Richmond Dispatch, 8/31/1861

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/31/1861 , p. 2

Sycamore Hospital . – The Sunday School rooms attached to the Sycamore church have been converted into a hospital for sick and wounded soldiers. It was opened on the 21st, and is now in systematic operation. There are 30 patients under treatment, attended day and night by competent and careful nurses. This work of patriotism and Christian beneficence should and no doubt will be encouraged by the people of this State and the South. Packages of supplies sent to Richmond , addressed to the “Superintendent of Sycamore Hospital,” will reach their proper destination.

We have been requested to say that the fact of the Hospital being there will not cause the regular services in church to be intermitted there will be preaching at 11 o’clock A. M. to-morrow and at 4 ˝ P. M. on the same day.

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