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Information about Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, during the Civil War.


Detail of an 1865 Map produced by Major Nathaniel Micheler and Capt. Peter S. Michie. (National Archives, Record Group #77, Map G 204, #51.)

#3618, E. & H. T. Anthony Stereograph catalog The grave of Confederate General Stuart, near Richmond, Va.

#910, Alexander Gardner Catalog

Tomb of President Monroe, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, April 10, 1865.

John Reekie, photographer

Written Accounts

Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; British account of the Prince of Walesí trip to Richmond - notes on the ill-taste of the "ruffianly" Richmond crowds, the Princeís visit to the state Capitol (important anecdote about the Houdon statue), St. Paulís Church, the fair grounds, Hollywood Cemetery, Governorís Mansion, Ballard House
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1861; flowery description of Hollywood Cemetery; should be "ornament of the city."
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1861; description of funeral of Micajah Bates in Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1861; two deaths (at Mason's Hall and Bellevue respectively) and burial at Hollywood cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1861; soldiers encamped near Hollywood Cemetery are requested not to fire their weapons into the cemetery, after funeral attendee is struck by a spent bullet
Richmond Dispatch 8/20/1861; paragraph on grave-digging at Hollywood; nearly 100 soldier graves already
Richmond Dispatch 1/21/1862; John Tyler will be buried today in Hollywood Cemetery, near President Monroe.
Richmond Enquirer 1/22/1862; description of the funeral of ex-president John Tyler and burial at Hollywood cemetery
Richmond Whig 1/22/1862; Description of the funeral of Pres. John Tyler. Body taken from the "Hall of Congress" to St. Paul's, where the funeral sermon was delivered, and thence to Hollywood Cemetery. Notes that the weather was exceedingly bad.
Richmond Whig 1/24/1862; Senate proposes a monument to John Tyler in Hollywood Cemetery. Governor states that the lot of ground near James Monroe was not large enough to accommodate Tyler's remains, and he was placed in the "outer circle," which the governor recommends the state purchase.
Richmond Whig 2/17/1862; description of the funeral of Capt. O. J. Wise at St. James' Church and Hollywood Cemetery. A large number of people came to see the body while it was lying in state, in a metallic coffin, in the Confederate Senate Room at the Capitol.
Richmond Whig 2/18/1862; burial statistics of the Shockoe Hill Cemetery for the quarter ending 1/31/1862. Notes also that 37 POWs were buried during the same time. Gives statistics for previous years as well. Notes that they have not seen such a report for Hollywood Cemetery.
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; vandalism at Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; monuments vandalized at Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 3/7/1862; Hollywood Cemetery offering $100 reward for capture of recent vandals
Richmond Dispatch 3/12/1862; Hollywood Cemetery asks City Council for land to expand; Wm. H. Johnson looking to recoup losses from plastering Alms House
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1862; editorial protest against skinny dippers in stream at Hollywood & canal
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; "Vandalism" at Hollywood cemetery - to wit: flowers picked from the grounds and trees disturbed
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Hollywood Cemetery is expanding to accommodate the Confederate dead
Richmond Enquirer 7/12/1862; description of the debate in City Council over Hollywood Cemetery's expansion and Oakwood's problem with lack of laborers
Richmond Dispatch 7/16/1862; soldiers being buried at Clarkís Spring, adjacent to Hollywood. City Council votes to open up 60 acres at Oakwood instead.
New York Herald 7/28/1862; wonderful general description of the city of Richmond - mentions, Hollywood, Tredegar, the Almshouse, appearance of the prisons, Odd Fellows Hall, and the James River and Kanawha Canal
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; obit. of General Winder. Body arrived 7/17. Funeral Capitol Square, burial Hollywood
Richmond Whig 8/18/1862; Gen. C. S. Winderís body arrived and lay in state in the Capitol. He will be buried in Hollywood Cemetery.
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; description of the burial of Gen. C. S. Winder in Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 10/16/1862; rosy and verbose description of a visit to the soldier's section of Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 5/13/1863; editorial lamentation that Jackson's remains will not be buried in Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Sentinel 5/18/1863; ladies are stealing flowers from Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Sentinel 6/4/1863; people are stealing flowers from Hollywood and Shockoe cemeteries
RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 199.5, p. 111 10/15/1863; Jno. McCabe is appointed Chaplain at Libby Prison, in addition to his duties at Hollywood cemetery
Richmond Whig 3/28/1864; man caught stealing locks at Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Whig 3/29/1864; more on the lock-stealer at Hollywood
Richmond Whig 3/30/1864; more on the lock-stealer at Hollywood
Richmond Whig 5/2/1864; description of the death of little Joseph Davis, son of Pres. Jefferson Davis, in a fall from a balcony at the Confederate White House.
Richmond Whig 5/14/1864; description of the funeral of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart and interment in Hollywood Cemetery; gives list of pall-bearers, including Pres. Davis, many generals, and members of Congress
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1864; description of the funeral of a member of the Fayette Artillery, who was killed at Cold Harbor, and his interment in Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Sentinel 9/15/1864; Gen. Morgan's remains will arrive in the city soon and be taken to the State Capitol to lie in state, and then be buried at Hollywood until Kentucky can take him home
Richmond Sentinel 9/17/1864; description of Gen. Morgan's body lying in state in the Capitol, and burial at Hollywood
Richmond Whig 9/17/1864; description of the arrival of Gen Morgan's remains via the Danville train, their lying in state in the Capitol building and burial in Hollywood cemetery
Richmond Whig 9/17/1864; Rev. George Patterson of the Episcopal Church, officiated at Gen. Morgan's funeral
Richmond Sentinel 10/10/1864; brief paragraph describing the burial of General Gregg in Hollywood
Richmond Whig 10/10/1864; description of the funeral of Gen. John Gregg, of Texas, and procession from the Capitol to Hollywood Cemetery.
Hughes, Thomas. A Boy's Experiences in the Civil War 1860-1865, 1904 late 1864; excellent description of the VMI cadets' use of the Alms House as barracks and classrooms and cadet life in general; also mentions the cadets tending Confederate graves in Hollywood cemetery after the war
Richmond Sentinel 1/7/1865; duel occurs at Clark's Spring, near Hollywood Cemetery
Scribner's Monthly, July 1877 7/1877; "Richmond Since the War" - good material on Tredegar Iron Works, Belle Isle, Libby Prison, Oakwood Cemetery, and Capital Square
"The Death of Major-General J. E. B. Stuart." Unknown author.  Includes reprint from Richmond Examiner. Southern Historical Society Papers 7 (1879), pp. 107-110.
"Richmond Scenes in '62." Harrison, Constance Cary.  Battles & Leaders 2: 439-448.
"First Burial of General Hill's Remains." Hill, G. Powell.  Southern Historical Society Papers 31 (1891), pp. 183-186.
"It Was Obedience Even Unto Death: Grave in Hollywood Recalls a Story of Devotion to Duty." Stiles, Robert.  Reprint from Richmond Times, October 29, 1899. SHSP 27 (1899), pp. 17-25.
National Tribune 10/4/1900; "The Fall of Richmond" Part two of Hiram Peck's memoir. Describes Lincoln's visit to Richmond, details of the evacuation fire, the reopening of the Richmond Theater, and response to Lee's surrender in Richmond. Mentions Castle Thunder detectives being locked in Libby, and gives a description of Hollywood Cemetery.
"The Confederate Tradition of Richmond." Freeman, Douglas Southall. Richmond Magazine, June 1932, p. 42.

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