Richmond Dispatch, 10/8/1862

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From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/8/1862, p. 2, c. 5

Robberies on Church Hill. Nearly every night, on Church Hill, some thievish scoundrels waylay and rob persons passing in the public streets. Sunday night, it is said, about 10 o'clock, a man was knocked down and robbed of his watch, on or near Clay and 27th streets, and again on Monday night the same party were seen on Marshall street, in the same neighborhood, armed with knives and pistols. After stealing from a marketmen the amount for which he had sold his produce, they fired their pistols and cut with their knives at some persons, who hearing the alarm had pursued them. The gang is composed of quite young men, and an effort is now being made to detect the guilty ones, and bring them to justice. Church Hill has heretofore been noted for the quiet and peace that reigned in its vicinity.




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