From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, 2 October 1862

Revivals of Religion in the Hospitals. At Camp Winder for some weeks there has been in progress a revival of religion. Thirty-five soldiers have professed to be converted. Daily meetings are being held and numbers are manifesting a deep interest in reference to spiritual things.

A revival is also in progress at Chimborazo, and frequently from 30 to 40 present themselves as "inquirers." Many have professed to experience the saving change.

One hundred have professed conversion within a comparatively brief period in the hospitals in Petersburg.

For more than a month a protracted meeting has been in progress in Lynchburg, at which some twenty soldiers have made the good profession.

We learn from the post chaplain in Farmville that there is considerable religions interest among the hospitals there and that eight have professed conversion.

At other points the divine blessing is being richly bestowed upon the pious efforts of chaplains and colporteurs. There can ban be no more inviting field for Christian enterprise than that presented by the hospitals. At no time do men feel more grateful to the giver of all good, and more like becoming pious, than when recovering from long spells of sickness.

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