From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/28/1862, p. 1, c.

Abolition Prisoners. - Capt. Fitzhugh arrived at the Libby Prison, from Mathews county, yesterday, in charge of five Abolition prisoners, including 2d Lieut. F. M Johnson, of the 11th Maine regiment, who was captured while on a piratical incursion in Mathews county, for the purpose of destroying the Salt Works in that county. It is said that sometimes as many as five hundred Yankees start on these predatory excursions, destroying not only salt works, but everything that comes in their way. The five Abolitionists that arrived yesterday were captured by a ruse de guerre. Capt. Fitzhugh saw a company of Yankees approaching, and having only eleven men, contrived so to dispose of them in a skirt of woods that the foe were deceived, and on seeing them immediately turned and fled. A charge was made, and five of the fugacious Lincolnites were bagged.




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