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Added July 11, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 12/17/1862; Maxcy Gregg’s body arrived 12/15 – placed in Provost Marshal’s office. City Battalion & Public Guard, with full band, escorted it to R&P RR depot 12/16 afternoon. Route of parade given. No Hollywood.
Richmond Dispatch 12/17/1862; wounded men laying around untended at RF&P RR depot
Richmond Dispatch 12/17/1862; Habeas Corpus case for 3 men confined in Castle Lightning
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; Yankee captain named A. C. Webster, WVa unit, put in Castle Thunder, on 12/17 for murder of CS prisoner in western VA
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; 229 POWs arrive since Fredericksburg
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; 469 POWs arrive for Libby on 12/17
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; Geo. W. Hitchcock, 18th Miss. & ACS at Libby & city prisons, died 12/17 at Howard’s Grove, of smallpox
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; large list of new Castle Thunder inmates
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; 2 vacant lots for sale, north side of Marshall near 23rd. Owned by Mrs. Eliza. L. Van Lew
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; an organist needed at St. John’s Church
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; J. B. Jones, War Dept., adv for boarding for lady & three children, near an Episcopal Church
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; GH#7 adv - odd
Richmond Dispatch 12/19/1862; drunk woman falls into the canal near Castle Thunder – infant drowns, she put in the cage
Richmond Dispatch 12/19/1862; 1050 POWs at Libby as of 12/18 – list of some recent officer POWs. 200 wounded POWs at Libby Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 12/19/1862; renewed runaway slave notice, Luther Libby
Richmond Dispatch 12/19/1862; Luther Libby adv. for white girl to do maid work
Richmond Dispatch

12/20/1862; L. L. Lee “uneducated orator” to speak at African Church

Richmond Dispatch

12/20/1862; B20VaBnHA absentees listed. Battery at #9, Richmond defenses.

Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; Supt. Downer adv for two grinders at C. S. Armory. Col. H. W. Clowe is acting master armorer
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; Michael Kearns in Castle Thunder., British subject, but recognized as deserter from Letcher Artillery
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; R. A. Slaughter, E53Va., died 12/19 at Castle Thunder Hospital, disease
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; 109 POWs arrive in Richmond, 12/19
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; Capt. Cyrus Bossieux of prison guard still in command at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; 3 deserters arrive at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; Patrick Golding of Richmond into Castle Thunder for disloyalty
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; enrolling officer’s final day at Old Market Hall

Added July 10, 2008

Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; 2 of Tim Webster’s accomplices, Lewis & Scully, sent North
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; minute description of New Marshall Theatre, 7th & Broad
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; Mayor’s Court: as usual, many slave items; Mike, negro employed at Chimborazo, gets 25 lashes (drunk, stealing)
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; A. H. Schultz, daily round trips to Drewry’s Bluff leaves at noon and returns at 3
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; C. D. Rice, Howard’s Grove, adv for 3 cooks and 3 laundresses, all immune to small pox
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; E. W. Allen adv headboards for soldier graves
Richmond Dispatch 12/12/1862; flag of truce exchange expected soon, to include 3 women spies (named) now at Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 12/12/1862; 5 deserters arrive at Castle Thunder, plus 2 of Co. D, 16VA
Richmond Dispatch 12/12/1862; Luther Libby adv for runaway slave
Richmond Dispatch 12/12/1862; C. D. Rice, Surgeon in charge at Howard’s Grove, orders outpatients to register at Chimborazo or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 12/13/1862; Dr. Carrington, CSA, in charge smallpox hospital, corner 25th & Cary, addresses city council – valuable details on his Hospital & Howard’s Grove
Richmond Dispatch 12/13/1862; Jno. Mulligan, two-time deserter from D5VaCavy., to be shot at Camp Lee, 12/16
Richmond Dispatch 12/13/1862; very long list of Castle Thunder accessions, giving name, unit, offense. Includes man sent from GH#20 for bad conduct. 3 females there sent North yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 12/15/1862; long list of new Castle Thunder inmates, units and charges
Richmond Dispatch 12/15/1862; Libby POW released – ex-officer on the staff of Banks.
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; 837 WIA arrive at GH#9 night of 12/14
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; G. W. Alexander & 50 men to Fredericksburg to help the wounded
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; John Mulligan, 5VaCav., gets 20 day respite from execution
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; new inmates at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; T. P. Turner on leave, so Libby commanded by Lt. Virginius Bossieux; City Battalion dress parade, Capital Square
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; C. S. Armory employees donate $410 to 2nd Corps destitute. Major Downer, the Supt., donated $50
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; list of machinery to be sold inside T. & S. Hardgrove’s Factory
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; steamer Schultz leaves at noon for Drewry’s, return trip at 2:30 - $1 round trip
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; W. B. Forder, steward at GH#7, adv for 8 nurses, preferably slaves. Also daily milk delivery
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; J. Vannerson adv for “a good ambrotype artist”
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; Capt. W. N. Smith, C. S. Lab., 7th & Arch, adv for 100 girls to “work on cartridges.”

Added July 1, 2008

Richmond Dispatch

12/5/1862; enormous list of court martial results

Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; long list of Castle Thunder arrivals
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; “substantial railing” in place north side of canal, east of 8th St., both sides of bridge.
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; only 2 new POWs at Libby, 12/4
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; steamer Schultz is now making daily trips to Drewry’s Bluff
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; 4 or 5 male nurses wanted at GH#3
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; slave to cook wanted at GH#19
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; ten houses at Rocketts (Water & Main streets) burn in huge fire. Known as Tyler’s Row, as Hiram Tyler owned them all
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; 3 men escape from state penitentiary
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; huge list of Libby & Castle Thunder POW increases
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; 51 POWs to Libby on 12/6, 21 more on 12/7
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; public temperance meeting held 12/4 at Springfield Temperance Hall
Richmond Dispatch 12/9/1862; City Council: discusses CSA smallpox hospital, now near corner 25th & Cary; 798 kegs of powder in city magazine; sells settees from Mechanics’ Hall to Govt., for use of patients at Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 12/9/1862; body of negro man fished out of the canal basin
Richmond Dispatch 12/9/1862; escaped Libby prisoner arrested for something else & returned to Libby; Kile Norton, “a South Carolina darkey” employed at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/10/1862; new Castle Thunder accessions include citizen from near Winchester; Henry Hall, 1GA; & also one suspicious civilian
Richmond Dispatch 12/10/1862; Jackson Triplett, 54NC, died 12/8 at Castle Thunder – typhoid pneumonia; unnamed sentinel at Camp Lee supposedly froze to death, 12/7
Richmond Dispatch 12/10/1862; 50 soldiers sent to ANV 12/9 from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/10/1862; E. H. Smith at Chimborazo #3 offers large Dinwiddie farm for rent/lease

Older items added to Civil War Richmond

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