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Information about the Customs House in Richmond, Va., during the Civil War.

located on the north side of Main Street between 10th and 11th, this building was used for the offices Confederate Government, and numerous cabinet officials had their offices here, in addition to the office of the President. This building survived the evacuation fire, and is used today, greatly expanded, as the Richmond court house.

Richmond Dispatch 4/24/1861; old U. S. Customs House is now being used as a stopping place for troops
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1861; description of the offices in the Customs House, and who occupies them
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1861; Customs house is being readied for its occupancy by the Confederate Government
Richmond Enquirer 6/15/1861; Prisoners captured at Big Bethel are quartered at the Customs House - Richmonders flock to see the captured Yankees
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1861; huge flagpole will be raised above the Custom House
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; Gaines’ Battery thanks Mrs. R. Adams for meal. Spent night of 5/28-29 on steps of Custom House
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; negroes arrested for theft & counterfeiting. Were stealing unsigned notes from Custom House
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; update on Custom House theft case
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; slaves accused of stealing treasury notes at Custom House to go on trial today. Includes slave of Jefferson Davis
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; Custom House robbers, slaves, acquitted
Richmond Sentinel 7/28/1863; post office has been removed from the Custom House to the basement of the Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1894; great description of Richmond for the Confederate reunion, focusing on how much has changed since the war

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