Levy & Cohen's Views of the Rebel Capital and its Environs

Published as CDVs and large albumens. All except #488 have a  handwritten number on the back and the legend, "filed July 10, 1865; Levy & Cohen Proprietors."

453. Ruins of Petersburg Bridge [Tredegar Iron Works at right]
454. Richmond from Holywood
455. Penitentiary
456. View of Burnt District [from Spotswood Hotel looking down Main St.]
457. Residence of Gen. Lee
458. Capitol Building
459. View of Capitol Square
461. Drury's Bluff
462. Shipyard [Harvie's pond above Tredegar Iron Works]
464. View of Rockets
465. Washington Monument
466. Ruins of the Arsenal
467. Portico of Executive Mansion
468. Treasury Building
469. Ruins of Gallego Flour Mills
488. Libby Prison, Richmond Va. Filed Oct. 12 1863.
no #. [Chimborazo Hospital]
no #. Drury's Bluff, Richmond, Va.

Written Accounts

Philadelphia Photographer 9/1865; Levy & Cohen have returned "with their Globe lens" to Philadelphia with their series of photographs which are described
Philadelphia Photographer 10/1865; description of Levy & Cohen photograph (#456) that appears in the magazine; further details of Levy & Cohen photos

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