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Information about the Franklin Street Guard House in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

precise location unknown, but appears to be a military jail for disorderly Confederate soldiers

Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Michael Gately of Fredericksburg escapes from Franklin Street Guard House – formerly at Castle Godwin – not a soldier
G. W. Alexander letter 5/3/1862; letter from Alexander to Godwin, containing a breakdown of the numbers of guards detailed at the various prisons
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; escapes & attempts, Castle Godwin & “the guard house on Franklin street.”
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; soldier escapes from the "Confederate Guard House, on Franklin street" and promptly recaptured - he broke his ankle in the escape
Richmond Dispatch

6/2/1862; Michael Garrity, deserter in Franklin St. Guard House, shot trying to escape

Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; Michael Leary, 19Miss, steals $112 from man named Poole, also 19Miss. Leary locked up in “military guard-house” on Franklin St.
Richmond Dispatch 8/7/1862; enormous new list of prisoners at Castle Godwin, “Castle Godwin Guard House,” & Alexander Hospital.
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; all Castle Godwin & Franklin St. Guard House prisoners (500-600) were removed to Castle Thunder yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; details on the Soldiers’ homes – the barrack next to the Central Depot is “broken up” and the remaining soldiers’ homes (Conrad & Crew’s Factory & “the Franklin street barrack”) are often strained to capacity.
Richmond Dispatch 10/20/1862; “Charles Cluts” 7NC, falls from upper window of Franklin street barracks, lands on open door, breaks back, perched there dead
Richmond Enquirer 10/20/1862; soldier dies after a fall off the porch of the Franklin street guard house
Official Records, Ser. II, Vol. V, pp. 871-924 April, 1863; Evidence taken before the committee of the House of Representatives of the Confederate States appointed to inquire into the treatment of prisoners at Castle Thunder (very large). Franklin Street Guard House mentioned - soldier shot there

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