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Information about "The Cage" in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

possibly the Henrico County Jail, but positive location unknown.

Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1861; 109 prisoners in the city jail
Richmond Dispatch 11/30/1861; Fire at shed behind Dibrell’s Warehouse, Cary St. below 21st. Yankee POWs in adjacent county jail maybe started it
Richmond Dispatch 12/27/1861; Attempt to escape from City Jail foiled
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; 3 POWs escaped from Henrico Co. Jail - 2 ex-CSA soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 1/25/1862; 3 escaped Yankees from Henrico jail recaptured
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; city jail is being repaired after being damaged by a prisoner; appeal for a new jail
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; Lt. Semple removes CS soldiers from City Jail and sends them back to their regiments
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; the "cage" is empty of prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; detailed list of 12 escapees from city jail, & their crimes
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; no new prisoners at Castle Thunder or the cage
Richmond Dispatch

11/20/1862; at least 200 inmates in city jail

Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; City Engineer making more cells for city jail, at “old warehouse.”
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; “Cage Cases:” Emanuel Olliberg jailed “for exposing his person in the street;” slave arrested for killing another slave by stabbing
Richmond Sentinel 4/15/1863; two prisoners escaped from the City Jail; five men escaped from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1863; City Jail has been left unguarded, and there have been several escapes
Richmond Whig 4/4/1864; man in the city jail fakes small pox in order to be taken to Howard's Grove, thinking it would be easier to escape from there, but is found out and taken back to jail
Richmond Examiner 6/30/1864; Cage items; notes that no new criminals are being brought in
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1864; No new admittees at the cage


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