwin
Southern Opinion 6/27/1868; excellent article describing the beer gardens in town, with lengthy description of the “Hermitage Trotting Park,” formerly Camp Lee. Describes the current conditions and compares them with the wartime usages. Elba Park mentioned.
Southern Opinion 8/8/1868; Libby Prison has ceased to be a prison, the U. S. Army guard and prisoners transfers to Elba Park, formerly the home of John Minor Botts
New York Times 4/22/1886; report that one of the three “tenements” comprising the former Libby Prison has collapsed from “overburdened floors.” $10,000 worth of damage.
New York Times

2/23/1888; Chicago syndicate is coming to Richmond to exercise the option to purchase Libby Prison. Notes that the sentiment in Richmond is opposed to Libby’s removal.

New York Times 2/26/1888; “Libby Prison Sold,” along with details of the sale and quotes from Gray about the feeling of the Richmond people (positive). Mayor of Richmond (W. H. Carrington) gives Gray the go-ahead.
New York Times 3/2/1888; letter to the editor strongly arguing against the removal of Libby Prison to Chicago
New York Times

9/21/1888; tangled web of sales of Libby Prison described – a new syndicate is purchasing the thing “to let the Libby building remain where it is now and throw it open as a public museum.”

New York Times 10/26/1888; “The Libby Prison Syndicate.” More on the tangled web of sales and dealings to bring Libby Prison to Chicago.
New York Times 5/1/1892; detailed description of the Christmas Eve, 1863 entertainment in Libby Prison and information about the collection in which it was found.
New York Times

11/28/1892; War relics will be exhibited in Libby Prison when it is reconstructed in Chicago. Notes that Gunther wanted to move Independence Hall too, but “the transfer was a physical impossibility, even if Philadelphians would let it go.”

New York Times 6/23/1895; Libby Prison is to be torn down in Chicago; low visitation
New York Times 6/2/1897; notice that visitation has dwindled at Libby Prison in Chicago and it will probably be closed and moved.
New York Times 6/3/1897; Foreclosure proceedings against the Libby Prison War Museum in Chicago. Gunther and Spalding claim the museum is “insolvent.”
New York Times 4/12/1899; Libby Prison War Museum has closed and demolition work will begin soon to make way for the new Coliseum. Demolition “will be done so hastily that it can never be again rebuilt.”
New York Times 12/6/1901; death notice for “Captain” Richard R. “Dick” Turner, former “keeper” of Libby Prison
New York Times 12/26/1902; letter describing the difference in temperament between Thomas P. and Richard R. Turner and incident involving “Dick” Turner. Author is probably Louis P. DiCesnola who was at Libby Prison in 1863-64.
New York Times 11/7/1911; site of Libby Prison in Richmond has been marked with a bronze tablet

Added November 7, 2007

Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1860; adv for Bellevue Hospital, gives prices and names surgeons and matron. Brief description of the interior
Richmond Dispatch

11/6/1860; paragraph noting the upcoming cavalry encampment and that a local citizen has donated a saddle to be won by competition - some of the troops named

Richmond Dispatch

11/6/1860; Metropolitan Hall has been the Breckinridge and Lane headquarters

Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1860; Richmond Howitzers receive six rifled cannon
Richmond Dispatch

11/6/1860; Capt. Dimmock has left Virginia t procure arms in Washington DC

Richmond Dispatch

11/7/1860; description of Election Day in Richmond - fights at Henrico Court House

Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; excellent details on Company G Hall, 28th and N sts., which is under construction
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; Smith’s Armory Band plays at all the different political parties’ headquarters, including the African Church
Richmond Dispatch

11/7/1860; clarification of Capt. Dimmock’s mission to Washington DC

Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; the first troops are expected today at Camp Lee.
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; 1st VA regiment will parade at Camp Lee on Friday, Nov. 9
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; Executive Committee of the Central Agricultural Society to meet
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1860; report from the board of the Richmond and York River Railroad; important details about RR’s plans and operations
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1860; cavalry encampment at Camp Lee commences today - notes on the zeal of the soldiers and lists companies that have arrived. "The tents are pitched on the plat of ground behind the Exhibition Hall."
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1860; Governor’s Guard parades around the city and proceeds to Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1860; Col. Hardee has arrived to visit the encampment and stays with the Governor
Richmond Dispatch 11/9/1860; long and important article about Camp Lee - Col. Hardee has reviewed the troops, and gives lists of officers from different companies. First Regiment Virginia Volunteers will be there today.
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1860; important description of review at Camp Lee; 1st VA Regiment parades, list given of companies participating. Hardee takes the review again.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; soldiers at Camp Lee conclude their encampment and are dismissed after parading through town and Capitol Square
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; drunken butcher falls into the canal and drowns
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; Dr. Peticolas has been appointed "Surgeon’s mate" in the 4th regiment of Artillery. Peachy is the Surgeon.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; paragraph praising Col. Hardee and thanking him "for coming here to instruct our troops in the art military"
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; members of the cavalry companies have stayed behind at Richmond following the encampment
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; British account of the Prince of Wales’ trip to Richmond - notes on the ill-taste of the "ruffianly" Richmond crowds, the Prince’s visit to the state Capitol (important anecdote about the Houdon statue), St. Paul’s Church, the fair grounds, Hollywood Cemetery, Governor’s Mansion, Ballard House
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; Lamentation that the remains of Gen. Henry Lee have not been removed to Virginia - Camp Lee was named for him, and petition is circulated among the cavalrymen to have Lee’s remains returned
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; Palmer & Allison’s tobacco factory, Cary St., "2d door above 19th st.," adv for lost money

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Richmond Dispatch 1/1/1862; male negro nurses wanted at Georgia Hospital, 21st bw Main & Cary
Richmond Dispatch 1/2/1862; St. Charles Hospital committee to meet this evening “at their office in the Hospital.”
Richmond Dispatch 1/2/1862; 240 prisoners of war to be exchanged; 2 POWs from the 23rd PA arrive
Richmond Dispatch 1/2/1862; meeting of the St. Charles hospital committee will be held tonight; includes list of members
Richmond Dispatch 1/3/1862; ad for E. W. Cone’s school, Franklin between 8th and 9th sts.
Richmond Dispatch 1/3/1862; Geo. S. Palmer adv warehouse for rent, fronting Cary and Dock - possibly one of the Libby Prison buildings.

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Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1860; Political parties are meeting at various places, including Metropolitan Hall, First African Church, and Springfield Hall
Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; the upcoming cavalry encampment at the "Central Fair Grounds" will be called "Camp Lee," fifteen companies to attend

Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; nice description of the Mechanics’ Institute Fair and its attractions

Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; John Gorman, sailor on USS Brooklyn passes out drunk and taken to the Mayor who lets him go

Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; the iron bridge "over the Dock" at the foot of 17th street is nearly completed

Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; Curtis Peck (future obstruction at Drewry’s Bluff) makes run from Norfolk to Richmond in 8 1/2 hours

Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1860; diamond ring, old coin, and embroidered skirt stolen from the Mechanics’ Institute fair
Richmond Dispatch

10/31/1860; notes on the wool manufacturers of Virginia, especially Crenshaw Woolen mills.

Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1860; praises the establishment of Camp Lee and the upcoming cavalry encampment - in this time of "ominous clouds...none of us can tell how soon the services of the troops may be needed."
Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1860; the Mechanics’ Institute fair will close today
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1860; notes on the success and proceeds of the late Agricultural Fair at the Central Fair Grounds
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1860; Chapel of St. Paul’s on 5th, between Canal and Byrd Streets was consecrated yesterday
Richmond Dispatch

11/1/1860; more on John Gorman, the drunken sailor

Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1860; description of the danger posed to men slating the steeple of the Broad Street Church.
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1860; Capt. Charles Dimmock has resigned from the board of the Central Agricultural Society
Richmond Dispatch 11/2/1860; a cavalry company from Caroline county will be attending the upcoming encampment - there will be 16 companies there
Richmond Dispatch 11/2/1860; paragraph about the Steam fire engine that was exhibited at the Mechanics’ Institute, now property of the city
Richmond Dispatch 11/2/1860; notes that Seaman’s Bethel Church is nearing completion
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1860; adv for St. Francis de sales Infirmary, gives prices and names surgeons
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1860; adv for Medical College Hospital, gives prices and names surgeons, McCaw, Gibson and Peticolas among them
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1860; adv for the Main Street Hospital for slaves, "near the corner of Main and 26th streets," gives prices and names surgeons, F. W. Hancock and Peachy among them
Pittsburgh Gazette 7/17/1862; description of the capture of Gen. McCall – notes that he is being quartered at the Spotswood Hotel in Richmond
New York Evening Post 7/22/1862; excellent description of Brady’s Peninsula photographs on display in New York City; notes that one of Brady’s photographers lost his photographic apparatus on the retreat to the James
Philadelphia Weekly Times 12/10/1881; excellent article by Frank Moran entitled “Libby’s Bright Side:” illustrates the humorous and lighter aspects of life in Libby Prison. Mentions the “Libby Prison Minstrels” and the Libby Prison Chronicle
Philadelphia Weekly Times

10/28/1882; excellent article by Frank Moran relating his experience escaping from Libby Prison through the famous tunnel.

Philadelphia Weekly Times 5/18/1887; very good description of the political circumstances surrounding prisoners of war during the war from one of the Libby tunnel escapees. Gives only a few snippets of Libby details, but includes an excellent letter from Libby requesting his family to hide money in packages.
Philadelphia Weekly Times

12/28/1887; brief article describing the author’s capture and brief imprisonment in Libby Prison, before and after a stay at Salisbury. Notes that when he arrived at Libby, eh was the only one there.

New York Times 11/26/1889; resolution offered by Richmond School Board to tear down the White House of the Confederacy and replace it with a new school. Speculation that it will follow Libby Prison to Chicago.
Morton Tower Memoir no date; excellent account of conditions in Libby Prison in 1863 and escape through the famous tunnel.


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