From the Richmond Dispatch, 9/27/1861, p. 2


The Eighth Session begins TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 1861, and ends June 30th, 1862. Location on 10th street, extending from Marshall to Clay.

Both Boarders and Day Pupils are received, and the course includes the whole range of studies, from the lowest Primary to the highest Collegiate.


CHAS. H. WINSTON, M. A., U. Va., President and Professor of Moral Science and Ancient Languages.
J. LEIGH JONES, M. A., U. Va., Mathematics ad Natural Sciences.
WM. S. CHASE, M. A., English Literature.
Rev. J. L. BURROWS, Evidences of Christianity.
Prof. F. EMION, (of Paris,) French.
Senor C. C. MERA, Spanish and Italian.
Miss N. S. Valentine, English branches.
Miss M. P. HILL, English branches.
Miss JANE S. STANARD, Preparatory Department.
Mrs. ANN C. MALLORY, Preparatory Department.
Miss MARY C. LATHROP, Preparatory Department.
Prof. N. B. CLAPP, Principal Musical Department.
C. C. MERA, Piano.
O. A. ERICSSON, Guitar.
Miss MARY L. LEFTWICH, Drawing, Painting, &c.

If Prof. EMION should not be able to return from Europe, Prof. CHASE, late of Richmond College, and for seven years Vice Consul at Paris, will take charge of the French Classes.

(Half payable October 1st, or on Entrance - remainder February 15th.)

English, in Preparatory Department


English, in Collegiate Department

Ancient and Modern Languages, each 20.00
Music on Piano, with Vocal Music 50.00
Use of Piano in practicing 5.00
Music on Guitar 40.00
Vocal Music, in Classes 2.00
Drawing, Embroidery, &c., each 20.00
Oil Painting 50.00
Board 160.00
Washing 20.00
Fuel, lights, towels, &c 20.00

A reduction of one-fourth to Ministers.

No charge for English tuition of daughters of Volunteers in service.

Payments for each half-session must be strictly in advance, except by special contract, and money will be refunded only in case of protracted sickness.

Catalogues, containing full details, may be obtained at the Bookstores, or by application to the President.

Richmond, Va.

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