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Photographs and photographers important to the story of Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War

Panoramic photographs made in Richmond in April 1865.

Wartime photographs made by C. R. Rees, in Richmond, 1863.

List of Stereographs Issued by The E. & H. T. Anthony Company in their "War for the Union" series. This list includes all views (not just those concerning Richmond), and were taken by a number of photographers; most notably Mathew Brady.

Catalog of Images made by Alexander Gardner and his operatives during the war.

"Brady's Photographic Views of the War" - from the E. & H. T. Anthony Catalogue of Card Photographs (New York: 1862), pp. 13-16.

Catalog of Images made by Mathew Brady and his operatives during the war; entitled "Brady & Co.'s Catalog of Photographs & Stereoscopes of Lieut. Gen. Grant's Late Campaign, June 1864."

Views of Richmond taken by the Philadelphia firm of Levy & Cohen.

Photographs and sources on A. J. Russell, photographer for the U. S. Military Railroad

New York Evening Post, 7/22/1862; excellent description of Brady’s Peninsula photographs on display in New York City; notes that one of Brady’s photographers lost his photographic apparatus on the retreat to the James

New York Times, 7/26/1864; flowery article describing Brady’s latest batch of photographs, including Cold Harbor groupings, Fredericksburg, Belle Plain, etc.

Richmond Whig, 4/7/1865; Mathew Brady and artists from Harper's and Leslie's are in Richmond

Richmond Whig, 4/14/1865; Mathew Brady has been at City Point photographing Gen. Grant & his generals

Richmond Whig, 4/15/1865; Mathew Brady has forwarded his negatives of the burnt district to Washington and will continue to photograph

Richmond Whig, 4/21/1865; Gen. Lee was photographed yesterday by Brady

Richmond Whig, 4/22/1865; Gen. Ord and staff have been photographed by M. B. Brady

Richmond Whig, 4/25/1865; "partial list" of views taken by Mathew Brady of Richmond

Richmond Whig, 4/27/1865; Mathew Brady and his corps of photographers has left Richmond for Petersburg

New York Times, 4/30/1865; Author met Mathew Brady in Richmond 4/22/1865 and remarks on his photographs of Robert E. Lee.

RG 92, National Archives; Great documents relating to T. C. Roche photographing in Richmond and Petersburg in 1865

Sources on Photographers in Richmond during the Civil War

Views of Richmond taken in the years immediately following the Civil War by the Richmond firm of Anderson & Co.

Index of Richmond (and vicinity) images available at the Library of Congress.

Index of Richmond (and vicinity) images available at the National Archives.