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Information about the Ballard House Hotel in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

located on the northeast side of the corner of 14th and Franklin streets, the Ballard House was connected to the Exchange Hotel by a footbridge which ran across Franklin street.


In the Alexander Gardner Catalog:


Ballard’s Hotel, Richmond, April 14, 1865.

John Reekie

Written Accounts

Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; British account of the Prince of Wales’ trip to Richmond - notes on the ill-taste of the "ruffianly" Richmond crowds, the Prince’s visit to the state Capitol (important anecdote about the Houdon statue), St. Paul’s Church, the fair grounds, Hollywood Cemetery, Governor’s Mansion, Ballard House
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1861; description of an officers' suicide at the Ballard House
Richmond Dispatch 2/11/1862; Ballard House barber shop needs a barber
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Mayor’s Court: James Williams, drunk soldier, sent to Castle Thunder;  Hoenniger charges men with burglary, room #44 Spotswood Hotel; slave charged with stealing money from guest at the Ballard House (discharged); free negro without papers ordered whipped for smoking a cigar in the street; another free negro threatens boy in Second Market & used “indecent language” – ordered to be whipped.
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Elzey at Spotswood Hotel 10/25/ Bragg & staff at Exchange & Ballard
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; report on meeting of city citizens for shoes – J. L. Burrows, 1st Baptist Church, chairman. $4-5 thousand raised on the spot. List of committee members for various wards including Luther Libby, Wm. Greanor, Jno. R. Ballard, T. W. Hoeniger, James H. Grant, Joel B. Watkins, General J. R. Anderson & many more. One group to meet at J. R. Anderson’s home.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; sales notice for Exchange Hotel furniture – good details. The Exchange Hotel will cease operations, Ballard will consolidate his operations into the Ballard House only due to the difficulty in procuring supplies
Richmond Whig 1/2/1864; Gen. J. H. Morgan will arrive in town soon and be conducted to the Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Whig 1/4/1864; Gen. Morgan will probably arrive tomorrow. Lodgings have been secured at the Ballard House
Richmond Whig 1/21/1864; one of the proprietors of the Ballard House is very ill
Richmond Whig 9/9/1864; Ballard House will soon be reopened
National Tribune

8/17/1899; “A Union Man in Richmond;” part five of serial account. Describes the scene in Richmond in early to mid-1863. Mentions hedonistic activity at the Exchange, Ballard and Spotswood hotels; prostitution and gambling flourishing in Richmond around the Exchange Hotel; trying to get a pass out of Richmond from Gen. Winder; and subsequent trip to Staunton on the railroad

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