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Information about Scott's Factory Prison in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

Opened as a prison in 1862, and apparently was still open in 1864. Details of this prison are scanty, to say the least, and it may have been one of the hospital buildings. However, at this time, its exact location is not known.

Official Records, Ser. II, Vol. VI, pp. 482-483 11/7/1863; Report of U. S. Christian Commissioner regarding poor condition on Belle Isle and Scott's factory prisons. States there are 5,400 prisoners at Belle Isle
Official Records, Ser. II, Vol. VI, pp. 852-853 11/10/1863 - 1/18/1864; statement of clothing issued to prisoners in Richmond.
Official Records, Ser. II, Vol. VI, pp. 544-548 11/18/1863; report of number of prisoners in Richmond as well as provisions issued to prisoners
Joseph F. Powell file, M346 6/10/1864; $4893.35 paid for carpentry work done on Scott’s Factory: itemized list.


National Tribune 8/29/1895; brief description of the author's prison experiences at Belle Isle, Pemberton, and Scott's prisons

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