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 :: 1862 Richmond Newspapers ::
1862 Newspapers in Richmond, VA during the Civil War.

Richmond Dispatch 1/1/1862; male negro nurses wanted at Georgia Hospital, 21st bw Main & Cary
Richmond Dispatch 1/2/1862; St. Charles Hospital committee to meet this evening “at their office in the Hospital.”
Richmond Dispatch 1/2/1862; 240 prisoners of war to be exchanged; 2 POWs from the 23rd PA arrive
Richmond Dispatch 1/2/1862; meeting of the St. Charles hospital committee will be held tonight; includes list of members
Richmond Whig 1/1/1862; use of the Alms House (GH#1) is being urged to be returned to the poor
Richmond Whig 1/2/1862; description of New Year's Day in Richmond - notes that the main event was the reception at Pres. Davis' house, and subsequent reception at the Governor's mansion
Richmond Whig 1/2/1862; notice from John N. Van Lew (E. Van Lew's brother) that the partnership of Van Lew, Taylor & Co. has been dissolved, and the business will now be conducted solely in Van Lew's name.
Richmond Dispatch 1/3/1862; ad for E. W. Cone’s school, Franklin between 8th and 9th sts.
Richmond Dispatch 1/3/1862; Geo. S. Palmer adv warehouse for rent, fronting Cary and Dock
Richmond Dispatch 1/3/1862; fire at Ginter, Alvey & Arents’ warehouse
Richmond Dispatch

1/3/1862; Short list of prominent POWs being sent North

Richmond Dispatch

1/3/1862; Capt. Hugh McQuaid, Co. I, 39th NY, died in the Military Hospital 12/26. 25 POWs died in December.

Richmond Enquirer 1/3/1862; 240 exchanged Yankee prisoners will soon be sent North
Richmond Whig 1/3/1862; J. W. Hoeniger becomes proprietor of the Spotswood Hotel. Notes that he is very young
Richmond Dispatch

1/4/1862; G. W. Archer, Asst. Surgeon at GH#1, adv for lost scarf

Richmond Dispatch 1/4/1862; very good sales notice, with dimensions, for Atkinson’s tobacco factory, north side of Main between 26 & 27
Richmond Enquirer 1/4/1862; "Humors of Prison Life;" details about the Richmond Prison Association and their song
New York Herald 1/6/1862; notes on returned Yankee POWs and the treatment they received in Richmond - notes Dr. Higginbotham for his beneficence and a "Swiss sergeant" [probably Wirz] who is very cruel
Richmond Dispatch 1/6/1862; Elizabeth Van Lew’s mother adv for a good cook
Richmond Enquirer 1/6/1862; description of a visit to "Hospital No. 1" where wounded Yankees are being treated
Richmond Whig 1/6/1862; Mr. John Francisco has been appointed clerk of Confederate prisons in Richmond. Also, last Friday 239 prisoners were exchanged
Richmond Dispatch

1/7/1862; Jenkins, of Ben McCullough Ranger, shot in bar room. Sent to Lousiana Hospital

Richmond Dispatch 1/7/1862; Alfred Ely’s lengthy account of time in Richmond.
Richmond Dispatch 1/8/1862; L. M. Burfoot & Chesterfield Artillery to be mustered in at Battery #15
Richmond Whig 1/8/1862; schemes for connecting railroads via tunnels are before the Legislature
Richmond Dispatch

1/9/1862; Taylor’s and Mayo’s factories (Cary between 24th and 25th streets) are no longer prisons, and Taylor’s is preparing to become a hospital for Marylanders. Probably the building that became GH#21

Richmond Dispatch

1/9/1862; 160 POWs to be sent North

Richmond Dispatch 1/9/1862; Public meeting at Springfield Hall to organize Local Defense Company
Richmond Whig 1/10/1862; Artillery company from Chesterfield County will be mustered in at Battery No. 15; local defense force is being raised at Springfield Hall (GH#26)
Richmond Dispatch 1/11/1862; workmen are preparing a room for the C. S. Senate in the northwest corner of the Capitol
Richmond Whig 1/11/1862; death notice for Philip Rahm, proprietor of the "Eagle Foundry," who died of lockjaw. He was attended by Dr. Bolton.
Richmond Dispatch 1/13/1862; Capt. Gibbs promoted to Major & leaves for Salisbury. Lt. Hairston, 19th Miss., to be his replacement. Prisons will be kept as a prison depot.
Richmond Dispatch 1/13/1862; runaway slave notice, Globe Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 1/14/1862; Dr. Gibson adv for 10 servants to act as nurses at General Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 1/14/1862; Luther Libby adv for cook, washer, ironer - apparently for personal use
Richmond Enquirer 1/14/1862; Yankee prisoners at Atkinson's factory have destroyed machinery and tobacco in their prison
Richmond Dispatch 1/15/1862; statistics on Oakwood Cemetery; 540 soldiers buried there so far
Richmond Dispatch 1/15/1862; two Yankees escape from prison
Richmond Whig 1/15/1862; there have been 550 burials at Oakwood cemetery so far
Richmond Dispatch 1/16/1862; Libby & Son adv for rope for sale
Richmond Dispatch 1/17/1862; 160 POWs to leave Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 1/17/1862; woman convicted of stealing bed clothing from Spotswood
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; Bellevue Hospital adv for bread maker
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; 148 prisoners leave for exchange
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; White woman badly burned at Church Hill hospital (unnamed)
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; 3 POWs escaped from Henrico Co. Jail - 2 ex-CSA soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 1/18/1862; St. George Peachy missing pocket-case of instruments
Richmond Enquirer 1/20/1862; Lt. Hairston relieved of command of C. S. Military Prison by Capt. Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 1/20/1862; report of the death of ex-president John Tyler
Richmond Dispatch 1/21/1862; Knifing and shooting at Va. Central RR depot.
Richmond Dispatch 1/21/1862; Engineer of RF&P RR murdered
Richmond Dispatch 1/21/1862; John Tyler will be buried today in Hollywood Cemetery, near President Monroe.
Richmond Enquirer 1/21/1862; details for the funeral of ex-president John Tyler, to be held tomorrow
Richmond Enquirer 1/22/1862; description of the funeral of ex-president John Tyler and burial at Hollywood cemetery
Richmond Whig 1/22/1862; Description of the funeral of Pres. John Tyler. Body taken from the "Hall of Congress" to St. Paul's, where the funeral sermon was delivered, and thence to Hollywood Cemetery. Notes that the weather was exceedingly bad.
Richmond Dispatch 1/23/1862; Meeting at Co. G Hall - Church and Union Hill residents to form company.
Richmond Dispatch 1/23/1862; 4 POWs arrive on the Richmond and Danville Railroad
Richmond Dispatch

1/23/1862; adv for Misses Clopton School, Franklin betw 3rd & 4th, open since 10/1

Richmond Dispatch 1/24/1862; 3 POWs arrive escorted by Capt. Griffin, 6th Ga., and are lodged in "the military prison"
Richmond Dispatch 1/24/1862; 2 female matrons wanted for Byrd Island Hospital (GH#3)
Richmond Whig 1/24/1862; Senate proposes a monument to John Tyler in Hollywood Cemetery. Governor states that the lot of ground near James Monroe was not large enough to accommodate Tyler's remains, and he was placed in the "outer circle," which the governor recommends the state purchase.
Richmond Dispatch 1/25/1862; details on plan to connect area RRs by “permanent tracks”
Richmond Dispatch 1/25/1862; ambulance train runs off the track near Gordonsville. Nobody hurt.
Richmond Dispatch

1/25/1862; an engine on the Va. Central RR blows up - no one hurt.

Richmond Dispatch 1/25/1862; 3 escaped Yankees from Henrico jail recaptured
Richmond Dispatch 1/27/1862; unnamed soldier shot in dispute - sent to Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 1/27/1862; 5 Yankee POWs (named) leaving for exchange
Richmond Dispatch 1/27/1862; ad for the Medical College Hospital. McCaw and Gibson are amongst the Surgeons
Richmond Dispatch 1/27/1862; new ad for Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Whig 1/27/1862; The Clay Statue in Capitol Square is becoming soiled from exposure to the weather
Richmond Dispatch 1/28/1862; large explosion at Govt. Laboratory, foot of 7th St. - many injured
Richmond Dispatch 1/28/1862; Dr. James V. Cook is Surgeon at Louisiana Hospital - details on recent shooting
Richmond Dispatch 1/28/1862; little boys caught & fined for throwing stones at Spotswood
Richmond Dispatch 1/28/1862; new schedule for trains on R&YRRR
Richmond Enquirer 1/28/1862; explosion at the Confederate Laboratory
Richmond Whig 1/28/1862; Explosion at the Confederate Laboratory, on Byrd Island
Richmond Whig 1/28/1862; General Assembly passes a bill to move the line of the South Side Railroad to avoid the High Bridge, near Farmville, which has been scaring passengers
Richmond Whig 1/28/1862; Two soldiers get into a "shooting affair" in which one is wounded and taken to Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 1/29/1862; Libby & Son advertise that they have tar, rosin, and lime
Richmond Dispatch 1/29/1862; Libby & Son adv for roe herrings for sale, 20th & Cary
Richmond Dispatch 1/29/1862; sales notice, 1/6 of the U. S. Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 1/30/1862; rent notice, 2 large warehouse, fronting Cary & Dock, between 19-20 st
Richmond Dispatch 1/30/1862; Salisbury Prison ready to take 700 POWs now in Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 1/30/1862; George S. Patton in town - brave, gallant, etc.
Richmond Whig 1/30/1862; Yankee prisoners on one side of Main street are selling carved bones to Confederate prisoners on the other.
Richmond Whig 1/30/1862; temporary tobacco warehouse is proposed at the "Old Fair Grounds"
Richmond Dispatch 1/31/1862; none of boys hurt in recent lab explosion. Govt now building storehouse at “upper extremity” of Brown’s Island for fuse work
Richmond Dispatch 2/1/1862; D. Crenshaw adv for 12 male nurses for Royster Hosp, 25th St. 6 white & 6 black
Richmond Whig 2/1/1862; proposed tobacco warehouse at the "Old Fair Grounds" (Monroe Park) will not go over well in the neighborhood
Richmond Dispatch 2/3/1862; Lt. J. L. S. Kirby, CSA, on duty at prisons in Richmond, ordered to Salisbury to report to Gibbs
Richmond Dispatch 2/3/1862; Geo. W. Briggs, Surgeon PACS, offers his house, corner 27 & Broad, for rent
Richmond Dispatch 2/6/1862; Chas. Schop, age 19 & Jno. Fitzpatrick, age 17, both died 2/4 from injuries at CS Lab explosion
Richmond Dispatch 2/6/1862; Jas. M. Taylor in court. Walls of his bldg, corner 20th & Cary “in a dangerous condition”
Richmond Dispatch 2/6/1862; Yankee POW arrives - a German
Richmond Dispatch 2/6/1862; small fire at Ligon Factory prison, 25th st
Richmond Dispatch 2/6/1862; rumor of Stonewall Jackson's resignation is false
Richmond Enquirer 2/6/1862; Fire at Liggon's prison; no one injured
Richmond Dispatch 2/7/1862; Two cars of Va. Central freight train derail just below Hanover Court House.
Richmond Dispatch 2/7/1862; New Senate room, NW corner of Capitol, about finished
Richmond Dispatch 2/8/1862; paragraph explaining how Stonewall Jackson got his nickname - “one or two” explanations
Richmond Dispatch 2/8/1862; death notice for little girl of T. B. & E. S. Rees
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; Capt. T. P. Wilkinson’s Co., at Marion Hill Battery, ordered to Evansport
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; rumor that the Govt has stopped the Stearns & Co. distillery
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; 370 local POWs due to be exchanged
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; John Bankhead Magruder arrives in Richmond on 2/8; R. H. Anderson and other notables are at the Spotswood
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; “John Taylor, charged with exposing his person in the street, was committed for want of security for his good behavior”
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; city jail is being repaired after being damaged by a prisoner; appeal for a new jail
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; gunsmiths needed at Va. Armory, corner 7th & Cary
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; ward-room steward on the "Patrick Henry" advertises for a substitute
Richmond Dispatch 2/10/1862; adv. for lost Chimborazo Payroll
Richmond Dispatch 2/11/1862; adv from E. Porter Alexander asking citizens to turn over war trophies
Richmond Dispatch 2/11/1862; Ballard House barber shop needs a barber
Richmond Dispatch 2/13/1862; naval captain brought to Richmond prison as a spy
Richmond Dispatch 2/13/1862; 3 POW deaths (named)
Richmond Dispatch 2/13/1862; soldier badly injured in mis-step at RF&P RR depot
Richmond Dispatch 2/13/1862; YMCA meets at corner 10th and Broad. Mr. P. B. Price tells of “his labors in Chimborazo Hospital. The soldiers there were eager for religious instruction and reading.”
Richmond Dispatch 2/13/1862; J. R. Anderson adv for blacksmiths
Richmond Dispatch 2/13/1862; Talbot & Brother, owners of “extensive foundry corner of 17th and Cary” sold everything intact to Navy Dept.
Richmond Dispatch 2/13/1862; St. Charles Hotel (GH#8) unoccupied, needs fixing up for hospital
Richmond Dispatch 2/14/1862; 57th VA is stationed at Howard’s Grove, mostly re-enlisted, men "devotedly attached" to Col. Lewis Armistead
Richmond Dispatch 2/15/1862; Capt. Jas. C. Johnson, 1 Va Arty at Camp Winder, wants 10 men for local battery defense.
Richmond Whig 2/15/1862; Capt. O. J. Wise's remains arrive via the Petersburg depot and taken to lie in state on the third floor of the Capitol in the room "recently fitted up for the occupancy of the Confederate Senate"
Richmond Dispatch 2/17/1862; 57th Va left Howard’s Grove for Petersburg on 2/15
Richmond Dispatch 2/17/1862; RYRRR offering special train for in-bound visitors to inauguration
Richmond Whig 2/17/1862; description of the funeral of Capt. O. J. Wise at St. James' Church and Hollywood Cemetery. A large number of people came to see the body while it was lying in state, in a metallic coffin, in the Confederate Senate Room at the Capitol.
Richmond Whig 2/18/1862; burial statistics of the Shockoe Hill Cemetery for the quarter ending 1/31/1862. Notes also that 37 POWs were buried during the same time. Gives statistics for previous years as well. Notes that they have not seen such a report for Hollywood Cemetery.
Richmond Dispatch 2/19/1862; VCRR adv for "section master" from Manassas to Centreville
Richmond Enquirer 2/19/1862; 397 federal prisoners to be exchanged; list of officers exchanged and for whom
Richmond Enquirer 2/20/1862; description of the chain of command in the prison system, list of some of the higher ranking officers now in the "tobacco warehouses" in Richmond; 3,000 prisoners are being paroled.
Richmond Whig 2/21/1862; President Davis will be inaugurated tomorrow; railroad companies will run extra trains; ceremonies will occur on Capitol Square, businesses will be closed
Richmond Dispatch 2/22/1862; opening of St. Charles (GH#8) for "wayfaring soldiers"
Richmond Enquirer 2/22/1862; immigrant workers at C. S. Laboratory arrested for not taking the oath of allegiance - released after some confusion
Richmond Whig 2/22/1862; very detailed description of the plans for the inauguration of Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens. After the ceremonies, the "President's Mansion will be open from 8 to 11 o'clock."
Richmond Dispatch 2/24/1862; only 138 prisoners left in Richmond; Ross' factory no longer to be prison, Howard's factory to remain a prison
Richmond Whig 2/24/1862; description of the inauguration of President Davis and Alexander Stephens at the Capitol, and the lousy weather
Richmond Dispatch 2/20/1862; Hospital paymaster’s office is at the corner of Marshall and 26th
Richmond Dispatch 2/20/1862; T. P. Wilkinson, commanding Winder Battery, needs a few more good men for Battery No. 9, Brooke Turnpike
Richmond Dispatch 2/21/1862; Another meeting at Springfield Hall for Church and Union Hill residents to form a volunteer company
Richmond Dispatch 2/21/1861; great stuff on the Tredegar Battalion from R. S. Archer to city council
Richmond Dispatch 2/22/1862; Capt. George W. Alexander of Baltimore arrived 2/21, and is staying at the Powhatan Hotel
Richmond Whig 2/24/1862; fire at Vannerson's photographic gallery
Richmond Whig 2/24/1862; crowds of people have been visiting President Davis at his residence. Armory Band is present
Richmond Dispatch 2/25/1862; Wind storm: slate blown off steeple of Broad Street M. E. Church, also adjacent scaffolding; 100 yards of Petersburg RR bridge track and flooring blown into the river; 50 old pines at Howard’s Grove fall – smash into half dozen houses formerly used by 57 VA; tin roof at Greanor’s Factory (future Castle Thunder), 18th St., blown off.
Richmond Dispatch 2/25/1862; four male negroes needed for nurses, Georgia Hospital, 21st street
Richmond Dispatch

2/26/1862; Co. B, Tredegar Battalion presents English sword to Capt. Alvis. Maj. R. S. Archer makes speech.

Richmond Dispatch 2/26/1862; Mrs. R. M. Grinnell, matron of late St. Charles Hospital, now matron at Globe Hospital (future GH#11) – Dr. St. George Peachy in charge
Richmond Dispatch 2/27/1862; R. E. Butler, former sentinel at Chimborazo jailed for making threats against August Friend, Sgt. of the Guard there.
Richmond Whig 2/27/1862; man threatens to kill the sergeant of the guard at Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1862; Account of arrests of J. M. Botts, Stearns & others. Confined in “the new brick building on the extension of Fifteenth street, on the right-hand side, beyond the auction house of Messrs. Dickinson & Hill” (Castle Godwin)
Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1862; Rent notice for Capt. J. W. Atkinson’s 5-story tobacco factory, Main St.
Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1862; White door keeper needed at Byrd Island Hospital (future GH#3)
Richmond Dispatch 3/3/1862; Dr. O. A. Crenshaw examining recruits & substitutes at Royster Hospital (future GH#20)
Richmond Whig 3/3/1862; John Minor Botts, Franklin Stearns and other Union men have been arrested and put in "a jail situated in Lumpkin’s Alley" [Castle Godwin]
Richmond Whig 3/3/1862; thirteen local defence companies are marched to the "Virginia State Armory, corner of Cary and 7th streets" and given weapons
Richmond Whig 3/3/1862; Jefferson Davis' proclamation that Richmond is under martial law and forced prohibition; Gen. John H. Winder will enforce this proclamation; Capt. A. C. Godwin is appointed Provost Marshal of Richmond. All private firearms must be turned in
Richmond Enquirer 3/4/1862; good description of Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 3/4/1862; John Minor Botts and Franklin Stearns arrested; Richmond under martial law
Richmond Enquirer 3/4/1862; John Scully & Pryce Lewis (Pinkerton spies) arrested and claim protection of British government.
Richmond Enquirer 3/4/1862; Union sympathizers sent to Castle Godwin; John Scully sent there also
Richmond Examiner 3/4/1862; editorial condemnation of Franklin Stearns, a Unionist and wealthy citizen
Richmond Dispatch 3/5/1862; Lt. Jno. F. Tompkins, Battery 15, raising a company for T. G. Peyton’s new regiment
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; Stable of Dr. Charles Bell Gibson, Franklin St., burned
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; list of recent arrests of Unionists including Rev. Bosserman of 1st Independent Christian Church, Mayo St.
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; vandalism at Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; 21 prisoners at military prison – Samuel Maccubbin Chief of Provost Marshal police & Baldwin T. Allen clerk of the prison
Richmond Dispatch 3/6/1862; Royster’s Hospital, 25th St. (future GH#20) needs 6 white nurses, 4 black nurses, 1 cook
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; monuments vandalized at Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; Charles Palmer and others arrested on charges of disloyalty and locked up in Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; Due to recent Unionist mischief, all Union prisoners (500 in number) are denied access to anyone or anything from the outside
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; 21 prisoners now at Castle Godwin; general discussion of suitable buildings for prisons
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; fire at Dr. Gibson's stables - ascribed to arson
Richmond Enquirer 3/6/1862; locomotive explodes on the Orange and Alexandria railroad
Richmond Examiner 3/6/1862; Unionists and grog-sellers have been confined in McDaniel's jail (Castle Godwin)
Richmond Whig 3/6/1862; accidental death at the "Richmond Medical Hospital" [probably Medical College Hospital]
Richmond Whig 3/6/1862; Samuel Macubbin has been appointed Chief of Police, and Baldwin T. Allen has been appointed clerk of the "prison in Lumpkins' Alley" [Castle Godwin]
Richmond Whig 3/6/1862; Dr. Gibson's stables were partially burnt down
Richmond Dispatch

3/7/1862; Tredegar-made brass piece for Cropper’s Co. on display, Capitol Square

Richmond Dispatch 3/7/1862; Charles Palmer has been released from custody
Richmond Dispatch 3/7/1862; Hollywood Cemetery offering $100 reward for capture of recent vandals
Richmond Dispatch 3/8/1862; locomotive hauled through the city streets to RF&P depot with considerable difficulty
Richmond Dispatch 3/8/1862; Robert E. Lee arrived in Richmond yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 3/7/1862; Union prisoners will soon be moved to "Libby's buildings"
Richmond Enquirer 3/7/1862; stragglers being arrested and put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 3/7/1862; Capt. A. C. Godwin resigns as Provost Marshal to concentrate on his duties as commandant of prisons.
Richmond Enquirer 3/7/1862; Charles Palmer released from custody for suspected unionist sympathies
Richmond Enquirer 3/7/1862; Two more unionists arrested and put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Whig 3/7/1862; Charles Palmer has been released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 3/10/1862; remarks on new arrivals at McDaniel’s Jail – one female. Uses the term “Castle Godwin”
Richmond Dispatch 3/10/1862; Wm. Carson, Tredegar operative, in trouble involving Ann Beazley & “house of ill fame” in Butchertown
Richmond Dispatch

3/10/1862; Tredegar wants to buy 100,000 feet of timber

Richmond Whig 3/10/1862; Castle Godwin mentioned
Richmond Whig 3/10/1862; Tredegar Iron Works are looking to buy a lot of Oak and Hickory timber
Richmond Dispatch 3/11/1862; John, slave of Dr. McCaw, gets 25 lashes for stealing supplies from Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 3/11/1862; 3 Yankee officers (including Zenas Bliss) stay overnight in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 3/12/1862; Hollywood Cemetery asks City Council for land to expand; Wm. H. Johnson looking to recoup losses from plastering Alms House
Richmond Dispatch 3/12/1862; Mrs. Grinnell at Globe Hospital (future GH#11) thanks Mrs. Wm. Sydnor, Meadow Farm, for delicacies
Richmond Dispatch 3/13/1862; commissioners conducting vote on new Constitution include Luther Libby, R. R. Howison, G. A. Myers.
Richmond Dispatch 3/13/1862; Major John C. Porter Provost Marshal of the City, with Godwin commanding eastern half and John C. Maynard the western half; Passport office to 9tha & Broad & Winder to house on 9th beside Mechanics’ Institute
Richmond Dispatch 3/14/1862; very long anecdote about 14 year old patient at Maryland Hospital, 25th and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 3/14/1862; 19 & 179 Militia camped at New Fairgrounds (Camp Lee)
Richmond Dispatch 3/14/1862; Judge Arthur F. Hopkins confined for threatening murder
Richmond Dispatch 3/14/1862; slide on Richmond and York River Railroad repaired
Richmond Dispatch 3/15/1862; Tredegar Battalion will assemble this afternoon on Gamble’s Hill
Richmond Dispatch 3/17/1862; Judge A. F. Hopkins was not jailed, but released for assault – newspaper clarifies the mistake.
Richmond Dispatch 3/17/1862; Parker’s Battery to assemble at the old market, and march to Camp of Instruction (Camp Lee)
Richmond Dispatch 3/18/1862; Capt. Geo. W. Alexander appointed Assistant Provost Marshal; he has not recovered fully from his injuries
Richmond Dispatch 3/18/1862; workers at the state armory especially loyal
Richmond Whig 3/18/1862; description of the laying of the cornerstone of the new Richmond Theater, and the contents placed therein
Richmond Whig 3/18/1862; Capt. Geo. W. Alexander has been appointed Assistant Provost Marshal of Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; lamentation about the large number of frivolous lawyers abounding in the city
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; Governor no longer operating at his house – private office at Capitol, public office upstairs at City Hall
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; 3rd Georgia Hospital, Franklin & 24th, wants 3 black male servants
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; 31 new prisoners installed in warehouses on Main st., 12 of them CSA soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; G. W. Alexander raids house near corner of Cary & 13th. Arrested “some 12 or 15 persons of bad character.”
Richmond Dispatch 3/20/1862; Half a dozen new inmates at Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch

3/18/1862; McCaw adv for 500 negroes (“tobacco hands preferred”) to work at Chimborazo

Richmond Dispatch 3/21/1862; nice details on G. W. Alexander raid, 17th & Cary. Lts. Turner, Emack & Semple assisted. Arrested every male on the block – 89 in all.
Richmond Dispatch

3/21/1862; Tredegar advertises for 40 negroes

Richmond Dispatch 3/22/1862; 14 year old boy run over by train on RF&P tracks near Brook Road
Richmond Dispatch 3/22/1862; 77 Unionists from Loudon County incarcerated in “military prison on Main street.”
Richmond Dispatch 3/24/1862; 7 Unionists arrested in Roanoke county, put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; Lt. George Emack adv for lost cape
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; RYRRR repaired after rain damage
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; paper advocates using the cannon that are on the street corners to be recast
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; Cyrus Bossieux’s Artillery, at Camp Winder, needs 25 more men
Richmond Dispatch 3/25/1862; J. F. Goodwin & J. E. Tanner are raising a company of flying artillery to be attached to the Tredegar Battalion
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; names of latest Castle Godwin prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; paragraph lauding energy & judgment of G. W. Alexander
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; update on spring improvements at Capitol Square
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; 14th Alabama is camped at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 3/26/1862; change of surgeon-in-charge at Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 3/27/1862; 500 Yankee prisoners transferred to Libby & Son’s warehouses
Richmond Dispatch 3/27/1862; worker at Richmond Armory, 7th Street, injured when shell explodes
Richmond Dispatch 3/27/1862; 4 Yankee POWs arrive via the VCRR
Richmond Dispatch 3/27/1862; two “good grinders” needed at Richmond Arsenal
Richmond Whig 3/27/1862; man severely injured in an explosion of a shell at the "Laboratory, on Byrd Island"
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; local barman leaps from 3rd floor of Libby – broken skull & compound fractures of all four limbs!
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; Shockoe Hill Cats and Butchertown Cats are engaging in rock battles, but have not been caught yet
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; one of Talbott & Bro.’s negroes shot
Richmond Dispatch 3/28/1862; body of soldier “rose to surface” at Dock, 20th St.
Richmond Dispatch 3/29/1862; Castle Godwin takes Libby Prison overflow (more than 700 at Libby)
Richmond Dispatch

3/29/1862; Richmond Arsenal employees form company, Jas. D. Brown Capt.

Richmond Dispatch 3/31/1862; recruits, convalescents, et al, to report to Camp Winder ASAP
Richmond Dispatch 3/31/1862; excellent description of Libby Prison, describes good food and hospital
Richmond Dispatch

4/1/1862; 2nd Baptist Church melts bell for “2nd Baptist Church Battery;” John Tanner, of Tredegar, involved

Richmond Dispatch

4/1/1862; death notice for little boy of Charles R. & Jennie Rees.

Richmond Dispatch 4/3/1862; long list of everyone committed to Castle Godwin – date and charge
Richmond Dispatch 4/3/1862; Tredegar wants to buy 50-100 young mules, hire machinists, furnace managers, colliers and blacksmiths, and hire 100-150 negroes
Richmond Whig 4/3/1862; description of Capt. Godwin and his police detectives. Godwin has his office on "Broad, corner of Ninth street." Macubbin is "Chief of Confederate States Military Police"
Richmond Whig 4/3/1862; three ads from Tredegar Iron Works - they need 150 negroes to work at blast furnaces in Botetourt county, 50-100 mules, and machinists and blacksmiths
Richmond Dispatch

4/4/1862; ladies of Richmond donate $113.25 to Chimborazo, originally intended for the proposed “Sidney Hospital”

Richmond Dispatch 4/4/1862; soldier accidentally killed at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; Pryce Lewis and John Scully to be hanged soon at the New Fair Grounds (Camp Lee)
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; several Union officers released from Castle Godwin, including Zenas Bliss
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; B&O RR engine taken from RF&P depot via Broad St. to RYRRR Depot
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; Lt. Semple removes CS soldiers from City Jail and sends them back to their regiments
Richmond Dispatch 4/5/1862; Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works needs nail keg hoops
Richmond Dispatch 4/7/1862; man who leaped from 3rd floor of CS Military Prison (Libby Prison) is dead
Richmond Dispatch 4/7/1862; Tredegar Battalion parades on Capitol Square – more than 200 men. One company has 12-pdr howitzers
Richmond Dispatch 4/7/1862; Co. B Arsenal Battalion organized, officers named. Other Governmental agencies organizing for local defense
Richmond Dispatch 4/7/1862; Tredegar Artillery to organize
Richmond Dispatch 4/8/1862; T. P. Turner and G. W. Alexander make dawn raid on bars, Cary between 17th and 18th.
Richmond Dispatch 4/9/1862; 22 more Yankee POWs arrive, 724 prisoners total - # by category
Richmond Dispatch 4/9/1862; escape attempt of Castle Godwin prisoner foiled
Richmond Dispatch 4/9/1862; statistics of Libby Prison - currently 724 prisoners there
Richmond Dispatch 4/10/1862; religious revival at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch

4/10/1862; List of the staff at Libby Prison [Turner, Emack, Warner, Higginbotham, Ross]. Also names officers commanding the guard. Notes that there were 724 inmates there yesterday, and more are coming in.

Richmond Dispatch 4/10/1862; Man escapes from the State Penitentiary
Richmond Dispatch 4/10/1862; list of Castle Godwin prisoners, confined since March 15
Richmond Dispatch 4/11/1862; letter from Mrs. Maria G. Clopton begging metals for Tredegar for gunboat construction. Mrs. George T. Booker on committee
Richmond Dispatch 4/11/1862; Government lithographers go on strike and are sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/11/1862; Gen. J. R. Anderson ad for male cook for field duty
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; failed escape attempt at Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch

4/11/1862; Chimborazo adv for 50 negro men to work as nurses

Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; old cannon on street corners should be recycled – bell in steeple of Dr. Reed’s Church sent to the Armory to be recycled
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; trial of John Minor Botts has commenced; he was taken from Castle Godwin under guard, and returned in the same manner
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; St. Charles Hotel hosted 1200 guests one recent evening
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; 2nd Alabama Hospital adv for 12-15 men, 5-6 women, “for Hospital purposes.”
Richmond Dispatch 4/12/1862; rent notice, 2 stores under St. Charles Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 4/14/1862; Shakespearian reading at African Church
Richmond Dispatch 4/14/1862; 2 men to Castle Godwin for selling liquor
Richmond Dispatch 4/16/1862; new superintendent for the Richmond and York River Railroad
Richmond Dispatch 4/16/1862; Herbig’s Infirmary Company is training at the New Fair Grounds (Camp Lee)
Richmond Dispatch 4/17/1862; grocer selling butter at illegal price has 100lbs seized and sent to Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 4/17/1862; French diplomat in town, at Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 4/17/1862; sidewalk around the St. Charles Hotel smells bad – needs fumigating
Richmond Dispatch 4/18/1862; list of new Yankee POWs at the “Confederate States Military Prison” (Libby Prison)
Richmond Dispatch 4/18/1862; boy named Ligon, from Church Hill, breaks his leg in horse accident at 21st and Main.
Richmond Dispatch 4/18/1862; A. G. Lane wants to hire 35 to 40 male negroes or boys to nurse at Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; son of Mr. Ligon is thrown from horse and breaks one of his legs
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; man pardoned from the Penitentiary after serving time for placing obstructions on the Central railroad
Richmond Enquirer 4/18/1862; Court of Inquiry for Unionist John Minor Botts meets, and fails to release him from prison
Richmond Dispatch 4/19/1862; boy drowns in canal near Libby Prison; prisoner tried to save him, but was denied.
Richmond Dispatch 4/19/1862; St. George Peachy (Surgeon, Globe Hospital [future GH11]) adv for servants to be nurses, cooks, etc. at new hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 4/19/1862; paragraph urging women to help at hospitals in the coming campaign – apply to Dr. St. G. Peachy (Surgeon, Globe Hospital)
Richmond Dispatch 4/19/1862; Tredegar Battalion to drill on Gamble’s Hill
Richmond Enquirer 4/19/1862; man drowns in the canal at the foot of twentieth street - taken to Dr. Higginbotham at the "Confederate prison in the vicinity", too late to save him
Richmond Whig 4/19/1862; little boy of John M. Francisco, clerk at Libby Prison, falls into the canal and drowns - a prisoner appeals to be allowed to go save the boy but is denied
Richmond Whig 4/19/1862; employee at the "Confederate Arsenal" shoots the master carpenter of the place
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Shooting at C. S. Arsenal – men preparing to present horse to Briscoe Baldwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Michael Gately of Fredericksburg escapes from Franklin Street Guard House – formerly at Castle Godwin – not a soldier
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; 2 wounded POWs from the 3rd Vermont brought to “Confederate States Hospital.”
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Ladies’ Defence Association is building its gunboat opposite Rocketts. Farrand in charge. Note from Maria Clopton on this. Tredegar involved.
Richmond Dispatch 4/21/1862; Richard Reins adv - needs 40 laborers at Camp Winder to grade & drain the place.
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; continuation of Castle Godwin prisoner list – notes a “John Booth” imprisoned for having a “bogus pass” [JWB?]
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; trial of spy Tim Webster completed, no result yet – imprisoned in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; 14 Yankee POWs arrive via the VCRR
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; MCV Hosp needs 4 male nurses & 2 washer-ironers
Richmond Dispatch 4/22/1862; Banner Hospital (future GH12) needs 3 male nurses & 6 negro men
Richmond Dispatch 4/23/1862; Geo. W. Alexander raid nets deserters, bounty jumpers, Castle Godwin escapee
Richmond Dispatch 4/23/1862; list of recently arrived POWs for Libby
Richmond Dispatch 4/23/1862; Tredegar Battalion to muster on Gamble’s Hill, full dress uniform
Richmond Dispatch 4/23/1862; male servants needed, Georgia Hospital 21st & Cary
Richmond Dispatch 4/23/1862; male servants needed, 3rd Georgia Hospital 24th & Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 4/24/1862; Tredegar Battalion parades, 350 strong. Cannon described
Richmond Dispatch 4/24/1862; Lt. R. M. Booker has become one of the Assistant Provost Marshals of the city – he had previously been one of the officers in charge of the C.S. Military Prison on Main street
Richmond Dispatch 4/24/1862; Tredegar trying to exchange “T” rails for “flat or heavy” rails
Richmond Dispatch 4/24/1862; Globe hospital (GH#11) needs bandages
Richmond Enquirer 4/24/1862; Tredegar Battalion parades with the Armory Band in Capitol Square, and is inspected by the Governor
Richmond Dispatch 4/25/1862; Long list of POWs arrived at Libby Prison, 4/23
Richmond Dispatch 4/26/1862; some CSA soldiers sent back to units from Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 4/26/1862; Man released from Castle Godwin after wife’s constant pleas to Captain Alexander
Richmond Dispatch 4/26/1862; counterfeiter to be hanged near New Alms House
Richmond Dispatch 4/26/1862; Franklin Stearns has been released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 4/26/1862; Franklin Stearns, lately confined in Castle Godwin for alleged disloyalty, has been released, and returns to his "Tree Hill" farm
Richmond Examiner 4/26/1862; sick prisoners in Libby
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; soldier of the 21st MI loitering about the "C. S. Military Prisons" [Libby Prison] is taken into custody, assaults "Mr. Ross, clerk of the prison" and Lieut. Turner "who has charge of the prison" sends him to the Provost Marshal. Man attempts to escape, shot at 19th & Cary, rear of Quaker Meeting House, taken to Libby Prison, where he dies
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; slave whipped for stealing corn, VCRR depot
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; strayed cow from Bellevue
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; Richmond Arsenal adv for chemist to make percussion caps
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; Oakwood cemetery is the burial spot for "most, if not all" of the dead from Richmond hospitals; appeal to hold corpses several days before burial
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; 100 free negroes needed as nurses at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; Timothy Webster, a Pinkerton agent, has been condemned to be hung as a spy
Richmond Dispatch 4/28/1862; two prostitutes arrested outside Libby Prison and confined in Libby for the night
Richmond Whig 4/28/1862; A. C. Godwin has resigned as Provost Marshal, and G. W. Griswold is appointed in his place
Richmond Whig 4/28/1862; Franklin Stearns has been released from Castle Godwin, and returns home
Richmond Dispatch 4/29/1862; hung jury in the case of a man who shot the “Sergeant of the Guard at the C. S. Military Prison” last summer
Richmond Dispatch 4/29/1862; John M. Botts at Henrico residence - released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/29/1862; Timothy Webster will be hung today
Richmond Dispatch 4/30/1862; Conditions upon which John M. Botts was released from Castle Godwin: move further South and tell the War Department about it
Richmond Dispatch 4/30/1862; paragraph touting CSMC
Richmond Dispatch 4/30/1862; names of 4 men released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 4/30/1862; very nice recruiting notice for CSMC
Richmond Dispatch 4/30/1862; Co. F, Tredegar Battn to meet at Old Market Hall
Richmond Dispatch 4/30/1862; Details of the execution of Timothy Webster at Camp Lee; "Mrs. Webster" still confined in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch

4/30/1862; Complaint that a barracks master is employed at Chimborazo, now that it has become a hospital - "When the buildings which compose this Hospital were first erected, they were intended for a barracks"

Richmond Whig 4/30/1862; Timothy Webster, Yankee spy, was hung at Camp Lee yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 5/1/1862; Miss Minerva Meredith (future bread rioter) has endured a combined verbal assault – her character is attested to by local police; Mayor Mayo referred to as “his royal rotundity”
Richmond Dispatch 5/1/1862; female “spy” released from Castle Godwin after taking oath
Richmond Dispatch 5/1/1862; 13 new POWs for Libby - 7 of them disloyal citizens of Bath Co.
Richmond Whig 5/1/1862; details on obstructing the James River
Richmond Whig 5/1/1862; John Minor Botts is living in Henrico, after being released from prison. He is instructed to live in the south somewhere and is preparing to depart
Richmond Dispatch 5/2/1862; Winder preparing to parole all enlisted POWs in city
Richmond Dispatch 5/2/1862; runaway slave notice from Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch

5/2/1862; Samuel Hardgrove adv for his runaway slave, who worked at Chimborazo and has been seen around Winder Hospital, trying to hire himself out.

Richmond Examiner 5/2/1862; St. Charles Hotel (GH#8) being used as a hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/3/1862; two men badly injured at CS Lab, 7th St, unloading shell
Richmond Dispatch 5/3/1862; Company F, Tredegar Battalion, to meet
Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; “lunatic” who preached unionism at Washington Monument, Capitol Square,  sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; unusually large shipments of sick soldiers taxes city transportation
Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; paper retracts statement of bodies being carried to cemetery before really dead
Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; railroad tracks on 9th and Broad sts for the “street railway” taken up for use elsewhere
Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; James L. Lepoe sent to Castle Godwin, spy & deserter
Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; adv for servants & nurses for 2nd Alabama Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; YMCA asks for donation to sick at Camp Winder Hosp., via United Presbyterian Church
Richmond Dispatch 5/5/1862; a company of 100 sappers and miners is working to "blockade the river James"
Richmond Enquirer 5/5/1862; reports on victims of an explosion at the C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 5/5/1862; 80 Nurses and Waiters needed at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; escapes & attempts, Castle Godwin & “the guard house on Franklin street.”
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; men not getting to hospitals, sleeping on streets, Libby Hill, etc.
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; Oakwood filling up fast, hospitals crowded – paper suggests the hospitals are “killing off” soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; 3 POWs arrive from Valley - sent to Libby
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; 5/5 Elias Griswold replaces A. C. Godwin as Provost Marshal of Richmond. Godwin to Salisbury to replace Gibbs, who is taking a Battalion to the field. Griswold a lawyer from Maryland Eastern Shore - other details on Elias Griswold
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; JM Holloway, surgeon at Winder, asks ladies to donate old vials
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; A. G. Lane, post surgeon at Winder Hospital, asking Richmond ladies for help
Richmond Dispatch

5/6/1862; Lane, Winder Hospital, wants to hire 6-8 cooks & 20 laundresses

Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; W. N. Smith at Confederate Laboratory, 7th & Arch, needs 200 laborers
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; Jas D. Browne, Supt Arty Workshop, Richmond Arsenal, needs laborers
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; owners of the YMCA hospital, established "next to Crawford's old saloon" complain about "resort for lewd females" across the street
Richmond Dispatch 5/6/1862; supplies needed at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 5/7/1862; paragraph on plans for burning warehouses if Yankees get to Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 5/7/1862; Pa. POW (one) brought to Libby from Valley
Richmond Dispatch 5/7/1862; Dr. F. W. Hancock adv for missing servant
Richmond Enquirer 5/7/1862; congregation of the Disciples church makes a donation to Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/7/1862; tobacco in the city seized and congregated by the Provost Marshal so that it can easily be burned "in an emergency"
Richmond Whig 5/7/1862; Description of Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1862; nice paragraph on city gas works and their use of negroes and laborers (very laudatory toward them)
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1862; paragraph recommending removal of Houdon statue from Capitol
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1862; another paragraph urging donations to Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/8/1862; John Roberts, living on Belle Isle, looking for missing 7-year old daughter
Richmond Enquirer 5/8/1862; notes on the profits of the City Gas Works and the commendable character of the slave labor force there
Richmond Dispatch 5/9/1862; 319 POWs arrive at Libby from Williamsburg, escorted by R. A. Caskie
Richmond Dispatch 5/9/1862; car on city railway collapses, Main betw 13 & 14 - horsedrawn
Richmond Dispatch 5/9/1862; details on a woman arrested for theft at Rocketts, sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 5/9/1862; Camp Winder needs 1000 pillow cases & bed ticks
Richmond Dispatch 5/9/1862; newspaper suggests Old Market Hall as hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/9/1862; list of other miscellaneous Yankees brought to Libby
Richmond Dispatch 5/9/1862; another runaway slave adv from Dr. F. W. Hancock
Richmond Enquirer 5/9/1862; 319 prisoners arrive from Williamsburg - 300 more on the way. All were put in the Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 5/10/1862; Soldiers’ Aid Society to send committee to Winder Hosp every day
Richmond Enquirer 5/10/1862; notes on the Federal officers among the Williamsburg prisoners
Richmond Whig 5/10/1862; Room established for deposit of supplies at Winder Hospital.
Richmond Dispatch 5/12/1862; Libby so crowded, Secretary of War authorizes use of Crew & Pemberton
Richmond Dispatch 5/12/1862; T. P. Turner and Jackson Warner escort 860 Yankee POWs to Newport News. No officers included.
Richmond Enquirer 5/12/1862; nearly 1200 prisoners are now in Richmond - 860 privates paroled and sent off, under charge of Major Warner and Lt. Turner
Richmond Dispatch 5/13/1862; excellent description of the proliferation of prostitution in Richmond, of "both sexes."
Richmond Dispatch

5/13/1862; appeal for ladies to send old garments and rags to Chimborazo for use as dressings

Richmond Dispatch 5/13/1862; More than 800 POWs sent away for exchange
Richmond Dispatch 5/13/1862; body found - little daughter of John Roberts, Belle Isle foundry
Richmond Dispatch 5/13/1862; Peterfield Trent asks City Council to set aside Clay St Chapel as hospital - request denied; quarter ending 4/30: 114 white interments at Shockoe, 16 of them POW
Richmond Dispatch 5/13/1862; runaway notices for 5 slaves from Tredegar
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; daughter of a worker at the Belle Isle works drowns - body recovered near the Danville Bridge
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; Catesby Jones and Robert Pegram arrive in town, along with the 450 crewmen of the C. S. S. Virginia
Richmond Enquirer 5/13/1862; 913 Yankee POWs in the city
Richmond Dispatch

5/14/1862; description of the exchange of 860 prisoners from “Libby’s and other factories;” Lieut. Turner escorts them down and encounters the Monitor, Galena and Steven’s Battery on their way to Richmond. On the way back up, the returned prisoners were taken off the boats, and the boats (Curtis Peck, Northampton and Jamestown) scuttled in the channel to obstruct the river prior to the battle at Drewry’s Bluff

Richmond Dispatch 5/14/1862; 7 POWs from Valley placed in Libby, including a Colonel
Richmond Dispatch 5/14/1862; Wise Mounted Guard to report to camp at “Camp Howard’s Grove”
Richmond Dispatch 5/15/1862; “Corinth” volunteers to join 100 other men to storm aboard Union fleet if it reaches Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 5/15/1862; Men wishing to be sharpshooters along river bank to gather at Washington Monument
Richmond Dispatch 5/15/1862; Editorial regret that Clay St Chapel not used as hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/15/1862; officers from Libby Prison & “fifty of the hardest subjects” from Castle Godwin to go to Salisbury
Richmond Dispatch 5/15/1862; Important dispatch from Drewry’s Bluff
Richmond Dispatch 5/15/1862; mare stolen from Gen. J. R. Anderson’s stable
Charleston Mercury 5/16/1862; description of anticipation in Richmond on the eve of the naval battle of Drewry's Bluff
Richmond Dispatch 5/16/1862; one of Castle Godwin political prisoners acquitted
Richmond Dispatch 5/16/1862; Dr. Jas. Mercer Green, Surgeon in charge 3rd Georgia Hospital orders outpatients to return
Richmond Dispatch 5/16/1862; report on meeting at City Hall for city defense. Tredegar Battalion key part of city defences; Mayor Mayo says he would rather die than surrender the city
Richmond Dispatch 5/18/1862; Ladies requested to visit Winder Hospital as nurses
Richmond Dispatch 5/18/1862; Chimborazo needs bandages
Richmond Dispatch 5/19/1862; details on the fight at Drewry’s Bluff, including casualties, from a Petersburg paper
Richmond Dispatch 5/19/1862; free negro servant of Dr. E. G. Higginbotham at Libby Prison hospital killed by sentinel
Richmond Dispatch 5/19/1862; about 45 new POWs arrive in town and taken to Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 5/19/1862; Letter on Drewry’s Bluff – notes the commanders of the various guns
Richmond Dispatch 5/19/1862; adv for chief washer at Byrd Island Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/19/1862; Capt. J. F. Goodwin orders Co. F, Tredegar Battalion to assemble for meeting
Richmond Dispatch 5/19/1862; W. A. W. Spotswood, Surg. CSN, having trouble organizing local CSN Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/19/1862; servant of Dr. Higginbotham shot and killed by a sentinel at Libby Prison while sweeping out the hospital
Richmond Enquirer 5/19/1862; Soldiers returning to duty will report to Camp Winder
New York Herald 5/19/1862; wonderful Northern perspective on the naval battle at Drewry's Bluff
Richmond Dispatch 5/20/1862; Naval Hospital established at Harwood's Factory
Richmond Dispatch 5/20/1862; inventor of Williams’ Mounted Rifle to have demonstration at Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch 5/20/1862; little boy hurt by falling from wall at St. John’s Churchyard
Richmond Dispatch 5/20/1862; George W. Alexander carried the dispatches from Drewry’s Bluff to Richmond; Lt. James H. Rochelle manned “gun No. 2” during the fight
Richmond Dispatch 5/20/1862; C. D. Rice, Surgeon 3d Division Winder, needs cooks & laundresses
Richmond Dispatch 5/20/1862; Jackson Warner adv from Libby Prison for stolen horse
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1862; 6 men from Ohio unit put in Libby
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1862; editorial protest against skinny dippers in stream at Hollywood & canal
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1862; Castle Godwin update. Frederick Shaffer replaces Geo. Frebmyer as warden - 60 prisoners, neat, clean, well-run, etc. G.W. Alexander praised
Richmond Dispatch 5/21/1862; little girls hold fund-raiser - donate $100 to Camp Winder
Richmond Enquirer 5/21/1862; 12 or 13 Yankee POWs arrive via the Danville RR, and are quartered in Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 5/22/1862; kindly-treated poor woman names son after G. W. Alexander
Richmond Dispatch 5/22/1862; Alexander arrests fake officer at American Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 5/22/1862; details of murder at the "tall white brick house on the left hand side of Main street, where the street turns towards Rocketts."
Richmond Dispatch 5/22/1862; Warner Lewis, ADC to J. H. Winder, raising company for garrison, guard & prison duty
Richmond Dispatch 5/22/1862; G. W. Alexander says men are impersonating his officers
Richmond Dispatch 5/23/1862; prisoner shot by guard at Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 5/23/1862; Edward Conner, 21 Miss, stabbed to death at Rocketts - dies at 4th Georgia Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 5/23/1862; Samuel Fisher is Surgeon in Charge, Greanor’s Hosp.
Richmond Dispatch 5/23/1862; J. A. S. Milligan Acting Surgeon in Charge, 2nd Georgia Hosp
Richmond Dispatch 5/23/1862; O. A. Crenshaw is Surgeon in Charge, Royster Hosp
Richmond Dispatch 5/23/1862; Chas. Bell Gibson is Surgeon in Charge, GH#1
Richmond Enquirer 5/23/1862; coroner's inquest held at the Fourth Georgia Hospital
New York Evening Post 5/23/1862; incredibly important description of the Battle of Drewry’s Bluff from the commander of the Naugatuck (Stevens’ Battery)
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; Mr. Jas. D. Browne, Supt. Arsenal, wants 5000 barrels charcoal
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; Lowe’s balloon visible in city
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; important details on companies at Drewry’s Bluff during the fight that did "fatigue duty" and helped clear collapsed casemate, and took casualties while doing so
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; Wm. Semple, Gwathmey House Hosp (lately known as Maryland House Hosp) warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; A. Y. P. Garnett, Byrd Island Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; St. George Peachy, Globe Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; L. S. Joynes, MCV Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; AS Jas V. Cook at Louisiana Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; W. A. Thom at Banner Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/24/1862; McCaw warns Chimborazo out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Whig 5/24/1862; reiteration that Camp Winder needs provisions
Richmond Dispatch 5/26/1862; paragraph reminds readers of Emack’s recruiting for Md. Line
Richmond Dispatch 5/26/1862; accidental shooting in front of Exchange Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 5/26/1862; details on Tom Rosser wound. Recuperating at Dr. Gibson’s Franklin St
Richmond Dispatch 5/26/1862; J. D. Morgan at First Alabama Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/26/1862; Paul DeLacy Baker at Second Alabama Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/26/1862; C. J. Clark at Third Alabama Hospital, warns out-patients to report or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 5/26/1862; Capt. W. H. Howard summons Partisan Company to Howard’s Grove camp
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; prisoners from state penitentiary mow grass on Capitol Square
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; Va. Central RR given permission to lay temporary track from its depot to RF&P depot
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; paragraph lauding work of ladies at Henningsen Hosp.
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; account of shooting in front of Exchange ends fatally. Victim belonged to G. W. Alexander
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; Richard Barry, Caskie’s Mounted Rangers, shot by Provost Guard in front of Seabrook’s Warehouse. Taken to Alexander Hospital on Franklin St.
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; Capt. V. Maurin at Louisiana Hospital adv for stolen horse (from there)
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; Surg. Addison C. Fox wants nurses, cooks, laundresses. He in charge of Howard Hosp., north side of Main betw 25 & 26
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; Asst Surg George Ross in charge Crew Factory Hosp., corner 21 & Cary, wants 30 male negro nurses, 15 laundresses, 10 cooks, and a steward, wardmaster, & clerk
Richmond Dispatch 5/27/1862; J. B. Ficklin, Asst. Surg. In Charge, 4th Ga. Hospital orders out-patients to report
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; Winder Hospital needs empty vials to be sent there
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; YMCA appoints man to assist at Camp Winder
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; soldier shot in front of Seabrook's warehouse
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; "Vandalism" at Hollywood cemetery - to wit: flowers picked from the grounds and trees disturbed
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; City Council meets to allow the Va. Central Railroad to erect a temporary track up Broad street to connect it with the Fredericksburg depot
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; Provost Marshal raids a "rum shop" and hauls off the offender to the civilian prison
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; body servant of G. W. Alexander died from an accidental gunshot wound
Richmond Enquirer 5/27/1862; soldier escapes from the "Confederate Guard House, on Franklin street" and promptly recaptured - he broke his ankle in the escape
Richmond Dispatch 5/28/1862; contributions for Winder Hospital are being accepted at two Richmond stores
Richmond Dispatch

5/28/1862; names of men returned to duty from "the five Chimborazo Hospitals" are posted daily

Richmond Dispatch 5/28/1862; track connecting RF&P w/ Va Central commenced immediately once permission granted
Richmond Dispatch 5/28/1862; Lt. F. L. Hoge offers rewards for list of deserters. To be brought to Naval Encampment, Fort Randolph, Drewry’s Bluff
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; Va. Central RR is building their temporary track up Broad street to connect with the RF&P
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; four or five balloons seen floating over the Yankee and Confederate lines
Richmond Enquirer 5/28/1862; brief description of fighting at Hanover Court House. 56 prisoners brought to Richmond.
Richmond Dispatch 5/29/1862; U. S. Hotel apparently vacant. Man mugged inside & illegal bar found on 3rd floor. Muggers taken to Castle Godwin.
Richmond Dispatch 5/29/1862; details on a few of the latest Libby POWs
Richmond Dispatch 5/29/1862; Ladies making hospital bedding at St. Paul’s church
Richmond Dispatch 5/29/1862; new rates for black patients at Bellevue Hosp.
Richmond Dispatch 5/29/1862; F. C. Ellison is Asst. Surg 1Ga Hosp
Richmond Enquirer 5/29/1862; man mugged at the United States Hotel - perpetrators hauled off to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 5/30/1862; Monumental Church ladies sewing beds for hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 5/30/1862; Mr. J. W. Drewry was conspicuous during the fight at Drewry’s Bluff keeping men cool under fire
Richmond Dispatch 5/31/1862; Man jailed at Castle Godwin for hanging his female slave
Richmond Dispatch 5/31/1862; paragraph on new Hosps: Keen, Baldwin & Wms. (descr.)/ Ginter, Alvery & Arents/Kents
Richmond Dispatch 5/31/1862; escape attempt from Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 5/31/1862; ladies of the various churches are requested to make bedding for the hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 5/31/1862; temporary track of the Va. Central RR has succeeded in removing their engines to the RF&P depot
Charleston Mercury 6/2/1862; excellent description of the Battle of Seven Pines - mentions Joseph R. Anderson and other CSA generals
Richmond Dispatch

6/2/1862; Michael Garrity, deserter in Franklin St. Guard House, shot trying to escape

Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; citizens urged to go to RYRRR depot with supplies, mattresses, etc
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; Gaines’ Battery thanks Mrs. R. Adams for meal. Spent night of 5/28-29 on steps of Custom House
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; 5 surgeons shot at 7 Pines, 4 from Hatton’s Brigade
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; Dr. J. H. Jones, Manchester Hosp., digs out explosive bullet from leg of soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; Extravagant story about detective Cashmeyer killing Yanks at Seven Pines
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; About 50 new POWs from Seven Pines. Officers listed. Dr. Higginbotham mentioned.
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; Nice paragraph about receipt of wounded - says Seabrook’s Receiving Hospital open
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; Dr. Wm. Alex. Thom at Seabrook’s urges all competent physicians to report there, w/ their instruments
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; Griswold urges all mattresses turned in for use of wounded
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; Adv for lost $ - deliver it to Wm. R. Smith, steward, Chimborazo #3
Richmond Dispatch 6/2/1862; T. S. Rhett adv for strayed horse - he at Btty #3
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; Dr. E. S. Gaillard’s arm indeed amputated
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; 2 Yankee officers among new batch of POWs
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; Christian & Lea tobacco factory just opened as hosp - badly needs provisions
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; Jno Jones, Hospital Committee says surgeons badly needed at Seabrook’s
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; Volunteer female nurses to convene at Byrd Island Hosp.
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; Baldwin & Williams announce they’ve been evicted by govt - bldg to be a hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; female laundresses needed at Byrd Island Hosp.
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; Surg. S W. Minor, CSN Hospital, Governor St., adv for Steward
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; Chimborazo need refrigerators for ice
Richmond Dispatch 6/3/1862; “Alms House Hospital” (GH#1) is in need of nurses and provisions; gives a good description of the hospital, and mentions the Sisters of Charity helping at the hospital
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; people who have beef and hog bladders are requested to send them to the hospitals to use as ice bags
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; anyone with furniture wagons or buggies should bring them to the York River depot to transport the wounded
Richmond Enquirer 6/3/1862; ladies who work at the Bird Island Hospital will please meet at the hospital today and bring men's underclothes with them
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; a "touching incident" at Seabrook's Hospital (GH#9)
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; New hospital established at the Spottswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; New hospital established at Ridge Church (in the west end)
Richmond Dispatch

6/4/1862; good, long hospital directory

Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; Dibrell’s Warehouse near RYRRR impressed into hospital duty
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; Many churches sent pew cushions to Med. Dir
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; 560 POWs sent away on 6/3
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; long article on RR accident in city, on 8th st - two injuries, canal bridge damaged, etc. On tracks connecting R&P w/ RF&P. Also boy run over on Broad, on connecting tracts between RF&P & Va. Cent. Byrd Island Hospital and Spotswood Hotel mentioned.
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; F. Sorrell, Inspector of Hospitals, orders all patients to register
Richmond Dispatch 6/4/1862; cows and animals straying into Capitol Square will be shot
Richmond Enquirer 6/4/1862; gratuitous praise for ladies working in hospitals
Richmond Examiner 6/4/1862; ladies needed to help at GH#1
Richmond Whig 6/4/1862; attendants are needed at the hospitals; St. Charles Hospital is in a very nasty condition
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; conditions at Seabrook's (GH#9)
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; Enormous list of WIA at Chimborazo
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; 3 officers captured at Corinth are brought to Libby
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; List of 21 POWs at Castle Godwin to be sent South. Also now 130 traitors in Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; List of YMCA donations to GH#1, St. Charles, Byrd Island Hospital, Globe & Richardson.
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; R. W. Lunday, Surgeon in Charge at Kent, Paine & Co, badly wants shirts, pants, bedding
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; Sycamore Church ladies making bed sacks
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; Kent, Paine & Co Hospital requests loan of refrigerator
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; death notice for Lucy Elizabeth Pollard, wife of Dr. S. E. Habersham
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; McCaw & Steward W. K. Smith (Div #3) adv for 2 bakers for "Chimborazo Bakery"
Richmond Dispatch 6/5/1862; Hospital Directory
Richmond Enquirer 6/5/1862; description of accidents involving freeloading boys on the new connecting railway between the Central road and the RF&P up Broad street.
Richmond Whig 6/5/1862; 103 patients are at the Kent Hospital (GH#5); list of six soldiers who have died there
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; 2 female prisoners at Castle Godwin to be sent home
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Man temporarily escapes from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; 139 wounded POWs at CS Hospital Cary St. Many others at Seabrook’s
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; City Arms Hotel Hosp., 15th St., established by Capt. Alexander; McDaniel’s Jail known as Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Jas. Summerfield in Asst. PM guard house, 6th & Cary. To be tried for bounty jumping. Member of Letcher & Deas Arty., among others.
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; List of wounded in Mrs. Jackson’s Hosp., Franklin between 4 & 5
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Dr. A. G. Lane denies rumor that smallpox at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Chas. Bell Gibson needs 20 male nurses and 10 washerwomen for General Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Capt. Norris Montgomery adv for 2 negroes
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; casualty list from Seven Pines, listing the hospitals where wounded were taken.
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; two ladies released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 6/6/1862; 20 nurses and 12 laundresses needed at Gen. Hos. #1
Richmond Whig 6/6/1862; 20 nurses needed at General Hospital #1
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; 2 female prisoners at Castle Godwin to be sent home
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Man temporarily escapes from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; 139 wounded POWs at CS Hospital Cary St. Many others at Seabrook’s
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; City Arms Hotel Hosp., 15th St., established by Capt. Alexander; McDaniel’s Jail known as Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Jas. Summerfield in Asst. PM guard house, 6th & Cary. To be tried for bounty jumping. Member of Letcher & Deas Arty., among others.
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; List of wounded in Mrs. Jackson’s Hosp., Franklin between 4 & 5
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Dr. A. G. Lane denies rumor that smallpox at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Chas. Bell Gibson needs 20 male nurses and 10 washerwomen for General Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Capt. Norris Montgomery adv for 2 negroes
Richmond Dispatch 6/6/1862; Hospital directory
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; frame work of Mayo Bridge threatened by flooding; flood produced 2 ft water in basement of Libby Prison & CS Machine Ship (Talbott’s) had 3-4 feet.
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; 93NY deserter brought in to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; CSS Teaser anchored at foot of 21st St.
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; Henry, employed at Chimborazo, caught with stolen sugar
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; List of donors & provisions for area hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; Mrs. Wyatt thanked by GH#1 for donations
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; Matron & nurses wanted at Moore Hosp, ex-Harwood’s Factory
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; poem by G. W. Alexander, "The Dying Alabamian"
Richmond Dispatch 6/7/1862; Hospital Directory
Richmond Enquirer 6/7/1862; accident at the Petersburg RR depot - man's leg maimed by incoming train. Taken to Bird Island Hospital
Charleston Mercury 6/9/1862; Description of the Battle of Seven Pines - notes that Capt. Elliot is raising a force for local defense; mentions the South Carolina Hospital in Manchester, Chimborazo, Winder, and the Alms House Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/9/1862; Hospital Directory
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; A. C. Godwin memo to J. H. Winder regarding 2 POWs chosen as hostages
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; details of operation at St. Charles Hosp., on Jesse Wright, 9 Va. Surgeons were W. E. Kemble, C. Carter, Z. B. Herndon. Also D. C. Jones, ex - 4TX, now AAS at Kent-Paine Hosp.
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; Steward at Winder #4 acknowledges receipt of provisions
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; Christian & Lea Hosp., 20th betw Main & Franklin, needs cook & 3 Washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; Brooks Arty camped at Battery #3
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; Excellent adv for Medical College Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; Hospital Directory
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; temporary tracks on Broad street, connecting the RF&P and VA Central RRs are doing good work
Richmond Dispatch 6/10/1862; G. W. Alexander has issued an order that no "young misses" be allowed in the hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; editorial urging appointment of someone to look after deceased soldiers' effects. Relates a grim incident at Chimborazo.
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; casualty list from Seven Pines, listing the hospitals where wounded were taken.
Richmond Enquirer 6/10/1862; Office of Inspector of Hospitals has the location of sick soldiers
Richmond Whig

6/10/1862; Godwin announces the names of two captains in the “Confederate States Military Prison” [Libby Prison] to be held as hostages in retaliation for two Confederate captains

Richmond Whig

6/10/1862; notice from Griswold that all detectives will carry certificates of identification

Richmond Dispatch 6/11/1862; patient at Chimborazo, denied a furlough, cuts his own throat
Richmond Dispatch 6/11/1862; 128 Federal prisoners at Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/11/1862; new hospital to open in warehouse on 6th St., between Cary & Canal; Division #2 at Winder Hospital is a model of tidiness and cleanliness
Richmond Dispatch 6/11/1862; long descriptive list of CSMC AWOLs
Richmond Dispatch 6/11/1862; Hospital Directory
Richmond Enquirer 6/11/1862; Danville Railroad shops have been fitted up as a hospital, capacity of 500. Praises the site and accommodation
Richmond Whig

6/11/1862; Dr. Lunday, Surgeon at Kent Hospital [GH#5] receives $15 from two donors

Richmond Dispatch 6/12/1862; Hospital Directory
Richmond Dispatch 6/12/1862; 2 men discharged from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 6/12/1862; popularity of Capitol Square re-confirmed
Richmond Dispatch 6/12/1862; 3 boys steal horse - jailed for a day at Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/12/1862; servants needed at 3rd Ga. Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/12/1862; W. N. Smith adv - needs 100 young ladies to make cartridges at C. S. Lab
Richmond Dispatch 6/13/1862; POW from 73NY brought in
Richmond Dispatch 6/13/1862; CS Commissioner examines Castle Godwin’s political prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 6/13/1862; one of the sunken boats in the James River at Drewry’s Bluff has been turned around during a recent flood - her wheels begin to turn again
Richmond Dispatch 6/13/1862; accusation that the Secretary of War and Engineering Departments have failed to support the Sapper & Miner Company in their efforts at Drewry’s Bluff
Richmond Dispatch 6/13/1862; 2 moonshiners caught - sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/13/1862; Hospital Directory
Richmond Dispatch 6/14/1862; 15 POWs arrive at Libby from Valley
Richmond Dispatch 6/14/1862; Byrd Island Hospital adv for matron
Richmond Whig

6/14/1862; Communication from Dr. Middleton Michel at the South Carolina Hospital; names ladies who help at the hospital

Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; General Hospital #13 established
Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; Paper backs away from complaints about the lack of support by "high officials" for the engineering efforts at Drewry’s Bluff.
Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; local resident A. O. Brummel released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; man escapes from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; YMCA Hospital established on Clay street between 5th & 6th. Dr. W. H. Gwathmey phys., Mrs. C. E. Mayo is matron
Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; 158 prisoners arrive at Libby, plus 8 slave. All caught by JEB Stuart. Mr. Braxton Garlick of New Kent county identified several of slaves as his
Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; YMCA’s "Samaritan Hospital" opened 6/1 - Clay St., between 5th & 6th
Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; Frank Boylan commanding sapper & miners - camped at Drewry's Bluff - all AWOLs report
Richmond Dispatch 6/16/1862; Jas T. Durrett at Chimborazo Hospital adv for lost check
Richmond Whig 6/16/1862; 160 prisoners captured by Gen. Stuart are brought to "the Libby prison"
Richmond Whig 6/16/1862; Samaritan Hospital, on Clay between 5th and 6th, was opened on 6/1 under the auspices of the YMCA
Richmond Dispatch

6/17/1862; Hospital Directory

Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; Capt. Bossieux’s Co doing provost duty. Arrested more than 50 AWOLs on Saturday
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; local cabinet maker sent to Castle Godwin for “seditious language”
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; Jim Cook "celebrated toddy mixer" put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; paragraph on G. W. Alexander, now AAG to Winder by late promotion
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; guard has been established on the James River bridges – no one allowed across after 10 PM
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; Rev. Martin promoted from Chimborazo to 1Va Chaplain
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; Lt. W. S. Leake, C12BnVaLA, strayed horse from Battery #7
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; Gen. Hosp needs 20 gallons milk per day. J. S. Dorset acting steward
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; CS Navy Hospital, 13th near Main, needs washers, scrubbers, negro nurses
Richmond Dispatch 6/17/1862; V. W. Harrison signs as Asst. Surgeon in charge of Royster Hospital (future GH#20)
Richmond Enquirer 6/17/1862; Praise for Capt. G. W. Alexander, and notes his promotion to Assistant Adjutant General to Gen. Winder. Notes that he is one of the "handsomest men in the Confederate service."
Richmond Whig 6/17/1862; Kent & Paine Hospital (GH#5) receives donation of $135
Richmond Dispatch 6/18/1862; nice paragraph on the “new and beautiful” Oakwood Cemetery – “it has been chosen as the spot on which to inter the remains of our brave volunteers who die in Richmond of sickness or wounds.”
Richmond Dispatch 6/18/1862; 11 POWs arrive for Libby
Richmond Dispatch 6/18/1862; Prof. Jas. C. Patton of Petersburg authorized to construct balloon for army
Richmond Dispatch 6/18/1862; outpatients must report to 3rd Ga Hosp - Surg. Jas. Mercer Green in charge
Richmond Whig 6/18/1862; daughter of Mrs. Rose Greenhow recognizes a Yankee spy at the Exchange Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 6/19/1862; Richmond Female Institute turned into a hospital (GH#4)
Richmond Dispatch 6/19/1862; ad for a stolen cow from “J. D. Goodman’s Brewry, near Chimborazo Hospital”
Richmond Dispatch 6/19/1862; C. R. Rees’ slave jailed for theft
Richmond Dispatch 6/19/1862; member of A9Ala shot at R&P RR bridge in scuffle with picket
Richmond Dispatch 6/19/1862; Fred Keyser, alias Wm. Schultz, escapes briefly from Castle Godwin by putting on blackface
Richmond Dispatch 6/19/1862; Dr. Shuford at Chimborazo Hospital - from Alabama? – adv for runaway slave
Richmond Dispatch 6/19/1862; refrigerator needed at Christian & Lea’s factory
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; man attempts to escape Castle Godwin by blacking his face to look like a negro - recaptured after a chase through Butchertown and "bucked."
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; drunk Alabama Sergeant attempts to cross the Petersburg RR bridge and is arrested - resists arrest, shot, and sent to Kent & Paine Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; soldier in ward no. 78, Division 4, Winder Hospital seeks his aunt, who is in town
Richmond Enquirer 6/19/1862; Bailey's Factory Hospital requests ladies turn over their empty vials to them
Wadesboro North Carolina Argus 6/19/1862; great description of Robertson Hospital
Richmond Whig 6/19/1862; description of Dr. Gaillard’s wounding at the battle of Seven Pines
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; 11 POWs brought to Libby
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; "the" city rail car breaks down "at the turning on Main street."
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; Wm. H. Coffin, Surg in charge at Seabrook’s, gives list of recent dead
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; Wm. Headen, steward at Louisiana Hospital, wants 20 colored boys
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; Wm. Alex. Thom orders AWOLs to Banner Hosp.
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; W. Otho Hill, Asst. Surg., at Battery #7, adv for 2 runaway slaves, from Liggon Hosp
Richmond Dispatch 6/20/1862; John Eubank, 12BnLA at Battery #7, advertises reward for the arrest “and safe delivery at Castle Godwin” of AWOL
Richmond Enquirer 6/20/1862; Seven Pines wounded cleared from hospitals; less than 900 under treatment; mortality small; half ready for service
Richmond Whig 6/20/1862; humorous inscription on a Yankee’s headstone outside Richmond.
Richmond Dispatch 6/21/1862; 5 POWs arrive
Richmond Dispatch 6/21/1862; great story about family & dog near Rocketts
Richmond Dispatch 6/21/1862; V. W. Harrison, Asst. Surg. In charge, Royster Hosp., orders absentees to report
Richmond Dispatch 6/21/1862; G.O. #1, Prison Series, from Winder: W. S. Winder, AAG, in charge of prison corresp. Capt. Henry Wirtz in charge of new district covering Manchester & Bridges
Richmond Dispatch 6/21/1862; editorial paragraph relating that the hospitals are beginning to empty out
Richmond Enquirer 6/21/1862; All out-patients at the Banner Hospital (GH#12) must report immediately, or be reported as deserters
Richmond Examiner 6/21/1862; four prisoners arrive at Libby Prison
Richmond Whig 6/21/1862; Henningsen Hospital receives supplies
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; 2nd class juvenile militia company guarding Libby Prison stages mutiny
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; Henry Wirtz’s office is in Manchester
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; 1 Yankee POW brought to Libby; several 15Va men jailed for various offenses
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; 23 deserters brought into Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; Three AWOLs from H18Va not deserters - detailed as nurses at Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; Capt. Jno T. Smith 13 Ala letter, complaining of poor care at Seabrook’s Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/23/1862; ad for the Wise Mounted Guard to report to “Camp Pleasant, to the left of Chimborazo Hospital”
Richmond Examiner 6/23/1862; account of refusal of the guard at Libby Prison to do duty there
Richmond Whig 6/23/1862; Bacon & Baskerville’s Warehouse has been taken as a hospital – the company gives instructions where to find the office now
Richmond Dispatch 6/24/1862; Josephine Rupert, lady making “equipments for the soldiers” at St. Paul’s Church falls through trap door in belfry - not badly injured
Richmond Dispatch 6/24/1862; Jas. Mercer Green, Surg. 3d Ga. Hosp., 24th & Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 6/24/1862; Dr. J. S. Slater, Moore Hosp., selling a horse
Richmond Dispatch 6/24/1862; young ladies plan fund-raising fair at James D. Brown’s home, Pratt’s Castle
Richmond Whig 6/24/1862; many unburied bodies are lying outside at Oakwood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 6/24/1862; "shocking outrage" at Oakwood Cemetery - bodies are left out in the open due to lack of hands to bury them quickly
Richmond Dispatch

6/25/1862; Eight POWs arrive. One named

Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; Georgian confined in the “guard house of the Western District, corner of 6th and Cary,” shot and killed while trying to escape
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; Unnamed soldier attempts suicide. Now a patient at St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; Rebuttal to Seabrook’s accusations, by Dr. Wm. H. Coffin, surg. in charge
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; Capt. Barlow’s Co at Battery #2
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; Crawford’s Saloon, 10th St., for rent
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; 3rd Ga. Hospital needs washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 6/25/1862; C. J. Clark, Surgeon in charge "Ala hospitals"
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; man makes a repeated escape from the C. S. Prison at the corner of 6th and Cary Streets (Castle Booker/Castle Lightning)
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; man shot and killed while attempting to escape from the C. S. Prison at the corner of 6th and Cary Streets (Castle Booker/Castle Lightning)
Richmond Enquirer 6/25/1862; soldier attempts to kill himself and is taken to the St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/26/1862; Surg. Thos. M. Palmer, 2nd Fla., lost horse. Pryor’s Bgd near tollgate, Williamsburg Rd
Richmond Dispatch 6/26/1862; J. R. Anderson adv for oak timber for Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch 6/26/1862; Capt. J. DeLagnel, "Commdt of Post" at Batty #8, passes resolutions on death of Capt. E. F. Bowyer, Botetourt Arty. Lt. A. Austin Smith part of Committee
Richmond Enquirer 6/26/1862; new hospitals have been opened "in the lower part of the city" in anticipation of "the next fight." Hospitals previously established have been emptied. Masons offer their lodges as hospitals, but are turned down
Richmond Enquirer 6/26/1862; man makes a donation to Captain G. W. Alexander for the benefits of the patients in the "Alexander Hospital."
Yorkville (S.C.) Enquirer 6/26/1862; details on the Manchester Hospital for South Carolinians
Yorkville (S.C.) Enquirer 6/26/1862; Details of J. Rufus Bratton, a surgeon at Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/27/1862; U. S. Hotel being fumigated - to open as hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/27/1862; fair for benefit of wounded soldiers to be held at Pratt’s Castle tonight – Armory Band to play, and ice cream to be served
Richmond Dispatch 6/27/1862; D. L. McLaughlin, Asst Surg in charge of Crew’s Factory Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 6/27/1862; O. A. Crenshaw, in charge Union Hotel Hosp., wants 20 male nurses & 10 laundresses
Richmond Examiner 6/27/1862; U. S. Hotel (GH#10) to be converted to hospital use
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1862; J. B. McCaw adv for lost horse. Address on 5th st between Grace and Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1862; John Redford, Oakwood Cemetery, adv for runaway slave
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1862; editorial on hospital access. Gives anecdote about Seabrook’s
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1862; 18 dead from 48 NC buried in Oakwood Cemetery. Chaplain McCabe presides.
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1862; Enormous list of wounded by hospital: Central Depot; Third Georgia; Royster; First Alabama; St. Charles; Keen, Baldwin & Williams; Kent; Christian & Lea’s; Ligon; Globe; Third Alabama; Institute; Fourth Georgia
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1862; V. W. Harrison, Surg in charge Royster Hosp adv for nurses
Richmond Dispatch 6/28/1862; Dr. J. S. Slater, Moore Hosp., selling his horse
Richmond Whig

6/28/1862; 30 prisoners brought to Libby Prison – lists regiments

Richmond Whig 6/28/1862; J. M. Daniel, editor of the Examiner, had his arm “shattered” by a ball at Gaines’ Mill.
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1862; Another huge hospital list: Seabrook’s; Banner; Christian & Lea’s; Globe; Moore; Howard; Royster; Central Depot; First Alabama; Third Alabama; First Georgia; Second Georgia; Third Georgia
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1862; soldier accidentally shoots self on steps of Exchange Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1862; Yankee POW tries to pass counterfeit money. Transferred to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1862; Long list of POWs arriving in town, all officers, about 75 names
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1862; F. M Parrish, steward at MCV Hosp., needs 1000 lbs straw for hosp. beds
Richmond Dispatch 6/30/1862; Dr. C. B. Gibson at G. H. wants 20 servants, black or white
Richmond Whig 6/30/1862; Surg. Lane advertises for two slaves who ran away from the 2nd Division of Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; 271 POWs arrive at Libby. Some of the officers named
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; list of patients at Moore Hospital, Ligon Hospital, Second Georgia Hospital, Third Georgia Hospital, Howard’s Grove, & Fourth Georgia Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; George S. Hite, patient at Chimborazo, looking for his father, Dr. W. M. Hite
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; Boylan orders Sappers & Miners to report to Camp Lee. Company to be disbanded
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; C. S. Cavalry escorting POWS on 6/29 brings 3 flags: U.S., N. J. State flag, & Massachusetts regimental flag. Deposited in War Office.
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; "Libby buildings" are insufficient to hold the influx of Union prisoners - new prison being fitted up on 18th street (probably Smith's)
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; $1200 in counterfeit C. S. notes found in Libby Prison; Gen. Winder has declared possession of bogus notes a criminal offense.
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; Seaman's Bethel church, 20th street, has been taken as a hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/1/1862; any more Yankees brought to the city will be housed in Warwick and Barksdale's mills (Gallego Mills)
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; paragraph on wounded committee & on ladies at hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; nearly 1000 POWs arrived on 7/1. Some officers named. McCall at Spotswood – paroled to stay in city. He will be moved to “the quarters now being prepared on 18th street” when they are ready for “all the abolition officers”
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; J. B. McCaw still adv. for strayed horse
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; ambulance committee using omnibuses from Petersburg railroads
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; important article on RYRRR Bridge over the Chickahominy
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; Christian & Lea's Hospital (GH#13) receives donation from YMCA
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; fair to benefit soldiers to be held at Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; Georgia Relief and Hospital Association is at Crew & Pemberton's factory (GH#15)
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; Cooks and nurses needed at GH#27
Richmond Dispatch 7/2/1862; 20 male nurses and 10 laundresses needed at Union Hotel Hospital (GH#10)
Richmond Examiner 7/2/1862; list of prisons in use at Richmond, including Libby and others
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; Details of J. R. Anderson’s wounding
Richmond Dispatch

7/3/1862; more than 4000 POWs in town – names of a few recent prisoners

Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; Dr. Edwin S. Ray, at Chimborazo #3, adv. for strayed horse
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; the market is full of goods, but no diminution of prices
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; Richmond Railway stables near corner 24th and Main adv for lost horse
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; Dr. C. M. Hunter, St. Charles Hotel, adv. for strayed horse
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; G. W. Alexander at Castle Godwin says negro of Jas. Bates now confined there
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; YMCA Samaritan Hospital acknowledges donations; Jno. D. K. Sleight is Supt.
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; wounded temporarily at Old Market Hall & store of Angus & Byerly. Need attention & transfer to real hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; provisions for wounded should be sent to hospital at 25th and Main
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; “Strong-minded female” captured and interrogated by G. W. Alexander
Richmond Dispatch 7/3/1862; Old U. S. Hotel turned into a hospital (GH#10)
Richmond Enquirer 7/3/1862; wounded Confederates have temporarily been placed in the store of Angus & Byerly at the Old Market
Richmond Whig 7/3/1862; article describing the destruction along the Richmond and York River RR following the Seven Days.
Richmond Whig 7/3/1862; brief description of the Confederate Reading Room on 11th north of Main
Richmond Whig 7/3/1862; provisions for the wounded will be sent to the corner of 25th and Main
Richmond Dispatch 7/4/1862; donations needed at Bacon & Baskerville Hospital (GH#7)
Richmond Dispatch 7/4/1862; wounded soldiers at the Old Market Hall and at the store of Angus and Byerly need supplies
Richmond Dispatch 7/4/1862; 3 Yankee debt collectors arrested at Exchange Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 7/4/1862; Dr. Jos. E. Clagett & E. L. Wager running the Market Hall Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/4/1862; 425 more POWs arrive in town
Richmond Dispatch 7/4/1862; body of dead CSA soldier on RYRRR depot platform for two days
Richmond Enquirer 7/4/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 7/4/1862; hospital opened at Crawford's Saloon
Richmond Examiner 7/4/1862; hospitals opened at Bosher's carriage factory and Lainers' warehouse (under the Spotswood)
Richmond Examiner 7/4/1862; Kent & Paine Hospital (GH#5) has a list of patients published at the door
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; Federal officers moved from Libby to Smith & McCurdy's warehouse
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; hospital opened at Spottswood Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; surgeon-in-charge of 3rd Georgia Hospital named
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; call for contributions to Bacon & Baskerville hospital (GH#7)
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; warehouse of Dunlop, Moncure & Co. has been taken as a hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; Sabbath School at Seamen’s Bethel suspended – building used as a hospital now
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; Lt. Jas. Garrity, 5La at Chimborazo adv for company members to come see him
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; Georgia Hospitals need 8 or 10 house servants
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; unidentified swimmer drowns in canal beside Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; 250 POWs arrive in city, 7/4
Richmond Dispatch 7/5/1862; adv for horse stolen from Lee’s HQ at Dabbs’ House, 6/29
Richmond Enquirer 7/5/1862; list of officers captured during the Seven Days, and put in a prison on 18th street
Richmond Enquirer 7/5/1862; man drowns in the canal near Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; 125 Union officers formerly at Libby Prison have been moved from Libby prison to the new officers' prison on 18th street
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; Gens. McCall, Reynolds & Rankin have been moved from the Spotswood Hotel to "Bond's" warehouse on 18th st.
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; new hospital has been opened at Crawford's saloon, by Mr. Ezell of SC
Richmond Examiner 7/5/1862; new prisons needed; Warwick's mill is being prepared
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; ad for a man at Winder Hospital who can cure many manners of disease
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; inmates at Castle Godwin to be sent away
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; new hospital opened at Bosher's Hall, corner 9th and Main st.
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; Dabney’s Battery Heavy Artillery thanks Franklin Stearns for his kindness. Battery “quartered near his residence.”
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; Bosher’s Hall hospital, corner 9th and Main has opened; appeal for money and provisions, and Walter Coles, Surgeon in charge, thanks donors
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; man jailed in the cage for “trespassing on Dr. Wilson,” Surg. in charge at St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; 30 POWs arrive 7/6
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; Good description of the use of Castle Godwin – Gen. Winder to send all soldiers their back to their units.
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; slave punished for stealing from St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/7/1862; fire at Bacon & Baskervill’s warehouse, in use as a hospital. Fire department puts out the fire, saving the lives of “one hundred and fifty brave men”
Richmond Enquirer 7/7/1862; Tredegar Iron works described by Yankee reporter during the Seven Days
Richmond Examiner 7/7/1862; Camp Lee is being considered for use as a prison
Richmond Examiner 7/7/1862; many Yankees brought to the "hospital on Cary, near Twentieth street"
Richmond Whig 7/7/1862; fire breaks out in Bacon & Baskerville Hospital (GH#7)
Richmond Whig 7/7/1862; advocation for local photographers to photograph the battlefields
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; excellent details on Richmond prisons: Libby, Barrett's, Greanor & Palmer's factories, Officer's prison on 18th street.
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Wet nurse needed at Robertson Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Bosher's Hospital needs 2 cooks
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; 200 wounded POWs arrive in Richmond from Haxall’s Landing. Officers listed
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; RR engine, VCRR, slips off Broad St. connector track. Notes that the VCRR’s operations will be resuming now that the Federals are gone.
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Yankee preacher named Reed brought in from Savage’s, to Libby
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Paragraph on the cost of feeding Union prisoners: $2500 per day - R. B. Wilson is Jackson Warner’s Asst. as prison commissary
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Lt. Trabue, ex-Richmond Howitzers, now “General Superintendent” of prisons. Ordered to “see that the guard do their duty.” Trabue had previously been an artillery instructor at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Lt. Hardgrove adv for stolen horse, he at Battery #3 & at corner Grace & 27th
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; Henningsen Hospital thanks donors, including Mrs. R. R. Howison
Richmond Dispatch 7/8/1862; General Hospital #1 thanks Ladies Relief Society of Powhatan
Richmond Examiner 7/8/1862; fire at GH#5
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; 21 casualties admitted to Naval Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; note on the capture of the C.S.S. Teaser, and prediction that northern types will exaggerate her size
Richmond Enquirer 7/8/1862; humorous tombstone of a Yankee found on the battlefield
Richmond Whig 7/8/1862; Ezell Hospital has opened in Crawford's old Saloon
Richmond Whig 7/8/1862; Bosher’s Hall is “suddenly” taken as a hospital, and receives a $50 donation while being fitted up.
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; movement of captured Yankees to Belle Isle is being debated
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; description of "Yankee Officers’ Quarters" on 18th street
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; confused member of 12 U. S. regulars sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; man shoots himself in hand in front of Thomas’ Factory, unloading captured arms
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; interesting editorial on the Gen. Robert E. Lee – “The rise which this officer has suddenly taken in the public confidence is with a precedent.”
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; enormous list of soldiers at Castle Godwin. About 160-170 names. G. W. Alexander requests officers to call for them or have their cases tried.
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; negro named Jim, ex-Chimborazo nurse now at Howard’s Grove, steals a watch. Adv for recovery by George F. Hix, ward master
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; 4 or 5 white girls needed for chores at Spotswood Hotel. Also first-class cook
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; RF&P RR adv for 20 negro men to repair RR between Richmond and South Anna
Richmond Dispatch 7/9/1862; Walter Coles in charge of Bosher & Spotswood Hotel hospital. Thanks donors by name. Hoge is among the contributors.
Richmond Enquirer 7/9/1862; Description of an accident on the connecting tracks of the Central RR up Broad street
Richmond Enquirer 7/9/1862; accident at Thomas' factory - wagoner blows his fingers off while off-loading muskets picked up on the battlefield.
Richmond Whig 7/9/1862; classified notice of a wounded North Carolinian in Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; captured negroes are being used to inter the dead in Oakwood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; Good description of the Danville Railroad Hospital (GH#28)
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; 67 POWs arrived 7/9. List of 12 members of Pittsburgh Sanitary Commission, brought from Savage’s to Libby, 7/9
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; update on Va. Central RR damages – bridge over the Chickahominy is being rebuilt, and the engine that fell down Broad street is still there, but will soon be moved.
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; Capt. J. Hatley Norton at Redoubt #4 demands that members of Capt. Patterson’s Co. (“lately turned over to my command”) report in. Had been Battery #8 when part of Patterson. Most of men from Campbell Co.
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; Lt. S. Galloway, 3 NC, lying severely wounded at U. S. Hotel Hospital, looking for strayed slave
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; Dr. Jno. R. Hinton, Howard Hospital, “25th and 26th Streets” north of Main, adv for 2 escaped slaves
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; runaway slave from Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; J. Hatley Norton lists deserters from his company at Battery #6
Richmond Dispatch 7/10/1862; adv from RF&P for 50 carpenters & hewers to work on bridges, & also to purchase timber
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; inmates at Castle Godwin have been thinning out
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; 25,000 small arms received at Richmond Arsenal, collected on Seven Days’ battlefields
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; shortage of night nurses at city hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; 35 POWs arrive on 7/10. Said to be 500 sick and wounded at Frayser’s Farm
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; member of 10th LA, wounded in Institute Hospital, would like to see friends. He at “room 32, bed 82.”
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; Wm. T. Moore, I57VA, at St. Charles Hotel. Would like to see friends
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; J. S. Dorset, steward at GH#1, adv. for 25 nurses
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; Dr. C. B. Gibson, Franklin between 7th and 8th, adv for wet nurse
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; J. R. Anderson adv for 15-20 laborers for Botetourt furnace
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; full list of men confined at Castle Booker, corner 6th and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 7/11/1862; Surg. at St. Charles Hospital thanks YMCA
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; ventilation of hospitals; Seabrook's (GH#9) praised
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; relates the poor condition of hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; Kent Hospital receives supplies from Ladies of Hampton
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; 5300 prisoners at Libby & Belle Isle
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; Richmond water is very bad - calls for citizens to bring well water to hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 7/11/1862; call for attention to Chimborazo hospital - notes that it has many patients, but its remoteness causes it to be overlooked to those looking to help or contribute. Notes also the need to keep the buildings clean
Richmond Examiner 7/11/1862; Spottswood Hotel and Danville RR shop to be used as hospitals
Richmond Examiner 7/11/1862; list of wounded received at Chimborazo
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Hollywood Cemetery is expanding to accommodate the Confederate dead
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Description of the guards of the bridges over the James River
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Many unburied dead are lying about in Oakwood Cemetery; appeal for workers
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Wm. J. Snead, Hospital Steward, wants 1 cook and 1 laundress at Camp Lee Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Keen Hospital adv for 5 washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Surg. C. D. Rice wants 2 cooks, 3 Laundresses, and 10 gallons of milk daily at the Central Depot Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Surg. G. Wm. Semple wants six gallons milk per day, Gwathmey Hosp.
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; 3 or 4 washerwomen needed at Dunlop & Moncure Hospital, corner 11th and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Mrs. Henningsen acknowledges receipt of care packages for hospital from Bedford Co. man
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Walter Coles, Surg. In Charge Bosher’s Hall Hospital, thanks Goochland donors by name
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; details on funeral of a man who accidentally drowned at Drewry’s Bluff - funeral at Trinity M. E. Church
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; Several hundred wounded POWs arrive & sent to Belle Isle. Officers named. 61 men arrived in ambulances from Brackett’s House, Charles City Road. – Yankee POWs. Also list of accompanying doctors
Richmond Dispatch 7/12/1862; G. W. Semple at Gwathmey Hospital orders patients in private quarters to report
Richmond Enquirer 7/12/1862; description of the debate in City Council over Hollywood Cemetery's expansion and Oakwood's problem with lack of laborers
Richmond Enquirer 7/12/1862; paragraph on the name "Cold Harbor" - states that it is properly called "Coal Harbor"
Richmond Examiner 7/12/1862; cots are being made for Union wounded at Libby Prison; says that many prisoners will soon be sent to Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 3000 Yankees moved to Belle Isle, including over 1000 previously housed at Barrett's factory
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; Yankee Surgeons to be exchanged, except those at Savage's Station
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 4 male nurses and 4 negroes needed at Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 2 cooks and 3 laundresses needed at Central Depot Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 10 gallons of milk needed daily at Central Depot Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 1 cook and 1 laundress needed at Camp Lee Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 5 washerwomen needed at Keen Hospital (GH#6)
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; 164 POWs arrived in city 7/12/1862 – officers listed
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; important editorial on Kent Hospital. Mention of Deborah Couch, volunteer there
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; Daily prayer meetings at 2nd Presbyterian Church
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; more from John T. Smith, Capt. 13AL, regarding care at Seabrook’s Hospital & Dr. Coffin, Surg. in Charge. S. M. East retracts his previous published statement – it was written by Coffin
Richmond Dispatch 7/14/1862; J. Hatley Norton, Commanding at Battery #4, adv for deserter Jno. J. Peterson
Richmond Enquirer 7/14/1862; notes that the prison on Franklin street is near a candle factory, and that both of these things are poorly placed within a residential neighborhood - argues that prisons should be in a less populated area
Richmond Enquirer 7/14/1862; number now registered at the Libby Prison exceeds 6000
Richmond Examiner 7/14/1862; prisoners have been sent to Belle Isle, officers are confined in Crenshaw warehouse (within Tredegar Iron Works); account of letters sent from Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; 10 gallons of milk are needed daily at Greanor Hospital (GH#18)
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; free negroes conscripted as hospital nurses – most released because they proved other employment
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; RDRR wants to extend up Virginia Street. J. Johns, Medical Purveyor, protests. Also, Mr. Crutchfield introduces a bill about “weighing of long forage in the Second Market.”
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; Jno. Redford, Keeper of Oakwood Cemetery, adv for two lost negro gravediggers
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; G. W. Nelson list 28 AWOLs from Hanover Artillery. Anyone thinking themselves unfit report to McCaw at Chimborazo. Battery camped on RYRRR, attached to Colquitt.
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; J. W. Hines, Asst. Surg. Purcell Battery, adv for lost horse. Battery at Old Fair Grounds – information to be left at St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; Robertson Hospital adv. for strayed cow
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; Alabama Hospitals wish to purchase milk & buttermilk. Apply at First Alabama Hospital (Broad, bw 23 & 24) of Third Alabama Hospital (cor 21 and Franklin)
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; Surg. W. H. Coffin, GH#9, announces his intention to ignore yesterday’s insult.
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; A. S. Dorset, GH#1, thanks Miss C. A. Branch of Chesterfield Co.
Richmond Dispatch 7/15/1862; long editorial on the hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; rosy description of prisoners on Belle Isle
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; testimony from local resident regarding the origin, and correct wording, of the term "Cold Harbor"
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; good description of the prison on Belle Isle - notes that the prisoners are "seeing a good time" and spend their hours in leisure and play
Richmond Enquirer 7/15/1862; many letters have been received complaining of conditions in the hospitals - call for reform
Richmond Dispatch 7/16/1862; 14 wounded Yankees have died at Libby Prison hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/16/1862; injured soldier, trapped between two railroad cars, is taken to Ezell Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/16/1862; list of wounded POWs brought in from Savage’s. Libby Hospital too full. Had to spend night at RYRRR depot
Richmond Dispatch 7/16/1862; navigation of the canal is open as far as Lexington and Buchanan, having been repaired after recent rains
Richmond Dispatch 7/16/1862; soldiers being buried at Clark’s Spring, adjacent to Hollywood. City Council votes to open up 60 acres at Oakwood instead.
Richmond Enquirer 7/16/1862; call for improvements in memorialization at Oakwood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 7/16/1862; inside of Capitol building in festooned with captured United States flags
Richmond Whig 7/16/1862; description of Gen. Winder’s office and the business of his duties
Richmond Dispatch 7/17/1862; 2 negroes attempt rapes near Coal pits, Chesterfield County. Mrs. Rudd raped, Mrs. Corse escaped. First rapist, slave of Wm. E. Martin, to hang. #2 to be transported away.
Richmond Dispatch 7/17/1862; “Citizens as well as soldiers must now show their passes, if they wish to avoid getting into trouble.” Squads are detailed to “intercept straggling soldiers and examine exemption papers.” Those who can’t prove why they shouldn’t be in the army will be put in prison.
Richmond Dispatch 7/17/1862; Agent for Richmond Hospitals acknowledges donations. Seabrook, Central Depot, Kent Hospitals are the beneficiaries of these donations
Richmond Dispatch 7/17/1862; several hundred Yankees have arrived from Savage's Station and will be put on Belle Isle. Prisoners are anticipating exchange
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1862; Geo. Watt is selling off livestock and wagons due to the "breaking up of my mother's estate by the Friday battle on Boatswain Swamp, near Gaines's Mill, in Hanover county."
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1862; VCRR cars to resume travel to Staunton. RR finally repaired
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1862; VCRR to have special car between Louisa C. H. & Richmond to accept donations from citizens for Richmond hospitals
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1862; Mrs. Davis invites wife of missing soldier – Eliza Watkins, wife of John M. Watkins, C3NC - to stay at her home, the White House of the Confederacy
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1862; 20 laborers wanted for work on RYRRR
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1862; R. S. Pollard, steward at Masonic Hall Hospital, acknowledges donations from individuals in Mecklenburg & Halifax
Richmond Dispatch 7/18/1862; Dr. A. Y. P. Garnett, in charge Byrd Island Hospital, thanks YMCA
Richmond Whig 7/18/1862; VMI cadets contribute $177.50 for the sick and wounded soldiers.
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; 5,000 prisoners on Belle Isle; Libby Prison mentioned
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; Mrs. A. F. Hopkins, at 3rd Alabama Hospital, has been given funds for soldiers from Mobile, Alabama
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; Dunlop & Moncure hospital “in rear of American Hotel”
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; J. R. Anderson’s HQ at “Mill Farm;” A. P. Hill’s HQ on Charles City Road
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; female slave whipped for theft to Winder Hospital material
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; List of Yankee officers sent north on 7/18
Richmond Dispatch 7/19/1862; great article on Gen. McCall misbehaving at 18th Street prison
Richmond Enquirer 7/19/1862; 8000 (probably 9000) prisoners are in Richmond - 3000 at Libby, 5000 at Belle Isle
Richmond Enquirer 7/19/1862; mortality among wounded prisoners is very great - 20 died at the York River RR depot
Richmond Enquirer 7/19/1862; free negro steals sheets and pillowslips from Winder Hospital, and gets fifteen lashes
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; Dr. Read (future GH#4?) arrested at #51 American Hotel for selling whiskey from room
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; 2 empty freight cars escape down Broad Street, crash into VCRR buildings at foot of hill
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; negro nurse named Bob, GH#4, jailed for theft
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; 500 WIA/POWs to be sent off on 7/19, but insufficient transportation for all to go
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; Richmond Arsenal workshops established on Williamsburg Road, near Toll Gate, for small repair jobs on artillery
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; adv from RDRR for runaway negroes
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; Kent Hospital needs “several good, stout negroes”
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; 20 men needed to work, RYRRR
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; E. G. Higginbotham, at “Randolph Hospital” adv for Druggist, Matron, Steward, Nurses, Laundresses and Cooks.
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; Wm. Alex. Thom, at Banner Hospital, adv for twenty negroes
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; Surg. J. N. Bratton, 4th Division Winder Hospital, thanks New Providence Ladies Aid Society
Richmond Dispatch 7/21/1862; patient has been shot at Louisiana Hospital by one of the guard. The offending parties are in Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 7/21/1862; slave steals a pocket-book at the Baptist Female Institute and sent to prison
Richmond Examiner 7/21/1862; praise of ladies working at Howard Hospital (GH#22), located in Atkinson's factory
Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; Michael Leary, 19Miss, steals $112 from man named Poole, also 19Miss. Leary locked up in “military guard-house” on Franklin St.
Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; 500 POWs expected to be sent North on 7/22
Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; 3 negroes supposed to be working at Drury’s Bluff caught near Chickahominy and put in Libby. One belonged to Dr. Pollard of Hanover Co.
Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; body found floating near “the gauge dock of the basin.” Supposed to be a soldier who fell in the canal near the Armory bridge a few days ago.
Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; Fake provost officer murders a man - paragraph within testimony from Lt. Booker describing Provost Procedure for arrests
Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; Lumpkin, of Lumpkin’s Jail, has Spotsylvania slave of Col. William Webber
Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; more from Capt. Jno. T. Smith, 13 Ala, on dispute with Dr. Coffin
Richmond Dispatch 7/22/1862; Ladies at First Baptist Church Hospital thank a Mecklenburg lady for provisions
Richmond Examiner 7/22/1862; Crew Factory Hospital (GH#15) in good order
Richmond Examiner 7/22/1862; prisoners at Libby sent to Belle Isle; there are 4,700 there now. Wounded prisoners (1,000) remain at Libby
Pittsburgh Gazette 7/21/1862; list of western Pennsylvania prisoners in "Hope Prison" in Richmond
Philadelphia Press 7/22/1862; lists of Pennsylvania prisoners in Richmond; describes prison of Reynolds and McCall
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; shooting of a patient at Louisiana hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; Pamunkey Indians reportedly aided Yankees in May-June, as guides
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; important paragraph on the naming of battlefields - particularly ridicules the use of the term “Fort Darling” for “Drury’s Bluff”
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; Executive Committee of Louisiana Hospital thank donors, incl. Frank Rawle for “Mosquito Bars”
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; Dr. O. F. Manson, in charge at Moore Hospital, thanks YMCA
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; R. A. Lewis, signing as surgeon in charge at Winder, thanks donors, including Mrs. Holliday and Mrs. Brown of Spotsylvania
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; washer needed at Byrd Island Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/23/1862; six cows wanted for YMCA hospital
Richmond Examiner 7/23/1862; Libby Prison has become a hospital for sick prisoners; well prisoners are at Belle Isle. Lt. Turner is in charge
Pennsylvania Daily Telegraph 7/23/1862; letter from General Geo. A. McCall describing his imprisonment; notes that one of his officers is held in Chimborazo Hospital
Pittsburgh Gazette 7/23/1862; List of Pennsylvania soldiers in Richmond prisons
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; 20 negroes needed at Banner Hospital (GH#12)
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; negroes needed at Kent Hospital (GH#5)
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; employees are needed at Randolph Hospital (GH#25)
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; prisoner escapes from Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; notes on the sale of slaves at an auction on Franklin street
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; T. Dudley, Jr., released from Castle Godwin. Also D. F. Booth, moonshiner
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; Purcell Battery refitted & left Camp Lee to join army. Lost 60 of 90 men in Seven Days
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; Stores on Main Street below 14th all cleared of wounded – now empty
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; Dove Lodge of Masons adv new meeting place, as Govt has “taken Bosher’s Hall for a hospital.”
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; Mrs. Gen. Henningsen acknowledges receipt of hospital stores
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; Col. Henry Forno at Hardgrove’s Factory, “foot of Main St.,” collecting all men of McLaw’s Division in town
Richmond Dispatch 7/24/1862; AWOL notice for Arthur Rogers, of Dabney’s Siege Battery, who deserted from Winder Hospital. Unit camped at Tree Hill
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; 600 Yankee prisoners to be exchanged from Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; Central Hospital is now vacant
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; Capitol Square no longer “a resort for idle soldiers”
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; scathing editorial on poor quality of guards at city prisons – Castle Godwin mentioned specifically
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; Ladies of “Soldiers’ Home Hospital” thank Mrs. Jane D. Winston of Hanover County
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; more thanks from Henningsen Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; Wm. A. Carrington, Surgeon in charge at Richardson’s, Dooley’s & U. S. Hotel hospitals thanks donors
Richmond Dispatch 7/25/1862; Capt Robert K. Hardgrove, at Battery #10, adv for lost horse
Richmond Examiner 7/25/1862; Yankee prisoners are being paroled, very few remain in Richmond; mortality amongst prisoners is 50%+
Richmond Examiner 7/25/1862; Wm. Carrington, surgeon at GH#10 thanks contributors; says Carrington is also in charge of "temporary hospitals"
Richmond Whig 7/25/1862; Surg. Wm. A. Carrington, surgeon at “temporary” hospitals of Richardson’s and Dooley’s, “and now of the U. S. Hotel Hospital” gives thanks for donations
Charleston Mercury 7/26/1862; notes that the stench of "suppurating wounds" from Chimborazo Hospital can be smelt upon approaching Richmond on the train; notes on the military situation and local feeling
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; good description of Belle Isle; mentions that the Isle is reached by a boat starting from near Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; Yankee prisoners being sent off; in the future, all prisoners will be concentrated at Libby Prison to await exchange
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; August Fisk, soldier, “accidentally” steals $500 from Zella Glenman, “a nymph, residing at the sinful abode of Ella Johnson, in the rear of the Exchange”
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; VCRR brings back repair machinery – had been sent away as a precaution
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; “lad” jailed at Castle Godwin for passing counterfeit money
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; Castle Godwin escapee recaptured on Broad Street, “gloriously corned”
Richmond Dispatch 7/26/1862; Dr. G. W. Semple at Gwathmey Hospital, corner of 25th and Cary, adv for strayed horse
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; Notice that two men from Winder Hospital have been dispatched to the countryside to purchase subsistence items
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; Oakwood cemetery described negatively; men are buried 3 deep
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; escapee from Castle Godwin, Lacy, has been re-captured
Richmond Examiner 7/26/1862; Medical Purveyor's office receives a generous donation from employees at the C. S. Laboratory
New York Herald 7/28/1862; wonderful general description of the city of Richmond - mentions, Hollywood, Tredegar, the Almshouse, appearance of the prisons, Odd Fellows Hall, and the James River and Kanawha Canal
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; Depot of Georgia Hospital & Relief Association established on Main Street next to Trader’s Bank
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; City Water consumption has doubled since Summer 1861
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; Police break up rock battle at Rocketts
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; escaped thief caught – sent to Castle Godwin. He had attempted to rob a man at the Spotswood Hotel.
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; 1100 WIA POWs sent away over the weekend. 300 more arrive from Savage’s. Talbott & Bonn’s Factory, 18th Street, still has officers. Other factory prisons now empty.
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; Maria Underwood sent to Castle Godwin – tried to enlist in Palmetto Sharpshooters in disguise
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton thanks donors to the Clopton Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; Letcher Artillery camped near Tree Hill. Absentees report – battery to leave
Richmond Dispatch 7/28/1862; Surg. C. D. Rice, formerly of Central Depot Hospital, now at Howard’s Grove. He is now accepting claims against Central Depot Hospital for hire of negroes
Richmond Enquirer 7/29/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Whig 7/29/1862; Maryland Hospital is not very well attended to
Richmond Dispatch 7/30/1862; furloughs stolen from Banner Hospital (GH#12)
Richmond Dispatch 7/30/1862; 800 Yankees to be sent away on 7/31
Richmond Dispatch 7/30/1862; G. Wm. Semple, in charge Gwathmey Hospital, wants milk for hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/30/1862; RFPRR adv for timber & carpenters
Richmond Dispatch 7/30/1862; special meeting for members of 2nd Presbyterian Church
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; 7 citizens living on Nine Mile Road caught smuggling & selling liquor. Sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; Baldwin & Williams explain new temporary address (14th and Main) – old building now a hospital
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; HQ 1st Va Artillery at Randolph’s Farm near Oakwood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; J. Vannerson adv for “a good ambrotype artist”
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; Obituary of Geo. Mathews, C11 Miss, who dies of his wounds at Danville (Manchester) Hospital [future GH#28]. Obit blasts hospital for poor care
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; YMCA Samaritan hospital acknowledges donations, including $20 from Wm. H. Allison
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; Henningsen Hospital acknowledges donations
Richmond Dispatch 7/31/1862; Description of attack by the "Butcher Cats," a youth gang known for its rock battles, on a negro
Richmond Whig 7/31/1862; Battery #8 struck by lightning
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Sick Belle Isle prisoners have been taken to Libby, preparatory to exchange
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Castle Godwin is crammed full
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; government detectives arrest disloyal Pamunkeys in King William County.
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Joel Sparks, Nine Mile Road, jailed for having Yankee flag; H. B. Lipscomb of King William County sent to Camp Winder as a conscript
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Surgeons burning tar near hospitals to clear the air
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Martin Hogan, deserter, to be shot 8/5. He is in a Richmond prison now.
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; notes on the wells being sunk in Richmond – 11th and Main, and 20th and Franklin.
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; Confederate soldier in the streets of Richmond in Union uniform. Officer stops him and advises “him to procure another suit as soon as possible.”
Richmond Dispatch 8/1/1862; death notice: Adelaide Clopton, daughter of Judge Clopton
Richmond Enquirer 8/1/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 8/1/1862; Castle Godwin is full
Richmond Enquirer 8/1/1862; list of donations received at Samaritan Hospital
Richmond Whig 8/1/1862; questions why the Yankees refer to Drewry’s Bluff as “Fort Darling” instead of its “proper name” of “Fort Drewry”
Charleston Mercury 8/2/1862;  "War Gossip" mentions criticism of the Dix-Hill Prisoner Cartel, the condemnation of Gen. Butler, South Carolinians at Camp Lee, and describes the newly formed Belle Isle Prison - notes that there are 4600 POWs there
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; 600 Yankees have been exchanged, including women from Castle Thunder; the sickest men from Belle Isle and Libby are sent first; 4,100 remain on Belle Isle, and 400 at Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; Capt. Barlow, Allen’s Battalion Artillery at Battery #2, AWOL notice for John N. Eubanks
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; Elias Griswold adv for drivers - black
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; Capt. W. N. Smith at CS Laboratory wants 200 girls to make cartridges
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; Tredegar adv for 6 blacksmiths & 12 strikers
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; runaway slave notice for Caroline County negro employed at Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; sick and wounded Yankees in prison at the “corner of 2d and Cary streets” not yet sent to City Point [this is probably a typo, and refers to Libby Prison at the corner of 20th and Cary]
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; special preaching at Trinity Methodist Episcopal, 20th & Broad
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; WIA at Kent & Paine’s Hospital wish to see Alpheus Bolling, who carried them there from battlefields
Richmond Dispatch 8/2/1862; important article about the name “Fort Darling” and its origins
Richmond Enquirer 8/2/1862; the hospitals on Main street are now mostly closed, with the patients sent elsewhere
Richmond Enquirer 8/2/1862; tar burning is now used to disinfect the hospitals
Richmond Enquirer 8/2/1862; blacksmiths and strikers needed at the Tredegar Iron Works
Shippensburg (PA) News 8/2/1862; early set of letters from Libby Prison, relates especially impressions of the exchange system and his relatively short stay in prison.
Richmond Dispatch 8/4/1862; five officers have escaped from prison on 18th street
Richmond Dispatch 8/4/1862; alleged disloyal citizens have been released from Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 8/4/1862; officer escapes from the Officer's Prison on 18th Street - details on the layout of the prison
Richmond Enquirer 8/4/1862; canal basin was drained to prevent stagnation of water - many animal corpses found at the bottom
Richmond Dispatch 8/5/1862; prisoners from Talbott & Bonn's factory (including Reynolds & McCall) have been removed to Libby Prison, due to an escape at the former place
Richmond Dispatch 8/5/1862; civilians arrested and put in Castle Godwin for assisting the escape of prisoners from the officers' prison on 18th street
Richmond Dispatch 8/5/1862; six negroes, attempting to escape to Yankee lines, are put in Castle Godwin
Richmond Enquirer 8/5/1862; Yankee officers moved from the prison on 18th street to the Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 8/5/1862; federal officer who escaped from prison recaptured, lists those arrested for abetting the escape
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; fatal explosion at the C. S. Laboratory on Brown's Island
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; it is contemplated to remove prisoners from Castle Godwin to Greanor's factory (Castle Thunder)
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; captured flag of the 1st Penn. Reserves is at Castle Griswold
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; 3,000 Belle Isle prisoners have been exchanged; no officers this time; says there are 1,700 prisoners left
Richmond Dispatch 8/6/1862; 2,500 Lynchburg prisoners and 600 Salisbury prisoners will be brought to Richmond for exchange, including Col. O. B. Wilcox, ad Col. Michael Corcoran 
Richmond Enquirer 8/6/1862; fatal accident at the C. S. Laboratory on Belle Isle - explosion of fulminating powder
Richmond Enquirer 8/6/1862; Great description of the Military District of Richmond - gives details on Winder's office, Castle Godwin, Castle "Grizzly" (Griswold) at the corner of 6th and Cary street
Richmond Dispatch 8/7/1862; escaped prisoners from officers' prison on 18th street have been recaptured
Richmond Dispatch 8/7/1862; reward offered for return of J. R. Anderson's (Tredegar Iron Works) stolen horse
Charleston Mercury 8/7/1862; reprint of Richmond Examiner story describing Belle Isle.
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; appeal for officers to come and get wayward soldiers out of Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; 96 new prisoners arrive at Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; extreme heat is causing high mortality; 51 interments at Oakwood Cemetery 
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; details of William Pratt, the victim of the recent explosion on Brown's Island
Richmond Dispatch 8/8/1862; two Yankee officers who recently were recaptured after an escape attempt, are under close confinement; other escapees with them have just been recaptured
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; correction regarding the city of origin of the man recently killed at the C. S. Laboratory
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; list of deserters in Castle Griswold, corner of Cary & 6th
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; hospital directory
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; escaped federal officers have been recaptured and put in Greanor prison
Richmond Enquirer 8/8/1862; prisons will soon be empty due to exchanges
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; Federal officers now in Richmond will be exchanged soon, including Col. Corcoran (being transported from Lynchburg)
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; Yankee prisoners, captured at Malvern hill, have been taken to Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; prisoners from Lynchburg are arriving in Richmond, preparatory to exchange
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; ad for employees at Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Dispatch 8/9/1862; Ad for employees at Confederate States Laundry (Barrett's Factory)
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; 2500 Yankees have arrived from Lynchburg, and are awaiting exchange on Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; civilians held in Castle Godwin for assisting Federal escapees have been released
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; two soldiers from the 24th Va., have deserted from Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/11/1862; List of prisoners in Castle Griswold
Richmond Enquirer 8/11/1862; excellent description of the Howard Hospital (GH#22)
Richmond Enquirer 8/11/1862; man and woman charged with stealing $400 worth of supplies from Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1862; 140 Federal officers, including McCall, Reynolds, and Rankin have been sent off by flag of truce
Richmond Dispatch 8/12/1862; prisoners from Pope's army, including General Prince,  have arrived at Libby Prison. They are not to be treated as prisoners of war
Richmond Enquirer 8/12/1862; Castle Thunder to be HQ of provost-marshal; Castle Godwin to fade "into oblivion"
Richmond Enquirer 8/12/1862; General Prince and other prisoners from South Mountain, arrive at Libby Prison
Richmond Whig 8/12/1862; excellent lengthy description of Camp Lee
Richmond Whig 8/12/1862; 302 prisoners, including Gen. Prince, arrive and are taken to Libby Prison, not to be treated as prisoners of war, as they were under Pope’s command.
Richmond Dispatch 8/13/1862; Description of the exchange of 140 officers, including Reynolds, McCall & Rankin
Richmond Dispatch 8/13/1862; Officer strikes sergeant of the 10th Va Cav. With a pistol near the Old Market. Cary St., between 17th and 18th known as “Dublin” area
Richmond Dispatch 8/13/1862; attempted deserter, confined in Castle Godwin, is executed
Richmond Dispatch 8/13/1862; T. L. Ennis at Rees’ Photo gallery, Main St., adv for washerwoman family of three
Richmond Dispatch 8/13/1862; J. Vannerson wants “youth” of character to “attend in a Photographic establishment”
Richmond Whig 8/13/1862; excellent description of Camp Lee and how it has changed since its use as a fair grounds; advocates sanitary measures be taken
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; Salisbury prisoners, including Col. Corcoran and Wilcox are arriving, and the citizen prisoners have been moved to Libby from Belle Isle to accommodate them
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; Castle Godwin contains 250 prisoners - it is hoped that Greanor's factory (Castle Thunder) will hold 1,000
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; the "cage" is empty of prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; update on conversion of Capitol building to accommodate Confederate Congress
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; Mathews farmer named Stokes put in Castle Godwin for disloyalty
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; 125 POWs from Pope’s army arrive – enlisted men put on Belle Isle. Officers not treated as prisoners of war.
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; James River & Kanawha Canal is in good order, but there is a scarcity of labor and boats.
Richmond Dispatch 8/14/1862; Wm. A. Thom, Surg. in charge Banner Hospital, wants 2 white male nurses. Also “a few negro men & boys.”
Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1862; description of a military prison (provost prison similar in purpose to Castle Thunder) in Manchester
Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1862; Cols. Wilcox and Corcoran have arrived from Salisbury and are quartered at Libby preparatory to exchange. Enlisted men are on Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1862; 3 Yankee deserters put in Libby
Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1862; “McCurdy’s Building” is opposite “Hardgrove’s factory.”
Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1862; Keen Hospital acknowledges donations. Surg. B. C. Fishburn in charge
Richmond Dispatch 8/15/1862; Institute Hospital thanks donors
Richmond Enquirer 8/15/1862; filthy condition of St. Charles Hospital (GH#8)
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; Corcoran, Willcox & others exchanged 8/15
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; humorous - local children steal some powder and detonate their large bomb on 21st street
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; counterfeiter caught – sent to Castle Godwin
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; Maj. Wilkins’ 2nd Class Militia parade on Capitol Square – look good
Richmond Dispatch 8/16/1862; Old Market House recently white-washed
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; Castle Godwin will be evacuated today, the prisoners being removed to Greanor's factory (Castle Thunder)
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; the last of the Salisbury prisoners have arrived in Richmond, preparatory to exchange
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; colored nurses needed at Byrd Island Hospital (GH#3)
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; description of a lost horse from Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; details on the recent exchange of Union officers at Varina. Some of the officers named. Lt. T. P. Turner in charge.
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; obit. of General Winder. Body arrived 7/17. Funeral Capitol Square, burial Hollywood
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; Dr. W. L. Henderson at Howard’s Grove lost Colt #97,618 “somewhere between the Spotswood and Exchange Hotels”
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; detailed list of 12 escapees from city jail, & their crimes
Richmond Dispatch 8/18/1862; daily prayer meeting at Centenary Church
Richmond Enquirer 8/18/1862; Prisoners to be moved from Castle Godwin to Greanor's Tobacco Factory
Richmond Whig 8/18/1862; Gen. C. S. Winder’s body arrived and lay in state in the Capitol. He will be buried in Hollywood Cemetery.
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; German woman thrown into Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; Humorous – two women fight, corner 9th and Broad
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; Money and a prayer book found in “gallery” of St. John’s Church
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton is resuming her school, Franklin between 3rd and 4th Streets
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; all Castle Godwin & Franklin St. Guard House prisoners (500-600) were removed to Castle Thunder yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; there are now 39 officers from Pope's army in Libby, not subject to treatment as prisoners of war
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; description of the burial of Gen. C. S. Winder in Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 8/19/1862; fire at St. Charles Hospital (GH#8)
Richmond Dispatch 8/20/1862; Lt. Thomas P. Turner (commandant of Libby Prison) has been sent to Lynchburg, Captain Henry Wirz will succeed him in command
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; few prisoners have arrived at Libby Prison; it now contain 500 men
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; description of the staff at Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; cannonball, fired from Tredegar Iron Works while proving guns, lands two 1/2 miles off
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; there will be a hanging of a counterfeiter tomorrow at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; prisoner in Castle Godwin has been there for nine months
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; Mayo factory on 19th between Main and Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 8/21/1862; 3rd Ala Hospital adv for washerwomen
Richmond Enquirer 8/21/1862; movement of prisoners from Castle Godwin to Castle Thunder. Lengthy description of Castle Thunder.
Shirleysburg (PA) Herald 8/21/1862; letter from soldier on Belle Isle, estimates over 4,000 prisoners there
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; C. S. deserters have been moved to Castle Thunder from Libby Prison - now Libby has only Yankee prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; guards for Castle Thunder and Libby Prison are quartered at the Friends' Meeting House, corner of 19th and Cary streets
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; counterfeiter to be hung in the "poor-house gulley" (near General Hospital #1)
Richmond Dispatch 8/22/1862; notice of a deserter from Battery #8
Richmond Enquirer 8/22/1862; 3000 prisoners on Belle Isle
Richmond Enquirer 8/22/1862; 15 unionists put in Castle Thunder
Richmond Whig 8/22/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton advertises for “Misses Clopton’s Boarding and Day School.”
Richmond Dispatch 8/23/1862; counterfeiter executed in gully east of Alms House. Elliott’s Battalion assists. This is the first counterfeiter executed.
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; a soldiers, injured in a jump from a hotel window, dies in Baskerville Hospital (GH#7)
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; 4,800 prisoners on Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; prisoner at Castle Thunder is shot while trying to escape, though not killed
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; 212 prisoners from Pope's army have been brought to Libby Prison, not to be treated as prisoners of war
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; slave whipped for stealing surgical instruments from Charles Bell Gibson
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; Tredegar adv to purchase 10 or 12 mules
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; H. S. Barton, Surg. in Charge at St. Charles Hospital, adv for 3 colored washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; those in private quarters who belong at St. Charles Hotel report at once
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; daily prayer meeting at 2nd Presbyterian Church
Richmond Dispatch 8/25/1862; 42 NC voluntarily sleeps on Capitol Square
Richmond Enquirer 8/25/1862; Louisiana Zouave, evading police, jumps out of a window of the Columbian hotel, fractures his skull, taken to Baskerville Hospital, and later dies
Richmond Enquirer 8/25/1862; slave given fifteen lashes for stealing surgical instruments from Dr. C. B. Gibson
Richmond Whig 8/25/1862; Surg. Coffin, of General Hospital No. 9, proposes to compile a book of interesting medical cases
Richmond Dispatch 8/26/1862; Minnis’ photo gallery at #217 Main St., next door to Southern Express Co.
Richmond Dispatch 8/26/1862; Julian Vannerson renews adv for photo assistant
Richmond Dispatch 8/27/1862; Lancasterian School to reopen 9/1
Richmond Dispatch 8/27/1862; Dr. W. O. Hill, Asst. Surgeon in Charge of Hospital at Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch 8/27/1862; notes on the status of the Tredegar Battalion towards the quota of volunteers
Richmond Enquirer 8/27/1862; great description of the Engineer Bureau Hospital on the corner f 18th and Cary street (used for laborers on the fortifications)
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; Wm. Hines, arrested near Drewry’s Bluff & sent to Castle Thunder for trading with Yankees
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; B. Wardwell, ice dealer, exonerated of disloyalty & released from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; 2nd Class Militia to be paid off
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; B. C. Fishburne, Surg. in Charge at Keen Hospital wants all “out-door” patients to report
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; Tredegar selling “several stationary engines” & also wagon axles
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; Tredegar also adv for “several good boatmen”
Richmond Dispatch 8/28/1862; runaway slave notice, Surg. Saml. B. Fisher, GH#18
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; A. B. Martin, private in Washington Artillery, arrested at Spotswood for stealing 120 letters from post office. Sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; 332 POWs arrive
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; Dr. Rucker still at Castle Thunder, under heavy guard
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; patients of GH#18 at private quarters have ten days to report
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; GH#1 wants 10 men or boys – purpose not stated
Richmond Dispatch 8/29/1862; Jno. B. Cary, at Maj. Booker’s office under Spotswood Hotel, hiring out negro woman
Richmond Whig 8/29/1862; several hundred prisoners arrive at the Central depot, and have to lie on the streets for several hours, until they are marched off to Camp Winder
Richmond Whig 8/29/1862; 357 prisoners captured by Gen. Stuart arrive at “Libby’s prison”
Richmond Dispatch 8/30/1862; Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works want scrap & pig iron
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; 60 POWs arrive
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; police raid Cary St., especially “that prolific locality” between 17th and 18th
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; A. H. Campbell adv for 5 or 6 men to serve as chainmen on topographical surveys. His headquarters are at Brooks House, Williamsburg Road, near Battery #3
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; Samaritan Hospital thanks donors
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; Belle Isle is crowded with 5,000+ prisoners; very nasty at this time; preparations are being made for exchange
Richmond Dispatch 9/1/1862; hospitals have been ordered "cleaned out" preparatory to a big battle; patients have been moved to Mayo Island
Richmond Whig

9/1/1862; “60 Yankee prisoners” arrive at Libby Prison, and are witnessed by “a large crowd”

Richmond Dispatch 9/2/1862; runaway slave notice for blacksmith hired out to Tredegar foundry
Richmond Dispatch 9/3/1862; Blossingham the counterfeiter sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/3/1862; 200 exchanged Confederates arrive on 9/2, including N. R. Fitzhugh & Belle Boyd
Richmond Dispatch 9/3/1862; 8 Yankee POWs arrive. No officers. 2,000 more soon to arrive.
Richmond Dispatch 9/3/1862; 2000 Yankees expected to go to Varina on 9/5
Richmond Dispatch 9/4/1862; 60 POWs arrive – 8 officers. Clerks are busy on Belle Isle preparing lists for exchange.
Richmond Dispatch 9/4/1862; 30 mules dragging captured railroad engine on Cary street
Richmond Dispatch 9/4/1862; George H. Steuart arrives at Spotswood Hotel, 9/3
Richmond Dispatch 9/4/1862; O. F. Manson, Moore Hospital, lists donors
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; list of Yankee officer POWs who arrive yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; 2500 Belle Isle POWs to be sent to Varina today
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; Loafers at corner of 14th and Main sent to Castle Thunder by Winder
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; old building on west side of Capitol Square – formerly Washington Tavern & then Monument Hotel, now occupied by 2nd Auditor’s office
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; Slave of J. E. Johnston arrested for selling liquor to soldiers – sent to Castle Thunder. Also a local white woman named Mary Gleason
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; 2 North Carolina soldiers jailed at Castle Thunder for disloyalty.
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; Jacob Goldstein sent to Castle Thunder – passing bogus money
Richmond Dispatch 9/5/1862; Richmond Female Institute to reopen 10/1, for 9th Session
Richmond Enquirer 9/5/1862; Castle Thunder items
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1862; loafers from 14th Street & one other discharge from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1862; Capt. Tucker’s Co., 2nd North Carolina Battalion, stationed at Belle Isle. Remainder of battn stationed “near Drury’s Bluff.” Commander adv for two deserters.
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1862; prisoner shot by guard at Libby Prison; guard put in Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/6/1862; There are 58 officers from Pope's army in Libby Prison - they are not treated as prisoners of war
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; 500 prisoners paroled (400 from Belle Isle, 100 from Libby), guarded by men from Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; a new paper, the "Southern Illustrated News" was issued on Saturday
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; list of about 60 officers recently arrived at Libby Prison from Manassas
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; List of new Castle Thunder inmates, & their offenses. 50 inmates sent under guard to rebuild a bridge over Rapidan, recently destroyed
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; Augustus Godfrey, King William Artillery deserter, caught and sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; “Of Evil Name &c” Woman arrested for “indulging in horseback exercise on one of the public streets of the city in company with a person said to be a Lieutenant in the army, to the disgust of decent people…” Witnessed by the Mayor, woman was sent to jail.
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; S. W. Glover, K41VA, killed in canal boat accident – smashed head on bridge
Richmond Dispatch 9/8/1862; obituary for Rawley W. Fennell, d. 9/8 of typhoid, lately clerk at Chimborazo
Richmond Enquirer 9/8/1862; hilarious account of a man who believes he is the devil and a negro who exploited him
Richmond Dispatch 9/9/1862; 4882 soldiers buried at Oakwood Cemetery, 9/1/1861 – 9/1/1862
Richmond Dispatch 9/9/1862; "Glue and Oil works" located just behind GH#1
Richmond Enquirer 9/9/1862; Old Dominion Iron Works appeals for raw materials
Richmond Enquirer 9/9/1862; 114 deserters confined in Castle Lightning
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; 200 POWs arrive 9/9 – sent to Belle Isle
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; City report on expenditures, fiscal year ending 2/28/1862. Spent $30,409 on Alms House, $567 for painting roof of Seabrook’s Warehouse, $509 for improvements at Oakwood Cemetery; VCRR gets permission to use temporary Broad Street tracks to connect RF&P RR with VCRR – wish to transfer 40 freight cars & five passenger cars to VCRR; city council wonders why armory for volunteer companies of the city, 9th between Main & Cary, not yet completed
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; no changes 9/9 at Castle Thunder – said to be unusually quiet
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; sales notice for billiard tables at saloon under St. Charles Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; 12th Va. soldier dies in Castle Thunder hospital and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 9/10/1862; no new prisoners at Castle Thunder or the cage
Richmond Enquirer 9/10/1862; slave of James H. Grant breaks into the house of William Greanor
Richmond Dispatch 9/11/1862; 26 POWs arrive, plus laundress of 26 Pa., who was sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; list of commissioned officers POW at Williamsburg & arrived at Richmond. Two “vivandiers” also caught & put into Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; list of 33 officers from Pope’s army lodged in Libby on 9/11
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; General Winder orders more detailed descriptive lists of prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; Fauquier resident sent to Castle Thunder for refusing to take CSA currency
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; Libby presently has 31 Northern free negroes & 16 slaves
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; Dr. John R. Hinton, Howard Hospital, “corner 25th and 26th sts.,” adv for runaway negro
Richmond Dispatch 9/12/1862; marriage notice for Capt. L. W. Richardson, at Oakwood Cemetery.
Richmond Enquirer 9/12/1862; a "considerable traffic" is going on with federal prisoners for United States currency
Richmond Whig 9/12/1862; excellent (and lengthy) letter from Surg. Lane at Winder Hospital describing the facility and administration of the hospital. Favorably mentions several matrons  there
Richmond Dispatch 9/13/1862; 8 full companies of Marylanders formed in the city. Those of Emack, Smith, Murray & Crane have left to join Stonewall Jackson, others ready to go
Richmond Dispatch 9/13/1862; All 5912 Yankee POWs to be exchanged soon. About 3000 to leave today
Richmond Dispatch 9/13/1862; General Winder appoints “Lt. Early” to investigate cases of imprisoned CSA soldiers & expedite their return to army.
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; 41 inmates arrive yesterday at Castle Thunder, 10 at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; Mrs. Whitley is a matron at St. Charles Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; adv from “Many Voters” urging J. R. Anderson to run for House of Delegates
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; 3,300 prisoners, including 61 officers, have been exchanged at Aiken's Landing. Some of the prisoners were women and deserters held in Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/15/1862; prisoner in Castle Thunder has death sentence "respited" by President Davis
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; Supt. Downer at Armory wants contractors to make 50,000 sets of infantry accoutrements
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; J. W. Wilson, steward at Keen Hospital, adv for 4 negro men to do light work
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; letter of J. R. Anderson, declining to run for Virginia House of Delegates
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; Mr. Frederick Brauer a resident of Chimborazo Hill
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; Tredegar renting out “large rooms occupied formerly by the Car Spring Company”
Richmond Dispatch 9/16/1862; two more of Pope's officers have been confined at Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 9/16-17/1862; deranged man shot at Castle Thunder while trying to escape and later dies
Richmond Dispatch 9/17/1862; Supt. Downer wants blacksmiths & strikers at Armory
Richmond Dispatch 9/17/1862; J. S. Dorset, Hospital Steward at GH#1, thanks Chesterfield citizens for donations
Richmond Dispatch 9/17/1862; Patrick McGowan, E59VA, at Castle Thunder awaiting execution for desertion
Richmond Dispatch 9/17/1862; Geo. Lindsey jailed at Castle Thunder as a spy
Richmond Enquirer 9/17/1862; blacksmiths and strikers needed at the Confederate Armory, foot of 5th street
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; CSS Nansemond at foot of 18th St. – wants crewmen
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; more than 600 prisoners at Castle Thunder. 5/6 are soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; 250 of 600 Yankees in Richmond to be sent away on exchange today. Officers listed
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; Two Yankee RR engines at RYRR Depot – nice details
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; Wm. A. White, soldier, put into Castle Thunder – has bogus money
Richmond Dispatch 9/18/1862; 3 disloyal Virginians at Castle Thunder traded for 3 loyal Virginians in Yankee hands
Richmond Examiner 9/19/1862; Three companies of Marylanders are at Camp Maryland, contiguous to Camp Winder
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; Crew & Conrad Factory Hospital to be a "soldier's home"
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; counterfeiter escapes from Castle Booker
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; 84 Castle Thunder inmates have been taken to Winchester to be returned to their units
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; brief notices on recent Castle Thunder prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; Dr. F. Formiento at Louisiana Hospital  adv for horse stolen from Inspector of Hospitals’(Carrington’s) office on Bank Street
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; 40 POWs arrive
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; 3 others jailed at Castle Thunder for various offenses
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; soldier stabs & kills another soldier at T. R. Stewart’s bowling alley, 10th between Main and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 9/20/1862; Three men at Castle Thunder to be executed – named. To occur next week at Camp Lee, under G. W. Alexander’s supervision
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; Thomas’ disorderly house near Battery #8 raided. Booze seized. Major Atkinson issues a warning to him.
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; 2 soldiers in Castle Thunder for robbing citizen. Mayor forced to contemplate extent of his authority in city over military personnel. Slave items and prostitution as well.
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; Tredegar Iron Works is hiring boatmen
Richmond Dispatch 9/22/1862; ten servants needed at General Hospital #1
Richmond Enquirer 9/22/1862; three deserters, confined at Castle Thunder, to be shot at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; Dr. R. S. Vest, Surgeon in Charge at Engineer Bureau Hospital, corner 19th and Cary. Seeks steward to superintend hospital. Office is #14 Law building, Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; Young man wanted to “assist” at Dibrell’s Warehouse, corner of Cary and 21st.
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; Someone stole one of the old silver communion goblets from St. Paul’s
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; Davis postpones three executions at Camp Lee (prisoners are at Castle Thunder) for 10 days
Richmond Dispatch 9/23/1862; runaway slave notice from GH#21
Richmond Whig

9/23/1862; hospital statistics so far for Richmond hospitals: 99,508 admitted and 7,603 died.

Richmond Examiner 9/24/1862; Belle Isle, now empty, is being fumigated
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; 360 federal prisoners in Libby Prison; more arriving 
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; soldier dies in Castle Thunder and buried in Oakwood cemetery
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; Pope's officers, including General Prince, will be paroled today from Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1862; remains of General Starke, killed at Sharpsburg, arrives at the Central depot, and escorted to the Capitol where they were laid in state
Richmond Enquirer 9/24/1862; dairy for the use of the Richmond hospitals is proposed - carload of cows to arrive on the Central road
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; trustees of Female Institute seeking new building, as government has decided to keep main building
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; Boyle and Gamble Sword Manufactory 13th Street rear of Shockoe Warehouse. Wants brass & zinc
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; Co. A, 10th Va. Battn. HQ near Battery #2. List of deserters.
Richmond Dispatch 9/24/1862; F. Formento, Jr. orders out-patients to report to Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; 15 deserters put in Castle Thunder – 130 to be released tomorrow
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; General G. W. Smith’s office in Belvin’s Block, 12th Street
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; G. W. Alexander providing men to help collect firearms in city, for army use
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; 150 POWs sent to Aiken’s Landing on 9/24
Richmond Dispatch 9/25/1862; C. D. Rice is Surg. in charge at Howard’s Grove Hospital. He’s accepting payment claims against the hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/25/1862; young man rips off patients at General Hospital #7
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; Capt. Henry Wirz has been sent south to forward all remaining POWs to Richmond to be exchanged, and get records on paroled prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; Capt. Webb, D12VA Arty., Battery 10 near Camp Lee, adv for lost horse
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; Mrs. Jones, 25th between Main & Cary, has son badly injured by cars at R&YRRR depot
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; 18 deserters from Critcher’s Battn. sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/26/1862; most of men in Eastern District prison to be discharged & sent to army
Richmond Enquirer 9/26/1862; Editorial paragraph praising the Hospital Bill. Notes the surgeons are not to blame, but rather the poor system.
Richmond Enquirer 9/26/1862; excellent description of the Senate debate on the hospital bill. Praises Clopton, St. Francis de Sales, Louisiana Hospital, and Winder Hospital. Gives some statistics not available elsewhere. Generally praises hospitals run by women
Richmond Examiner 9/26/1862; Surgeon General's report on Richmond and Petersburg hospitals. Notes that, up to this time, almost 100,000 patients have been treated in Richmond hospitals. Includes mortality figures.
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; interesting editorial on the “stampede” of negroes that occurs when the Union army approaches – recommends legislation to remove them to the interior when the army approaches. Berates the delusions of slaveowners as to the “fidelity” of their slaves.
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; A. H. Campbell still needs chainmen – at Brooks House near Battery #3
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Stephen H. Townes, Hospital Steward at Howard’s Grove, thanks Halifax and Pittsylvania citizens by name. Assistant Surgeon S. Angle is authorized purchaser of supplies for Howard’s Grove
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; J. S. Dorset, steward at GH#1, tells slave owners to collect their fees today
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Old Fair Grounds called Camp Maynard – bull being put out to stud nearby.
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Russell’s starch factory “in Rocketts old field” burned to the ground. Was lately in use as a hospital and formerly known as the Second Baptist Church Chapel.
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Jno. Pendergrast (soldier) apprehended as thief – sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; Geo. T. Twells, ex-Lieut. McCulloch Rangers, released from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; 150 POWs to be sent to Aiken’s Landing, probably today. 500 more POWs to arrive soon from Gordonsville, and if they arrive in time, may be exchanged
Richmond Dispatch 9/27/1862; 21 POWs taken in NC and brought to Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; more on Wirz's mission south, and estimates there are 5,000-6,000 remaining Yankee prisoners throughout the South
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; 101 men from Castle Thunder have been escorted to Winchester to be returned to their regiments. Notes that the deserters will forfeit 3 months pays
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; Dr. Rucker is placed in close confinement in Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; flag of truce boat has brought 205 Confederates to Richmond - they have been taken to the Soldiers' Home and Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; wounded from Second Manassas are taken to Camp Winder Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; dead infant found in millrace near Haxall’s Mill
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; 429 POWs arrive 9/28 – nine officers
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; among next batch of northbound prisoners will be A. McMillen & John May, ex-Castle Godwin men now in Castle Thunder. Also Yankee females
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; 67 POWs arrive from Tennessee
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; G. B. Anderson & R. S. Ripley at Spotswood on 9/27; Wm. Mahone at Exchange Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; Three Irishmen from Camp Lee jailed for drunken fight, including Barney McNunn and Jno. Brennan; man charged with keeping disorderly house near Dr. Higginbotham’s Hospital – brawling with wife, etc.
Richmond Dispatch 9/29/1862; Dr. B. A. Curtis, GH#1, selling his farm in New Kent County on RYRRR
Richmond Enquirer 9/29/1862; man charged with operating a "disorderly house" near Dr. Higginbotham's Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 9/29/1862; dead infant found in the canal between Haxall's Mill and the Danville Depot
Richmond Enquirer 9/29/1862; tabular report of sick & wounded soldiers in the Hospitals in Richmond
Richmond Enquirer 9/29/1862; Report of the Select Committee on Hospitals; reports on hospitals in Richmond and elsewhere and what to do about them - recommends reforms such as matrons, purchasing agents, and effective hospital funds. Mentions many current matrons, including S. L. Tompkins, Mrs. Clopton, Mrs. Hopkins, several heretofore unknown matrons at Winder Hospital, and many others. Gives statistics of Winder and Chimborazo Hospitals. Excellent article.
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; enormous list from Winder of “negroes now confined in the Military Prisons, in Richmond” – where from, who owned by (if slave)
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; All members of Richmond Grays (G12Va) to report at Spotswood Hotel for duty
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; Lt. Booker to send 100 CSA prisoners back to army today from the “prison under his charge.”
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; 500 Yankees to go to Varina this week, including many from the Libby Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; nice account of Soldiers Home on Cary Street – holds 2700 men. Parade every evening on Dock Street
Richmond Dispatch 9/30/1862; list of recently arrived POW officers
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; Elizabeth Van Lew adv. For strayed cow
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; adv for Richmond Female Institute, to re-open at corner of Clay & 11th
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; 150 new prisoners at Libby, arrived from Charleston
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; Jason Brightwell, C10BnHA, into Castle Thunder for stealing a weapon from Mrs. Miles Ambler, 10 miles below city.
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; details on the Soldiers’ homes – the barrack next to the Central Depot is “broken up” and the remaining soldiers’ homes (Conrad & Crew’s Factory & “the Franklin street barrack”) are often strained to capacity.
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; Interesting paragraph on shortage of canal boats. Many sunk as obstructions. Not enough in service.
Richmond Dispatch 10/1/1862; 150 ANV wounded arrive on VCRR – sent to GH#1
New York Herald 10/2/1862; "Waste of Life Amongst the Rebels" comments on the published hospital statistics (mentions Winder and Chimborazo) and blames the mortality on the laziness of the Southerners
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; friends of Maj. J. Rivers, 49Ga., can see him at GH#5
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; 42 soldiers sent back to ANV from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; negro boy run over by “street railway car,” Main below 20th
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; 4 prisoners at Castle Thunder on bread and water, for theft
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; 98 captured negroes in Libby – 46 slave, 52 Northern/free, travelling with AoP
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; B. W. Rogers, soldier to be shot for desertion at Camp Lee, pardoned on account of previous bravery. Two others, Patrick McGowan & John Kellaher, still to be shot.
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; 2 brawling sailors, 17th & Main, taken to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; religious revivals at Winder and Chimborazo
Richmond Dispatch 10/2/1862; correction: Crew & Pemberton, not Crew & Conrad to be used as a "soldiers' home"
Richmond Enquirer 10/2/1862; catalog for the Richmond Female Institute - will resume operations after "the temporary occupation of the institute building by the Government"
Richmond Enquirer 10/2/1862; one deserter, confined at Castle Thunder, pardoned from death sentence. His two rap buddies will be hung soon at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; W. F. Glenn, Steward at GH#16, adv for a cook.
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; Mary Powell lives near Battery #4
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; Thos. W. Farquhar, patient at Kent Hospital, publicly thanks Dr. Lundie, Miss Wilson, & nurses
Richmond Dispatch 10/3/1862; Dr. Wm. P. Rucker, at Castle Thunder with treason, murder, arson charges brought before Judge on habeas corpus
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; GH#25 adv for 3 washerwomen
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; more on Dr. Rucker’s case – back to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; 51 Castle Thunder inmates returned to army
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; office of Provost Marshal of Manchester abolished
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; Henry Wirz on special POW duty in south. Capt. Thomas D. Jeffress, 56th Va., in temporary command at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; D. W. Rogers, pardoned from execution, has been respited only. Maybe same as John Roach, crew of CSS Virginia
Richmond Dispatch 10/4/1862; Patrick McGowan & John Kellaher, Castle Thunder prisoners, to be shot today at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; sisters at St. Francis de Sales adv for whereabouts of 5AlBn man
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; Maj. J. W. Atkinson, 19BnHA, at Battery #8, adv for drummers
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; W. N. Smith wants 25 laborers at Richmond Arsenal, Laboratory Department.
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; John Connors, La. soldier, sent to Castle Thunder for trespassing at Columbia Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 10/6/1862; long description of 10/4 execution of two 14th Va men: Patrick McGowan & John Kelleher. Taken from Castle Thunder to Camp Lee in “large omnibus” of Exchange Hotel, escorted by Wrenn’s Henrico cavalry. Part of Cyrus Bossiuex’s Co. did the executing. G. W. Alexander in charge. D. W. Rogers, 1 Va., respited 14 days, & Owen Maguire, 1 Va gets 50 lashes. Whipping performed by volunteer from Wrenn’s Co.
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; death notice, R. N. Holstead, ex-Parker’s Battery, died 10/5, typhoid, age 22 yrs, 1 month, 2 days. Druggist at Royster Hospital at the time of his death. Funeral at Union Station Methodist Church
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Dr. O. A. Crenshaw in charge, GH#10, corner Main & 19th, adv for clerk
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Wounded at GH#13 thank Mrs. Kersry & Mrs. Clark for kindness
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Patrick Fagan kills James Morrissey with single punch. Both in Whitingham’s Battery. Fagan taken to Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; 735 USA prisoners sent from Libby for exchange, leaving 212. The prison hospital, lately at Palmer’s factory, will be moved “back to the west end of the Libby building.”
Richmond Dispatch 10/7/1862; Mayor’s Court: James Williams, drunk soldier, sent to Castle Thunder;  Hoenniger charges men with burglary, room #44 Spotswood Hotel; slave charged with stealing money from guest at the Ballard House (discharged); free negro without papers ordered whipped for smoking a cigar in the street; another free negro threatens boy in Second Market & used “indecent language” – ordered to be whipped.
Richmond Whig

10/7/1862; The Kent Hospital (GH#5) is now closed and the building will be returned to its prior use as an auction house. Praises its administration as a hospital.

Richmond Dispatch 10/8/1862; unsigned adv for lost cow, strayed “from the advertiser, living on Chimborazo Hill (Goodman’s Brewery)”
Richmond Dispatch 10/8/1862; R. M. Patterson, Asst. Surgeon in Charge, Clopton Hospital, orders those in private quarters to report
Richmond Dispatch 10/8/1862; gang of thugs roaming Church Hill
Richmond Dispatch 10/8/1862; Mr. Wood, keeper of Old Capitol Prison in Washington, arrives in Richmond to negotiate for prisoners; 243 “political or civil” prisoners now in Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/8/1862; Castle Thunder hospital closed 10/7 & 60 plus patients there moved to Libby
Richmond Enquirer 11/8/1862; slave of J. R. Anderson convicted for stealing lumber from the Basin bank - gets fifteen lashes
Richmond Dispatch 10/9/1862; D. F. Booth opens a new auction house under St. Charles Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 10/9/1862; 3 negro men wanted at Byrd Island Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 10/9/1862; White male nurse wanted at St. Francis de Sales
Richmond Dispatch 10/9/1862; escaped Castle Thunder prisoner has been recaptured in the city
Richmond Dispatch 10/9/1862; two Federal generals, captured at Shiloh, as well as 1200 soldiers and 214 officers are expected in Richmond soon
Richmond Dispatch 10/10/1862; Thos. J. Bagby’s office under St. Charles Hotel
Richmond Dispatch 10/10/1862; descriptive list of 5 CSMC AWOLs from Drewry’s Bluff
Richmond Dispatch 10/10/1862; Jno. D. K. Sleight, Supt. YMCA Hospital, names 8 or 10 women who have been helpful
Richmond Dispatch 10/10/1862; GH#9 announced as Receiving Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 10/10/1862; Great description of failed escape attempt, Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/10/1862; 50 CSA prisoners – presumably Castle Thunder – to be sent to ANV today
Richmond Dispatch 10/10/1862; C. D. Rice, Howard’s Grove, wants to hire black nurses, male or female
Richmond Dispatch 10/10/1862; auction of condemned tents to be held in front of Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 10/10/1862; sick and wounded arriving in Richmond report to Receiving Hospital (GH#9)
Richmond Whig

10/10/1862; all sick and wounded soldiers arriving in Richmond will be admitted to “the Receiving Hospital” (GH#9). Discharged, furloughed and paroled soldiers can also find lodging here

Richmond Dispatch 10/11/1862; Federal commandant of the Old Capitol Prison in Washington, D.C. has inspected Castle Thunder and finds it favorable; alludes to Capt. Alexander's escape from Federal authorities early in the war
Richmond Dispatch 10/11/1862; Death notice of Saml. Hardgrove, d. 10/10/1862, age 65, Manchester residence.
Richmond Dispatch 10/11/1862; Frances F. Jannison, of NY, arrested in Culpeper Co. as spy. Sent to Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 10/11/1862; Kent & Paine cleaning warehouse, relinquished by Govt., & will re-open there soon.
Richmond Enquirer 10/11/1862; Kent & Paine Co. will resume operations in its warehouse, which the government has given up as a hospital. It will be thoroughly cleaned before business resumes
Richmond Dispatch 10/13/1862; flag of truce left Libby for Varina, with many officers captured at Shiloh - total number of exchanged officers and men: 393
Richmond Dispatch 10/13/1862; description of surgical operation by O. F. Manson at the Moore Hospital (GH#24)
Richmond Dispatch 10/13/1862; all sick and wounded soldiers arriving in Richmond are taken to "Receiving Hospital" (GH#9) before being conveyed elsewhere
Richmond Dispatch 10/15/1862; D. W. Rogers, G1Va at Castle Thunder, to be shot at Camp Lee, 10/18
Richmond Dispatch 10/15/1862; member of the Richmond Blues put in Castle Booker for desertion
Richmond Dispatch 10/15/1862; J. B. McCaw, Chimborazo Hospital, adv for stray mule
Richmond Dispatch 10/15/1862; B. Roemer, Surg. in charge, Henningsen Hospital, “Locust Alley”
Richmond Dispatch 10/15/1862; J. S. Dorset, steward at GH#1, selling milch cows
Richmond Dispatch 10/16/1862; friends of G. W. Alexander present him with “splendid” horse, saddle, bridle
Richmond Dispatch 10/16/1862; 2 Castle Thunder escapees recaught. – John Toley & Patrick Donviere
Richmond Dispatch 10/16/1862; 6 new prisoners recd. 10/13 – Jas. Lynch, Barney McNamee & Wm. Rogers of Whittingham’s Arty. (bread & water); F. L. Smith of Culpeper (disloyalty) & J. H. Weeks/Wm. Weeks of Culpeper (piloting enemy)
Richmond Dispatch 10/16/1862; 540 Yankee POWs from Tennessee arrive 10/15 – quartered at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/16/1862; 4 Yankee POWs, 1st Md. Cavy, arrive. Wanted for war crimes in Valley.
Richmond Enquirer 10/16/1862; rosy and verbose description of a visit to the soldier's section of Hollywood Cemetery
Richmond Enquirer 10/16/1862; Mrs. A. F. Hopkins acknowledges contributions to Alabama soldiers
Richmond Dispatch 10/17/1862; Escape attempt at Castle Thunder foiled. To benefit Rogers, the 1Va soldier due to be shot.
Richmond Dispatch 10/17/1862; 9th Pa. Cavalry Colonel moved from Libby to Castle Thunder – under accusations of bad behavior in Tennessee. Also 17 deserters arrived there from South & 4 1st Md. (US) Cavalry charged with murder
Richmond Enquirer 10/17/1862; sunset from Church Hill rivals those in other parts of the world
Richmond Dispatch 10/18/1862; 3 Henrico citizens put in Castle Thunder for stealing govt. wood: Jno. Kilgrove; Thos. & Robt. Oakley
Richmond Dispatch 10/18/1862; James M. Levert sent to Castle Thunder – impersonating Provost Guard
Richmond Dispatch 10/18/1862; Andrew J. Rodgers, commanding company at Battery #17, orders in absentees
Richmond Dispatch 10/20/1862; “Charles Cluts” 7NC, falls from upper window of Franklin street barracks, lands on open door, breaks back, perched there dead
Richmond Dispatch 10/20/1862; 630 POWs sent away 10/19 by flag of truce
Richmond Dispatch 10/20/1862; W. Wilson, steward at Keen Hospital, adv for 2 negro men & 4 negro women
Richmond Enquirer 10/20/1862; soldier dies after a fall off the porch of the Franklin street guard house
Richmond Dispatch 10/21/1862; David W. Rogers, to be shot, escaped from upper floor of Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/21/1862; 30 disloyal Tennesseans lodged at Libby – sent to Varina yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 10/21/1862; 25VaBn barracks south side of basin. To have drill today at Camp Lee & Capitol Square
Richmond Dispatch 10/21/1862; 55 men, soldiers & civilian, captured by JEB Stuart, arrived for Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/21/1862; Gen. Loring & staff, Col. Henry Fitzhugh & Mrs. J. Floyd King, are at the Spotswood Hotel
Richmond Enquirer 10/21/1862; member of the 1st VA Inf. escapes from Castle Thunder.
Richmond Enquirer 10/21/1862; man garroted near the Central depot and robbed of his possessions - mention steps leading down into the valley from Broad street
Richmond Dispatch 10/22/1862; 17 deserters & stragglers added Castle Thunder yesterday
Richmond Dispatch 10/22/1862; A. Brogden, Asst. Surg. Keen Hospital adv for lost horse
Richmond Dispatch 10/22/1862; Mitchell & McCarthy, lumber dealers, adv for 10 or 12 carpenters “to work on hospitals”
Richmond Enquirer 10/22/1862; information wanted on a Phillips' Legion soldier who left General Hospital #18
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; 42 deserters from NC put into Castle Thunder on 10/22. 100 inmates to head for ANV today. J. T. Smith, robbery, to Castle Thunder yesterday. Also a bogus Provost officer.
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; 24 POWs captured at Haymarket arrive at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; negro convicted of stealing bushel of flour from Camp Winder bakery
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; G. W. Alexander adv – found stray mule
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; 6 laundresses wanted at Camp Winder Hospital, Division #1, white or black
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; 60 citizen prisoners in Libby Prison will be sent North. More civilian prisoners are on their way from Salisbury, N. C.
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; T. P. Turner has been promoted to Captain and will return to be commandant of Libby Prison. In the meantime, Capt. Alexander will command both Libby and Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 10/23/1862; Confederate deserters, confined in Libby Prison hospital, escaped 
Richmond Enquirer 10/23/1862; slave ordered whipped for stealing a bag of flour from Winder Hospital
Richmond Enquirer 10/23/1862; Capt. G. W. Alexander has been ordered to take charge of the Yankee prisoners in the city
Richmond Enquirer 10/23/1862; 64 deserters arrived at Castle Thunder yesterday
Richmond Whig

10/23/1862; Capt. G. W. Alexander has been ordered to take charge of the Yankee prisoners in Richmond; 61 deserters arrived at Castle Thunder yesterday

Richmond Dispatch 10/24/1862; Rees applying for “photograph and ambrotype operators”
Richmond Dispatch 10/25/1862; runaway notice, Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 10/25/1862; List of 5 women now at Castle Thunder. Also Wm. Patterson & Wm. Morris, 15 Va., deserters & Geo. H. Munford/Jos. Bradford, Dabney’s Hvy. Artillery, to be court martialled
Richmond Enquirer 10/25/1862; accident at the Armory - man working on a loaded musket accidentally discharges it and wounds the man next to him
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; two Yankee soldiers moved from Libby to Castle Thunder, to be tried as spies
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Jas. Meaghan, 2nd Miss. Battn receives 50 lashes at Castle Thunder on 10/25
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; J. W. Sanderson (5VaCav) to Castle Thunder for having forged furlough
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; elderly countryman sent to Castle Thunder from Fredericksburg, charged with smuggling negroes
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Rev. T. V. Moore preached at Castle Thunder on 10/26, from “impromptu pulpit” in main room
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Lt. 5PaCav only new POW at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Elzey at Spotswood Hotel 10/25/ Bragg & staff at Exchange & Ballard
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Summary of synod of Presbyterian Church; Rev. J. D. Thomas holds regular services at Battery #8
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Jas. H. Burton adv 50 machinists for CS Armory, Macon
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Louisiana Depot at corner Franklin and Wall sts.
Richmond Dispatch 10/27/1862; Wm. E. Tanner at Tredegar adv riding mare for sale
Richmond Enquirer 10/27/1862; description of a "novel" surgical operation at the 3rd Alabama Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; S. W. McCammon, escapee from Castle Thunder, recaptured in Petersburg
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; VCRR now runs “ambulance train” from Richmond, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; 21 POWs caught at Catlett’s Station arrive at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; Mayor's Court: many slave items; Jno. Flinn, of Castle Thunder, before Mayor for theft in prison
Richmond Dispatch 10/28/1862; J. Twiggs Brown, steward of St. Charles Hospital, thanks donors by name
Richmond Enquirer 10/28/1862; Mayor refuses to rule on a thief from Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 10/28/1862; notes that the neighborhood of Castle Thunder is a very rowdy one, and that the vagabonds in Richmond could make  a "good-sized regiment"
Richmond Enquirer 10/28/1862; obituary notice for Anne Carter Lee, R. E. Lee's daughter
Richmond Dispatch 10/29/1862; new deserters confined at Castle Thunder – James Conway and H. Williams, F5Va. Jno. Collins 13VaBn, & Wm. Conley, 18Va
Richmond Dispatch 10/29/1862; O. F. Manson, large adv announcing his appointment as N.C. medical agent in Richmond – needs large building, etc
Richmond Enquirer 10/29/1862; slave ordered twenty-five lashes for stealing beef from Grant Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; All of Griswold’s detectives fired by Winder. Griswold’s office at corner 9th & Broad. Booker still Asst. Provost Marshal, western district.
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; George Rollins into Castle Thunder for breaking and entering
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; 5th Texas depot at corner of Virginia and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; Sick and wounded officers report to Bellevue Hospital to procure board
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; Seabrook's being winterized
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; escape attempt at Castle Thunder; notes on those admitted
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; freak cannon accident at the Tredegar Iron Works - the city pump-house is accidentally shot
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1862; 8 Yankees arrive at Libby Prison from Suffolk
Richmond Enquirer 10/30/1862; City Battalion and Armory Band parade -discipline of the City Battalion praised
Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1862; Jno. F. Parke, 44Va, at Castle Thunder, announced to be shot 11/3 at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1862; more on Winder’s dismissal of Griswold’s detectives
Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1862; 85 POWs sent from Libby to Varian, 10/30
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; S.C. hospital depot is on Main St.
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; thieves rob City Hall
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; Lt. Samuel H. Wyvill, forger, moved into city jail from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; James Tyrer & Chas. Green into Castle Thunder for fighting. Tyrer then beaten up in Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; Other new Castle Thunder inmates: 7 members of 42Miss., pretending to be members of provost guard; six deserters from E6Va; 2 deserters from Johnson’s Battery; 20 N.C. soldiers; Wm. H. Boice (drunk); Samuel H. Martin, F58Va, AWOL; & Wm. E. Disney, forger.
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; Dr. Hancock jails free negro for trespassing at hospital
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; 4 POWs brought to Libby. 40 from Harpers Ferry probably there, too
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1862; R&P RR adv sale of 3 omnibuses. Described.
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; prisoners in NE wing Castle Thunder attempt to blow it up
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; list of new Castle Thunder inmates. 9 unnamed deserters from Camp Lee; some disloyal Loudoun county men, & a few others
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; member of the 44th Va (Richmond Zouaves) reprieved from being shot at Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; 50 Castle Thunder inmates to be returned to regiments
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; Dr. Hancock, GH#18, has 2 colored folks in court for operating unlicensed cookshop beside hospital.
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; J. S. Dorset at GH#1 anxious to pay owners of servants hired to hospital. Also wants 10 black nurses
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1862; O. F. Manson thanks Ed. Ruffin & family for donations to Wilmington sufferers.
Richmond Whig

11/3/1862; soldier shot and mortally wounded by another soldier and taken to Camp Winder

Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; list of 8 men arrested by Capt. Wren’s cavalry for stealing Government wood. All sent to Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; 6 deserters taken to Castle Thunder, including Jas. Knight, 13 Va; Lewis Hall, Montague’s Battery
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; F. S. Skinner arrives 11/3 to be treated by Dr. Gibson
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; Mayor’s Court: Man shot in street dies at Louisiana Hospital; Edward C. Rice, 25VaBn, fined for breaking tray of dishes over negro woman’s head, in street, & slapping her
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; Chas. H. Winston has room for 4 boarding pupils at his house
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; Surg. G. S. West, “General Hospital No. 26, Masonic Hall, 25th street” looking for a wet nurse “with a fresh breast of milk”
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; 2 black females wanted as nurses, GH#19, Taylor’s Factory, corner 24th and Franklin
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; C. D. Rice, Surg. in charge, Howard’s Grove, wants to hire black nurses, cooks & laundresses
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; large adv for MCV Hospital, giving details on new rates
Richmond Dispatch 11/4/1862; O. F. Manson requests full list of every N.C. soldier sick in city
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; E. Hunter Taliaferro of Stafford Co., First Doorkeepers, State Senate, arrested for theft & forgery
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; interesting case of Solomon Bell, federal soldier at Libby, captured twice in past year. Wife living in Richmond, near Rocketts.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; list of comings and goings at Castle Thunder. Some names & details: 13 deserters received from Camp Lee.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; “Military Station of the Western District” at corner 6th & Cary. Chas. Bernard, 15 La., prisoner there, tried escape from 3rd story – fell & injured, probably fatally.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; leak in canal above Tredegar quickly repaired.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; Prisoner totals as of Nov. 4 – Libby has 224 POWs, 196 citizens, 36 Confederates, 68 Yankee deserters, 57 negroes. Total is 571. Castle Thunder – 290 total.
Richmond Dispatch 11/5/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton adv. for girls’ school, Franklin between 3rd & 4th
Richmond Enquirer 11/5/1862; soldier tries to escape from Castle Lightning, and seriously injures himself in the process
Richmond Whig

11/5/1862; attempted escape from “the military jail at the corner of Sixth and Cary streets”

Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; 3 patients at GH#7 (named) jailed at Castle Thunder for robbing a comrade
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; 60 POWs, all 3rd R. I. Cav., arrive at Libby.
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Names & units of 6 deserters thrown into Castle Thunder, including E. J. Henry, 6th Va. Also 3 Yankee deserters & 2 civilians.
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Unidentified body fished out of dock “just below” Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; 2 negroes arrested for fighting in street in front of GH#18
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Mrs. Tabb of Portsmouth, jailed as Yankee spy, released on parole
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Mayor’s Court: Jas. Pearson, of Drewry’s Bluff command, jailed for assault; woman tried for stealing $10 worth of silverware from Spotswood; details on E. Hunter Taliaferro case
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1862; Wm. R. Arnold at Chimborazo adv. for lost box of clothing
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; 2 paragraphs on Winder’s re-organization of city provost & police force. Names some of the officer.
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; list of 10 new inmates at Castle Thunder & their offences. Includes Jas. Howard, deserter from Woolfolk’s Battery, & 3 CSN men, all drunk.
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; VCRR train from Gordonsville deposits 2MANA wounded at GH#9
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; 7 Federal deserters put into Libby
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; 120 Federals to be sent off for exchange today
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; drunk negroes in front of GH#18 (see above) whipped and jailed
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1862; Chas. Bell Gibson adv. for 19 black male nurses for GH#1. #18.50 per month.
Richmond Enquirer 11/7/1862; negroes arrested in front of GH#18
Richmond Enquirer 11/7/1862; two federal deserters and one prisoner lodged in Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1862; 7 new prisoners at Castle Thunder, including 2nd SC man from GH#18 for misdemeanor, and a soldier recognized as a crewman of CSS Patrick Henry
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1862; proprietor of “Wayside Inn” Frankliin St. to Castle Thunder for stealing liquor
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1862; Mayor’s Court: J. R. Anderson slave whipped for stealing wood;  Mulatto arraigned and whipped for “impudence” to the watchman of the Spotswood Hotel; Police raid Locust Alley – several prostitutes arrested, as well as their “visitors”
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; fire at Tredegar put out pretty early.
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; two mean acquitted for role in robbery at GH#7, released from Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; list of 4 new inmates at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; 300 left in Libby after Lt. V. Bossieux escorts 150 to Varina.
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; Mrs. Judge Clopton hiring out servants “next house to corner of 3d and Franklin”
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1862; Franklin Stearns buys Orange Co. farm for $50,000
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Castle Thunder details
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Libby prison items - 150 yankees paroled
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Engineer Bureau Hospital described
Richmond Examiner 11/10/1862; Canal boat sinks near Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; report on meeting of city citizens for shoes – J. L. Burrows, 1st Baptist Church, chairman. $4-5 thousand raised on the spot. List of committee members for various wards including Luther Libby, Wm. Greanor, Jno. R. Ballard, T. W. Hoeniger, James H. Grant, Joel B. Watkins, General J. R. Anderson & many more. One group to meet at J. R. Anderson’s home.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; T. W. Hoeniger donates 100 cords of wood for city’s poor
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; Patrick Reardon arrested near Old Church smuggling tobacco. Sent to Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; List of 12 new admittances to Castle Thunder; 20 new POWs at Libby, many of them citizen prisoners.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; names of 5 cavalry POWs brought to Libby from recent Fredericksburg fight
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; POW exchange point now switched
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; sales notice for Exchange Hotel furniture – good details. The Exchange Hotel will cease operations, Ballard will consolidate his operations into the Ballard House only due to the difficulty in procuring supplies
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; boarding available at Linden Row, 3rd door from 1st st.
Richmond Dispatch 11/11/1862; death notice for C. H. L’Esteange of England, d. 11/9/1862 at Castle Thunder. Column inserted “by his fellow prisoners of the citizens’ room” at Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; 5 POWs arrive from Fredericksburg – presumably into Libby
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; 31 POWs arrive at  Libby, 21 of them USN. Also deserter from Wheat’s Bn. put into Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; update on Gas Works
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Daniel Wilson, deserter from N. C. unit, d. 11/11 at Castle Thunder, pneumonia
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Saml. J. Harrison can’t use all donated money for Drewry’s Bluff families.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; John C. Maynard, Capt. AQM Camp of Instruction, taking bids for construction of frame chapel at post
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Surg. C. D. Rice, in charge at Howard’s Grove, wants to hire negro nurses, cooks, & laundresses.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Capt. T. P. Wilkinson at Marion Hill Battery adv for strayed horse
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Luther Libby chairman of Shoes Campaign for Jefferson Ward; Wm. Greanor and Cornelius Crew are also mentioned
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1862; Mrs. Maria Clopton, President Ladies’ Gunboat Association, calls meeting at R. H. Maury residence, Clay between 11th and 12th
Richmond Dispatch

11/13/1862; 214 negroes arrive from Bedford Co. to work on Richmond fortifications.

Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; Government raids houses near Cold Harbor
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; John Haley, 1SC, drunk, sent to Castle Thunder; John Norman, free negro, ordered a “thrashing” for disturbing the peace near the “new Alms-House.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; Wm. S. Triplett, President Old Dominion Iron & Nail Works, adv for hoops for nail kegs. Gives location as 14th St. south of Cary.
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; absentees from Guy’s Goochland Artillery ordered to report to Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; B18VaBnHA, adv for two deserters at Battery 4
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; E. Roemer, Henningsen Hospital, has piano for sale
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; Maria Clopton adv for the Ladies’ Gunboat Association to meet at R. H. Maury’s house, Clay between 11th and 12th
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; T. W. Hoeniger offering booze for sale, Spotswood Hotel, legally
Richmond Dispatch 11/13/1862; Jas. B. Read, Surgeon in charge, GH#4, thanks donors
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; negroes arrested for theft & counterfeiting. Were stealing unsigned notes from Custom House
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; negro run over by dray on Mayo Bridge
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; Charles Grace, 18 Va., deserter, put into Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; 5 new POWs put into Libby on 11/13
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; 2 negroes arrested for trespassing at Henningsen Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; new cannon cast at Tredegar (a “monster”) tested near Water Works
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; mulatto charged with impudent behavior at Spotswood evicted from city
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; L. L. Moore adv for his planning mill, corner 19th and Cary
Richmond Dispatch 11/14/1862; F. W. Hancock, Surgeon in charge at GH#18, thanks Newton ladies
Richmond Whig

11/14/1862; a race will be held to benefit the Henningsen Hospital

Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; 6 deserters added to Castle Thunder from Petersburg and two others, named – total now 390 on 11/14
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; 11 Yankee POWs arrive at Libby from Gaines’ Crossroads
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; update on Custom House theft case
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; 2 trespassers (see yesterday) were punished for Henningsen Hospital case
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; J. R. Anderson offering money exchange at Tredegar
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; G. W. Alexander adv for 3 hardened deserters, ex-Castle Thunder inmates
Richmond Dispatch 11/15/1862; Wm. E. Tanner, Tredegar, adv for horse for sale
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; details on murder of Lt. J. O. Withmell, CSA, from England & St. Louis, killed in “alley on Cary Street, between 14th and 15th streets.” Col. B. D. Harmon present at the shooting. “The public clock” is at corner 14th and Main
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; Police raid Ann Thomas’, scene of above killing. Arrest everyone.
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; list of newest Castle Thunder accessions & changes.
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; Libby adds 11 POWs on 11/14 and 27 on 11/15
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; Richard Barry in Castle Thunder for shooting Samuel Crump, soldier, on Cary between 17th and 18th, area known as Dublin.
Richmond Dispatch 11/17/1862; GH#6 is “opposite Dispatch office.”
Richmond Enquirer 11/17/1862; Federal deserters put in Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; More testimony in Withmell murder case. Includes some remarks of girls at Ann Thomas’ – not called prostitutes.
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; 40 men to go back to army from Castle Thunder today. New accessions listed.
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; 110 new POWs at Libby, escorted by Lt. Blackstone, White’s Cavalry
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; “Fast Riding” through the streets has become a problem. Police receive orders from Mayor to enforce the speed limit of six miles per hour.
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; Mayor keeps everyone in jail who was arrested at Ann E. Thomas’ “bawdy house”
Richmond Dispatch 11/18/1862; Major J. DeLagnel at Battery #9 finds stray horse
Richmond Whig 11/18/1862; accident on the City Railroad – horses run off the track at 19th or 20th street
Richmond Whig 11/18/1862; 110 prisoners brought to Richmond on the Central railroad along with a “number of sutlers”
Richmond Whig 11/18/1862; George M. Savage’s house burns down, formerly used as a Yankee hospital during the Seven Days (Savage’s Station)
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; 20 new POWs at Libby, current total approx. 500
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; list of new Castle Thunder inmates and their offenses including a gang of women transferred in from Libby. Sentinel also shot at Castle Thunder prisoners, missed.
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; More testimony on Ann Thomas case. Police say house of evil fame. Mr. Thos. M. Hiltzheimer Jr, key witness, known to have “had intimate relations with some of the parties residing in the house.” Police arrested total of 9 men and 10 women there. House known as “Mulberry Grove.” Mayor sets bail for Ann Thomas at $500, $200 for other women in house”
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; Man gets 4 years for Spotswood robbery
Richmond Dispatch 11/19/1862; Wm. Weeks, Castle Thunder, Culpeper resident who piloted Yankees at Cedar Mountain, sues for writ to habeas corpus.
Richmond Enquirer 11/19/1862; detailed account of bribery and attempted escape at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; deserter from 15VA Cav Battn  has head shaved, is branded, and drummed out of service. Ceremony took place at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; Booker’s detectives raid restaurant near the Spotswood Hotel looking for booze. Violators locked up in “Freeland’s factory, corner 6th and Cary streets” awaiting trial.
Richmond Dispatch

11/20/1862; at least 200 inmates in city jail

Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; new inmates at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; 7 new POWs at Libby – total there is 822, some of them women
Richmond Dispatch 11/20/1862; Ira Parker, Castle Thunder deserter, arraigned for theft. Gets 3 years
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; Ould & Ludlow agree that all future exchanges to be at City Point. 520 Yankees to leave for there this day
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; 78 POWs arrived in Richmond 11/20. 71 captured in Loudoun by White’s Bn.
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; 3 deserters from Fayette Arty and one Federal deserter into Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; City Engineer making more cells for city jail, at “old warehouse.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; two wrestlers at Exchange Hotel before the mayor.
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; J. R. Anderson adv for file cutter
Richmond Dispatch 11/21/1862; commander of the guard at Camp Winder offers reward for the capture of a North Carolinian (named) who shot one of the guards
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; Michael Rourke, 1st TX, at Winder Hospital, arrested for stealing eggs from First Market
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; 4 Yankees escape from Libby on blanket rope. Three men of 25VaBn put into Castle Thunder for negligence as guards.
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; new Castle Thunder accessions
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; attempted robbery on the 17th street bridge over the canal
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; Lt. Bossieux to escort 500 POWs to City Point today
Richmond Dispatch 11/22/1862; Wm. Alexander Thom adv for male nurse to become wardmasters at GH#12
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; 2 drowning victims fished from canal at foot of 8th street. One a Sussex county civilian, the other G. W. Gentry, soldier from 3SC, d. 11/20
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; new Castle Thunder arrivals
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; 2 drunk soldiers to Castle Thunder; 3 rowdy soldiers at Varieties sent to Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; 12 Yankee sailors arrive at Libby. Also 15 regular soldiers & 2 “Yankee negroes.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; Mayor’s Court items: 2 soldiers fighting on theatre steps sent to Castle Thunder;  Michael Rourke, 1TX, thief, sent to Castle Thunder; T. W. Hoenniger (keeping billiard tables without license) charges dropped
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; Lt. Bossieux left on 11/22 with 417 prisoners for City Point
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; R. A. Lewis, Surgeon in charge at Winder, Division #5, adv for four laundresses & 3 female nurses
Richmond Dispatch 11/24/1862; nurses and laundresses needed at a C. S. smallpox hospital, presumably in Richmond.
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; list of new Castle Thunder inmates; including the watchman of Chimborazo Hospital, for being drunk and disorderly.
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; man garroted on the way to Louisiana Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; Exchange Hotel & property sold to R. A. Lancaster for $137,000
Richmond Dispatch 11/25/1862; 17 POWs arrive
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; J. B. McCaw adv for library for Chimborazo
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; City council minutes: quarter ending 10/31/1862 at Shockoe – 291 white males, total interned – 384, plus 189 negroes; basement of Mechanics’ Hall crowded by storage of 100 benches owned by the city
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; McCaw adv – Chimborazo outpatients report by 12/1 or be AWOL
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; Sgt. J. E. T. Harding, of Wilkinson’s Co., Battery #2, adv for missing 11-year-old son
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; Exchange Hotel furniture sale spills over into today
Richmond Dispatch 11/26/1862; wanted adv for a wife!
Richmond Enquirer 11/26/1862; excellent description of the Confederate stables, located on Capitol and 10th streets
Richmond Dispatch 11/27/1862; Lewis Beckham, 1st Va. Bn deserter, caught and sent to Castle Thunder. 28 deserters, mostly NC, arrive at Castle Thunder. Prison now using “corporeal punishment” instead of bucking. Eight Castle Thunder prisoners rob fellow inmate. They each got 25 lashes.
Richmond Dispatch 11/27/1862; 17 POWs arrive at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 11/27/1862; R. B. Richardson, Keen Hospital, corner Main & 13th adv for negro escaped from Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 11/27/1862; description of the punishment of "bucking" at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; five Yankees brought to Libby from Mathews Co., captured by “Capt. Fitzhugh”
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; three drunk soldiers sent to Castle Thunder, including Francis Fields; also John P. Usher, H9La, drunk & disorderly patient at GH#13, & 13 men from Petersburg provost marshal. New punishment at Castle Thunder for misconduct “has had a most salutary effect on the manners of the inmates.”
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; City Bn. has drill on Capitol Square. Five companies of 40 men each
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; Clerk at GH#19 adv to purchase pair of canary birds
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; long adv from Tredegar – want 500 negroes to work in Botetourt Co. blast furnace
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; Exchange Hotel furniture sale still going on.
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; Dr. Bolton adv for missing Bellevue Hospital patient register
Richmond Dispatch 11/28/1862; “DeLeon” at Mechanics Hall adv for box stolen from RR depot
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; 245 Federal soldiers to be paroled at City Point today – officers named, including Col. Thos. J. Jordan, 9th PA, who for some time was in Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; new arrivals at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; space on either side of the canal bridge on 8th street to be fenced in, in order to prevent accidents
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; slaves accused of stealing treasury notes at Custom House to go on trial today. Includes slave of Jefferson Davis
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; 49 POWs arrive at Libby on 11/28
Richmond Dispatch 11/29/1862; J. R. Anderson adv to purchase oak lumber for gun carriages
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; 87 men of 3PaCav, captured by Hampton, arr. 11/30 at Libby
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; merchant garroted and robbed in Shockoe Slip – two assailants later captured
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; Custom House robbers, slaves, acquitted
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; New arrivals at Castle Thunder, including one federal soldier, charged with rape
Richmond Dispatch 12/1/1862; more than 300 sent to City Point 11/30, leaving around 450 in town
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; list of officer POWs received lately. 104 POWs arrived 11/30 & 71 more on Dec. 1st
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; “Cage Cases:” Emanuel Olliberg jailed “for exposing his person in the street;” slave arrested for killing another slave by stabbing
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; Frederick Lindsey, 1TX & Mathew Pitman, 1GA, both arrested for drunken fracas at Rockett’s. Pitman to Castle Thunder, Lindsey left behind, “having had his skull broken by a skillet in the hands of a female whose house he had entered.”
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; Capt. Jackson Warner’s (prison commissary) horse stolen on 12th street
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; important sales notice for Bellevue Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; Tredegar adv for a file cutter
Richmond Dispatch 12/2/1862; 2 backers needed at Alex McKay’s Bakery, Main & 28th, “(Hardgrove’s Fac’y)”
Richmond Enquirer 12/2/1862; Col. Gilham has produced a new ink, which is sold by West & Johnson's
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; B. R. Minter, 18VaBn, killed at Castle Booker by sentinel (Wm. Phillips of President’s Guard)
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; long paragraph on substitute/AWOL/robbery/Castle Booker scam
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; 23 new NC arrivals at Castle Thunder, including one from Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; Mayor’s Court items: as usual, many slave items; James A. Minor, NC soldier (see above), to Castle Booker for forgery; Emmanuel Olliberg (see yesterday) fined one dollar and released
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; Thos. H. Gunn, Supt. at Steam Hospital Laundry, Barrett’s Factory
Richmond Dispatch 12/3/1862; public temperance meeting scheduled for Springfield Hall, Church Hill
Richmond Whig 12/3/1862; excellent description of the Robertson Hospital; describes admission procedure as well as the fact that the "hospital is often in charge of a solitary young lady, who reads prayers to the men every morning."
Richmond Whig 12/3/1862; soldier shot by sentinel at the "Confederate prison, corner of Cary and 6th streets"
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; list of new Castle Thunder inmates. Includes Mike O’Bryan, AWOL fireman from CSS Jamestown and Jno. Govan, AWOL from CSS Richmond
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; female/male arrested at American Hotel. False alarm.
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; prisoner named Welles died at Libby 12/3 – first in over a month
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; 3 Castle Thunder prisoners whipped for assaulting fellow prisoners
Richmond Dispatch 12/4/1862; donations to Henningsen Hospital include $25 from Fairfield Race Course & $257 from Mr. Wagoner at Richmond Trotting Park
Richmond Dispatch

12/5/1862; enormous list of court martial results

Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; long list of Castle Thunder arrivals
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; “substantial railing” in place north side of canal, east of 8th St., both sides of bridge.
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; only 2 new POWs at Libby, 12/4
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; steamer Schultz is now making daily trips to Drewry’s Bluff
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; 4 or 5 male nurses wanted at GH#3
Richmond Dispatch 12/5/1862; slave to cook wanted at GH#19
Richmond Whig 12/5/1862; Union man arrives at Libby Prison from Stafford county – imprisoned in Libby as a spy
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; ten houses at Rocketts (Water & Main streets) burn in huge fire. Known as Tyler’s Row, as Hiram Tyler owned them all
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; 3 men escape from state penitentiary
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; huge list of Libby & Castle Thunder POW increases
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; 51 POWs to Libby on 12/6, 21 more on 12/7
Richmond Dispatch 12/8/1862; public temperance meeting held 12/4 at Springfield Temperance Hall
Richmond Dispatch 12/9/1862; City Council: discusses CSA smallpox hospital, now near corner 25th & Cary; 798 kegs of powder in city magazine; sells settees from Mechanics’ Hall to Govt., for use of patients at Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 12/9/1862; body of negro man fished out of the canal basin
Richmond Dispatch 12/9/1862; escaped Libby prisoner arrested for something else & returned to Libby; Kile Norton, “a South Carolina darkey” employed at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/10/1862; new Castle Thunder accessions include citizen from near Winchester; Henry Hall, 1GA; & also one suspicious civilian
Richmond Dispatch 12/10/1862; Jackson Triplett, 54NC, died 12/8 at Castle Thunder – typhoid pneumonia; unnamed sentinel at Camp Lee supposedly froze to death, 12/7
Richmond Dispatch 12/10/1862; 50 soldiers sent to ANV 12/9 from Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/10/1862; E. H. Smith at Chimborazo #3 offers large Dinwiddie farm for rent/lease
Richmond Enquirer 12/10/1862; Castle Thunder will be a general depot for all deserters and State prisoners in the Confederacy
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; 2 of Tim Webster’s accomplices, Lewis & Scully, sent North
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; minute description of New Marshall Theatre, 7th & Broad
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; Mayor’s Court: as usual, many slave items; Mike, negro employed at Chimborazo, gets 25 lashes (drunk, stealing)
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; A. H. Schultz, daily round trips to Drewry’s Bluff leaves at noon and returns at 3
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; C. D. Rice, Howard’s Grove, adv for 3 cooks and 3 laundresses, all immune to small pox
Richmond Dispatch 12/11/1862; E. W. Allen adv headboards for soldier graves
Richmond Enquirer 12/11/1862; slave employed at Chimborazo, found drunk in the city, runs from the police, and ordered 25 lashes
Richmond Enquirer 12/11/1862; Scully and Lewis, confined at Castle Thunder as spies, are to be released and sent North
Richmond Dispatch 12/12/1862; flag of truce exchange expected soon, to include 3 women spies (named) now at Castle Thunder.
Richmond Dispatch 12/12/1862; 5 deserters arrive at Castle Thunder, plus 2 of Co. D, 16VA
Richmond Dispatch 12/12/1862; Luther Libby adv for runaway slave
Richmond Dispatch 12/12/1862; C. D. Rice, Surgeon in charge at Howard’s Grove, orders outpatients to register at Chimborazo or be AWOL
Charleston Mercury 12/13/1862; Rumors about Burnside's army and local description; notes that Howard's Grove is expanding, and Chimborazo needs 250 negro nurses
Richmond Dispatch 12/13/1862; Dr. Carrington, CSA, in charge smallpox hospital, corner 25th & Cary, addresses city council – valuable details on his Hospital & Howard’s Grove
Richmond Dispatch 12/13/1862; Jno. Mulligan, two-time deserter from D5VaCavy., to be shot at Camp Lee, 12/16
Richmond Dispatch 12/13/1862; very long list of Castle Thunder accessions, giving name, unit, offense. Includes man sent from GH#20 for bad conduct. 3 females there sent North yesterday
Richmond Enquirer 12/13/1862; sentinel at Camp Lee freezes to death; chaplain seeks blankets for the men
Richmond Enquirer 12/13/1862; escape attempt from Castle Thunder - perpetrators were in "Cell No. 1, first floor, north side."
Richmond Enquirer 12/13/1862; Joseph R. Anderson buys a farm in Goochland County for $112,000
Richmond Dispatch 12/15/1862; long list of new Castle Thunder inmates, units and charges
Richmond Dispatch 12/15/1862; Libby POW released – ex-officer on the staff of Banks.
Richmond Enquirer 12/15/1862; Surgeon Coffin, at the Receiving Hospital, advertises to find the name of a man who arrived at the hospital deceased
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; 837 WIA arrive at GH#9 night of 12/14
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; G. W. Alexander & 50 men to Fredericksburg to help the wounded
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; John Mulligan, 5VaCav., gets 20 day respite from execution
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; new inmates at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; T. P. Turner on leave, so Libby commanded by Lt. Virginius Bossieux; City Battalion dress parade, Capital Square
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; C. S. Armory employees donate $410 to 2nd Corps destitute. Major Downer, the Supt., donated $50
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; list of machinery to be sold inside T. & S. Hardgrove’s Factory
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; steamer Schultz leaves at noon for Drewry’s, return trip at 2:30 - $1 round trip
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; W. B. Forder, steward at GH#7, adv for 8 nurses, preferably slaves. Also daily milk delivery
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; J. Vannerson adv for “a good ambrotype artist”
Richmond Dispatch 12/16/1862; Capt. W. N. Smith, C. S. Lab., 7th & Arch, adv for 100 girls to “work on cartridges.”
Richmond Enquirer 12/16/1862; wounded from Fredericksburg arrive at Genl Hosp. #9
Richmond Enquirer 12/16/1862; Martha Ball, nurse at GH#1, convicted of being a "woman of the town"
Richmond Enquirer 12/16/1862; more disloyalists confined in Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 12/16/1862; Col. Norris Montgomery has resigned his commission in the Deas Artillery
Richmond Dispatch 12/17/1862; Maxcy Gregg’s body arrived 12/15 – placed in Provost Marshal’s office. City Battalion & Public Guard, with full band, escorted it to R&P RR depot 12/16 afternoon. Route of parade given. No Hollywood.
Richmond Dispatch 12/17/1862; wounded men laying around untended at RF&P RR depot
Richmond Dispatch 12/17/1862; Habeas Corpus case for 3 men confined in Castle Lightning
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; Yankee captain named A. C. Webster, WVa unit, put in Castle Thunder, on 12/17 for murder of CS prisoner in western VA
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; 229 POWs arrive since Fredericksburg
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; 469 POWs arrive for Libby on 12/17
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; Geo. W. Hitchcock, 18th Miss. & ACS at Libby & city prisons, died 12/17 at Howard’s Grove, of smallpox
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; large list of new Castle Thunder inmates
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; 2 vacant lots for sale, north side of Marshall near 23rd. Owned by Mrs. Eliza. L. Van Lew
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; an organist needed at St. John’s Church
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; J. B. Jones, War Dept., adv for boarding for lady & three children, near an Episcopal Church
Richmond Dispatch 12/18/1862; GH#7 adv - odd
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1862; details on four new arrivals at Castle Thunder
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1862; man who had escaped from Castle Thunder twice before is recaptured in Rocketts
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1862; George W. Hitchcock, Assistant quartermaster at "Libby and other prisons" dies of small pox at Howard's Grove. A North Carolinian also died at Castle Thunder of pneumonia
Richmond Enquirer 12/18/1862; up to yesterday, 299 prisoners had arrived from the Rappahannock. Yesterday, 460 more arrive
Richmond Dispatch 12/19/1862; drunk woman falls into the canal near Castle Thunder – infant drowns, she put in the cage
Richmond Dispatch 12/19/1862; 1050 POWs at Libby as of 12/18 – list of some recent officer POWs. 200 wounded POWs at Libby Hospital
Richmond Dispatch 12/19/1862; renewed runaway slave notice, Luther Libby
Richmond Dispatch 12/19/1862; Luther Libby adv. for white girl to do maid work
Richmond Enquirer 12/19/1862; list of captured Yankee officers from Fredericksburg put in Libby Prison
Richmond Enquirer 12/19/1862; drunken woman drowns her child near Libby Prison
Richmond Dispatch

12/20/1862; L. L. Lee “uneducated orator” to speak at African Church

Richmond Dispatch

12/20/1862; B20VaBnHA absentees listed. Battery at #9, Richmond defenses.

Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; Supt. Downer adv for two grinders at C. S. Armory. Col. H. W. Clowe is acting master armorer
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; Michael Kearns in Castle Thunder., British subject, but recognized as deserter from Letcher Artillery
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; R. A. Slaughter, E53Va., died 12/19 at Castle Thunder Hospital, disease
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; 109 POWs arrive in Richmond, 12/19
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; Capt. Cyrus Bossieux of prison guard still in command at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; 3 deserters arrive at Castle Thunder
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; Patrick Golding of Richmond into Castle Thunder for disloyalty
Richmond Dispatch 12/20/1862; enrolling officer’s final day at Old Market Hall
Richmond Enquirer 12/20/1862; man dies in Castle Thunder of "camp disease"
Richmond Enquirer 12/24/1862; G. W. Alexander returns to his post at Castle Thunder after some time at Fredericksburg with the Letcher Artillery
Richmond Enquirer 12/24/1862; 180 prisoners brought to Libby - they were the guard of a wagon train captured by Hampton near Dumfries
Richmond Whig 12/27/1862; Castle Thunder described briefly
Richmond Enquirer 12/29/1862; a plot by 150 prisoners in Castle Thunder to assassinate the guard and escape is thwarted, and the ring-leader is placed in irons and fed bread and water
Richmond Whig 12/29/1862; Texas Hospital established in the T. &  S. Hardgrove tobacco factories.
Richmond Whig 12/29/1862; Tredegar employee murders neighbor
Richmond Enquirer 12/30/1862; Bellevue Hospital to be re-converted to a female seminary
Richmond Enquirer 12/31/1862; excellent account of the Christmas dinner at Div. 1, Winder Hospital sponsored by the matron, Mrs. Mason. Also notes the kind treatment of patients by the matrons at the Banner Hospital. Praises the hospital bill and its provisions for matrons
Richmond Enquirer 12/31/1862; of the 200 wounded prisoners in the Libby hospital, only 25 have died
Richmond Enquirer 12/31/1862; all but the ringleaders of the Castle Thunder "mutiny" have been released and sent back to camp

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