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Added September 4, 2002

Richmond Enquirer 1/1/1861; advertisement for a slave dealer underneath the St. Charles Hotel
Richmond Enquirer 1/4/1861; notice of improvements at Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Enquirer 1/8/1861; Governor Letcher extols the virtues of VMI and its utility to the State
Richmond Enquirer 1/19/1861; opening notice of the Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Enquirer 3/23/1861; ad for commission merchants Bacon & Baskervill (future GH#7)
Richmond Enquirer 3/28/1861; ad for the summer schedule of classes at the Medical College - McCaw and Gibson are listed as professors; students will have access to patients at Bellevue Hospital and Alms House free of charge
Richmond Enquirer 4/15/1861; excellent description of the reaction in Richmond to the news of the fall of Ft. Sumter - description of parade to Tredegar Iron Works and Capitol Square - notes disappointed reaction to Letcher's remarks, and the raising and subsequent lowering of the Confederate flag on the Capitol roof; Judge Robertson makes a speech
Richmond Enquirer 4/27/1861; list of troops at the new fair grounds (Camp Lee); Col. Gilham is in command, and VMI cadets present
Richmond Enquirer 4/27/1861; all VMI graduates and ex-cadets can find employment at the Camp of Instruction (Camp Lee)
Richmond Enquirer 4/27/1861; all volunteer companies will proceed at once to the Hermitage Fair Grounds (Camp Lee)
Richmond Enquirer 5/3/1861; list of southern cadets who have left West Point, as well as those who refused to take the oath and resigned. Pelham and T. P. Turner are amongst the number
Richmond Enquirer 5/3/1861; prospective VMI cadets can apply to the acting superintendent in Richmond - notes that the academic schedule has been suspended, and cadets thus admitted will be trained free of charge until the corps returns to Lexington
Richmond Enquirer 5/15/1861; destructive fire at 20th and Cary streets; Libby & Son building narrowly escapes
Richmond Enquirer 5/31/1861; notes on the present state of affairs at VMI, and advertises for new cadets - gives a table of tuition and fees

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