From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/20/1862, p. 1, c. 5

A Soldier Branded for Desertion. The court-martial now in session recently sentenced Corporal Richard R. Poore, of company A, 15th Virginia cavalry battalion, for desertion, to be reduced to the ranks, forfeit all pay and allowances now due him, to be branded on the right hip with the letter D, one and a quarter inch long, have his head shaved, and be drummed out of the service. The branding, drumming out, and head shaving was performed at the Military Station of the Eastern District yesterday at 3 o'clock, in presence of Bossieux's Guard and the President's Guard. A couple of fifers and the drum corps were brought into service to beat after the retiring culprit the rogue's march. After the ceremonies incident to such an occasion had been gone through with Poore was returned to prison to be sent to his own company and again drummed. There are a large number in the prison whose sentences by court-martial are not yet executed.



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