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Added October 19, 2001

Beach, History of the Fortieth Ohio... 1884; letter (J. M. Wasson) describing arrival at Libby after capture at Missionary Ridge and subsequent escape through the Libby Prison tunnel
Richmond Dispatch 1/20/1889; more on the Bread Riot, again focusing on the roles President Davis and Governor Letcher played in quelling the riot
Richmond Times-Dispatch 11/17/1901; good account of the burial of Col. Ulric Dahlgren in Oakwood Cemetery, and the raiding of the grave; author was a member of the 19th VA H.A., camped at Battery 5, and guarding Libby Prison at the time
Richmond Times-Dispatch 2/25/1906; assertion that Ulric Dahlgren's body was not abused, while lying at the York River R. R. depot; notes that a finger was gone

Added October 5, 2001

RG 92, National Archives 4/1865; Great documents relating to T. C. Roche photographing in Richmond and Petersburg in 1865
Philadelphia Photographer 9/1865; Levy & Cohen have returned "with their Globe lens" to Philadelphia with their series of photographs which are described
Philadelphia Photographer 10/1865; description of Levy & Cohen photograph (#456) that appears in the magazine; further details of Levy & Cohen photos
Richmond Dispatch 12/30/1888; wonderful accounts of the Bread Riot in Richmond- focuses on the question of whether President Davis helped quell the mob; testimony from Letcher and others
Richmond Times-Dispatch 6/30/1907; great reminiscence of life in Winder Hospital in 1864; mentions an "erysipelas ward" near the old reservoir

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