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1860 Richmond Newspapers
Richmond Dispatch 10/30/1860; Political parties are meeting at various places, including Metropolitan Hall, First African Church, and Springfield Hall
Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; the upcoming cavalry encampment at the "Central Fair Grounds" will be called "Camp Lee," fifteen companies to attend

Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; nice description of the Mechanics’ Institute Fair and its attractions

Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; John Gorman, sailor on USS Brooklyn passes out drunk and taken to the Mayor who lets him go

Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; the iron bridge "over the Dock" at the foot of 17th street is nearly completed

Richmond Dispatch

10/30/1860; Curtis Peck (future obstruction at Drewry’s Bluff) makes run from Norfolk to Richmond in 8 1/2 hours

Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1860; diamond ring, old coin, and embroidered skirt stolen from the Mechanics’ Institute fair
Richmond Dispatch

10/31/1860; notes on the wool manufacturers of Virginia, especially Crenshaw Woolen mills.

Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1860; praises the establishment of Camp Lee and the upcoming cavalry encampment - in this time of "ominous clouds...none of us can tell how soon the services of the troops may be needed."
Richmond Dispatch 10/31/1860; the Mechanics’ Institute fair will close today
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1860; notes on the success and proceeds of the late Agricultural Fair at the Central Fair Grounds
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1860; Chapel of St. Paul’s on 5th, between Canal and Byrd Streets was consecrated yesterday
Richmond Dispatch

11/1/1860; more on John Gorman, the drunken sailor

Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1860; description of the danger posed to men slating the steeple of the Broad Street Church.
Richmond Dispatch 11/1/1860; Capt. Charles Dimmock has resigned from the board of the Central Agricultural Society
Richmond Dispatch 11/2/1860; a cavalry company from Caroline county will be attending the upcoming encampment - there will be 16 companies there
Richmond Dispatch

11/2/1860; a cavalry company from Caroline county will be attending the upcoming encampment - there will be 16 companies there

Richmond Dispatch 11/2/1860; paragraph about the Steam fire engine that was exhibited at the Mechanics’ Institute, now property of the city
Richmond Dispatch 11/2/1860; notes that Seaman’s Bethel Church is nearing completion
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1860; adv for St. Francis de sales Infirmary, gives prices and names surgeons
Richmond Dispatch 11/3/1860; adv for Medical College Hospital, gives prices and names surgeons, McCaw, Gibson and Peticolas among them
Richmond Dispatch, 11/3/1860 11/3/1860; adv for the Main Street Hospital for slaves, "near the corner of Main and 26th streets," gives prices and names surgeons, F. W. Hancock and Peachy among them
Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1860; adv for Bellevue Hospital, gives prices and names surgeons and matron. Brief description of the interior
Richmond Dispatch

11/6/1860; paragraph noting the upcoming cavalry encampment and that a local citizen has donated a saddle to be won by competition - some of the troops named

Richmond Dispatch

11/6/1860; Metropolitan Hall has been the Breckinridge and Lane headquarters

Richmond Dispatch 11/6/1860; Richmond Howitzers receive six rifled cannon
Richmond Dispatch

11/6/1860; Capt. Dimmock has left Virginia t procure arms in Washington DC

Richmond Dispatch

11/7/1860; description of Election Day in Richmond - fights at Henrico Court House

Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; excellent details on Company G Hall, 28th and N sts., which is under construction
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; Smith’s Armory Band plays at all the different political parties’ headquarters, including the African Church
Richmond Dispatch

11/7/1860; clarification of Capt. Dimmock’s mission to Washington DC

Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; the first troops are expected today at Camp Lee.
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; 1st VA regiment will parade at Camp Lee on Friday, Nov. 9
Richmond Dispatch 11/7/1860; Executive Committee of the Central Agricultural Society to meet
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1860; report from the board of the Richmond and York River Railroad; important details about RR’s plans and operations
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1860; cavalry encampment at Camp Lee commences today - notes on the zeal of the soldiers and lists companies that have arrived. "The tents are pitched on the plat of ground behind the Exhibition Hall."
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1860; Governor’s Guard parades around the city and proceeds to Camp Lee
Richmond Dispatch 11/8/1860; Col. Hardee has arrived to visit the encampment and stays with the Governor
Richmond Dispatch 11/9/1860; long and important article about Camp Lee - Col. Hardee has reviewed the troops, and gives lists of officers from different companies. First Regiment Virginia Volunteers will be there today.
Richmond Dispatch 11/10/1860; important description of review at Camp Lee; 1st VA Regiment parades, list given of companies participating. Hardee takes the review again.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; soldiers at Camp Lee conclude their encampment and are dismissed after parading through town and Capitol Square
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; drunken butcher falls into the canal and drowns
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; Dr. Peticolas has been appointed "Surgeon’s mate" in the 4th regiment of Artillery. Peachy is the Surgeon.
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; paragraph praising Col. Hardee and thanking him "for coming here to instruct our troops in the art military"
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; members of the cavalry companies have stayed behind at Richmond following the encampment
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; British account of the Prince of Wales’ trip to Richmond - notes on the ill-taste of the "ruffianly" Richmond crowds, the Prince’s visit to the state Capitol (important anecdote about the Houdon statue), St. Paul’s Church, the fair grounds, Hollywood Cemetery, Governor’s Mansion, Ballard House
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; Lamentation that the remains of Gen. Henry Lee have not been removed to Virginia - Camp Lee was named for him, and petition is circulated among the cavalrymen to have Lee’s remains returned
Richmond Dispatch 11/12/1860; Palmer & Allison’s tobacco factory, Cary St., "2d door above 19th st.," adv for lost money